✪ Double Dragon (Arcade) – Whole game with one coin

Arcade version of legendary Double Dragon, here played without death with one coin/credit. No cheats or save games are used. It’s easy game to beat once you find out the “magic elbow” move, but that’s boring way to beat it.

This one brings memories because me and my mate from primary school where the first ones that beat this game in our town. We where playing it in co-op. I remember that after beating the last boss, when we had to beat each other for the girl, we almost got fight for real. We where 10 or 11 year old. Rediscover the thrill of fast-paced side-scrolling action with atomic runner genesis! Online gaming platform lets you experience the adrenaline of this retro gem without any downloads. Immerse yourself in the world of Atomic Runner and relish the golden age of video games.

– UnHuman –


  1. Double dragon all time favorite game in my childhood ❤

  2. nada mejor que el juego original saludos

  3. actually the most challenge part was not the big boss, is after bit the boss, the final battle between dragons, is the prototype of streel fighter

  4. one of those games where its clear the nes version was better thought out

  5. I can't remember how to that kick in the air can any one help please at 53 seconds

  6. I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm expecting a lot of elbow grease

  7. too bad the elbow attack doesn't work in real life

  8. God the 3 fps. How did we ever play and enjoy this?

  9. Use only kik kik then turn kik breaks the nose most points awarded used to get 10 pounds for highest score 😂🤣😂


  11. There is a store in my hometown that used to have this game in late 80s. The building has a unique smell (nothing bad), and to this day, as soon as I walk in, it makes me think of Double Dragon.

  12. 2:42 Playing more terrifying music when a black guy walks in? What is this, an HP Lovecraft story? LOL

  13. i remember reminiscing with friends in 1998 about this game. we all had a laugh about how abobo would fuck you up

  14. This game was my life in the 80s. I remembered being inside the bodega of the LES of NYC, watching the older heads put their quarters in a line to play this amazing game. 😊😊😊

  15. I loved this game in the 80s but my parents banned me from playing the game in arcades. Too violent. Well all my mates were probably playing it. Kids around my age group were. Glad to see it again. Brings back memories.

  16. Good ole Double Dragon. So many memories of this game. From the opening theme to the end. First arcade game I ever completed. But damn did the slowdown get annoying lol. And those wall blocks at the end were a pain.

  17. This is so retro and timeless
    One of the best 😎

  18. Taking that lower angle to the computer dude was always key to getting that elbow in and surviving!

  19. I can still smell all the cigarettes at the local arcade while I spend $10 worth of quarters trying to jump over one bridge

  20. I used to be able to beat this on 10p using only headbutts. Would have been Ramsgate Boating Pool circa 1988-90

  21. So many memories. So many quarters. The In and Out store had one in my neighborhood. Used to take back bottles and cans to play.

  22. Man I used to live at the laundromat by my house that had double dragon. Used to go play this game every chance I could. Glad I have both arcade version of 1 and 2 on PlayStation.4

  23. What about the Red Dragon? Then they could have Triple Dragon; and just have the Red Dragon included. HALALUYA – TAO

  24. Once you learned that doing the "back-against-the enemy-elbow-punch" defeated anyone it was rather easy. Still spent a fortune in the arcade!

  25. Always wanted to drive the car outta that garage. The mullet deserved a burnout

  26. I remember my mother came into the arcade watching us play and she really disliked when the girlfriend gets punched saying oh my goodness save her lol.

  27. I forgot how bad the FPS slowdown was on this

  28. A game for young Men. Not for progressive evil weak haters envy worshippers.

  29. Great memories in Chicago playing at a restaurant was only 12 years old with my cousin for hours 😂😂

  30. I remember those black guys being like b.a.baracus they were nails when I was 6 years old.

  31. Joguei muito Double Dragon!!! Essa foi a 1ª versão, depois foi adaptado para os consoles caseiros: Master System e Nes. Fiz um rewiw das vesões de Double Dragon em meu canal de games. Parabéns pela postagem!

  32. I love this game back in the day…. But looking at it again, the lag is so terrible. A remake of this version needs to be done without the lag…. Even the NES version doesn’t lag this much .

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