🐉A Water Dragon Caught On Google Earth & Maps

#photography #scary #natural


  1. It looks like hexalios (dragon adventurers) or a boat I think

  2. If no one will say it is real then it will be not . But I will believe in that like I believe in fairy and really one day I am seeing one fairy in jungle 🙂🙂

  3. thats a newborn sea dragon or whatever

  4. What is that that's not even a dragon let's have no wings bro bro just a fake

  5. If it's a boat trail where's the boat?????

  6. Wow good but it’s an sea dragon if ur there you suld newer swim there

  7. Number thirteeeeen boat trail caught on camera scientists and hikers are to believe this Bigfoot

  8. That’s called a sturgeon those get up to 20 ft long

  9. That’s the wake of a boat but good try

  10. If you look closer to it, you can see it’s the megalodon bones

  11. Boat trail, but the boat wasn't in the frame yet these pictures overlap. Because the earth isn't square

  12. White dragon ng langit❤ putting anghel
    ❤❤❤ ng languid tinayawagan ka

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