Some open world games offer depth and atmosphere like no others. Here are some games to truly get lost in.
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0:00 intro
0:20 Dragon’s Dogma
2:14 Kingdom Come Deliverance
4:18 Witcher 3
6:45 Dragon Age Inquisition
8:09 Pillars of Eternity 2
9:54 Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning
11:42 Warhammer Vermintide 2
13:14 Subnautica
14:32 Fallout NV
15:42 Skyrim


  1. Red Dead Redemption 2 was that kind of game to me. On weekends I startet at 7-8 pm and always noticed that I played for a while when the sun rose at 6 in the morning. But it was absolutely worth it.

  2. Witcher is one of the worst open worlds ever in fantasy games! Full of ubisoft designed bloat!

  3. After more than 3k hours on Vermintide 2 i can say that the game is very addictive, even after finishing all the maps on every difficulty , playing it will never be the same experience, especially on higher difficulties where the game starts to throw an immeasurable amount of enemies that makes you feel panic when cornered , then the adrenaline kicks in and you feel like having lightspeed reflexes , leaving you wandering how did you just survive that .
    Thats why i love this game , give it a try people.🐀

  4. sunautica was so immerssive, it's terrifing someimes, but that's what i love about it.

  5. The saddest bit about this video is showing footage of fighting the spotted wight in Witcher 3, instead of saving her. I can't bring myself to end that quest with combat.

  6. You aren’t kidding about time passing quickly. I’ve spent literal days in some of these worlds without realizing it. I’d occasionally look up at the clock and think “Where did the time go?”

  7. I know its just a mod but Enderal is WAYYYY more immersive than skyrim, granted it wouldnt exist without skyrim but it was one of those things that after playing it i could never go back to Skyrim.

  8. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I loved playing Darksiders 2, everything from the soundtrack and world building kept me completely immersed!
    Also Red Dead Redemption 2 needs to be on this list!

  9. HOW IS RDR2 NOT ON THIS? Everyone I know got the game and literally didn’t leave their houses for weeks. Even my dad when he would come to my house to visit would ask if I would play the game just so he could watch

  10. You can get lost in Starfield. There are no maps.

  11. But triple triad was so good tho. The mini game in the new horizon zero dawn was also very good I thought. FF8 is probably still my favorite minigame but i don't like the Witcher or gwent.

  12. Worlds doesn’t have to be bigger for it to be better. I find worlds such as that of Sleeping Dogs, RDR2, CP77, Ghost of Tsushima to be just about the right size.

  13. Subnautica was the shit. The 2nd one is great too

  14. 4:32 did you even played C2077 like now [after patches]? And on PS5 not prev gen consoles which was designed for? Try it bro – You will add this game to list like this one and you will rank it on 1st place 🙂

  15. RDR 2. I just need some brandy from town. Oh hey, I could use some indian tobacco, too since I'm here. FUCK that snake bit hurts I'll just use some, oh wait-I don't have any health cure. Lemme set a fir rq to make one….who tf are the "Murfree's"? NP I'll just get to making this tonic. Oh hey, I might as well make some horse ointment to dell to the guy at the store……should I go on?

  16. Subnautica is a game unlike any other, it honestly has no comparison, not even BZ comes anywhere near what it was.

  17. Skyrim didn't grab me. Don't really understand the ongoing hype.

  18. I was typing out the question, “was that an America reference?” But then you answered my question.

  19. Its the way that woman died at the beginning of the skyrim part

  20. number 1 is unquestionably worthy of the title.

  21. How isnt Breath Of The Wild or Tears Of The Kingdom not on here

  22. cyberpunk has been fixed (I never even had issues back in 2020) but its a lot better than some of the games on this list.

  23. As someone who's 100% Dragon Age: Inquisition at least a 8-12 times, can def say you get immersed af. I love having companions in games which also helps lol.

  24. cyberpunk 2077 is better than the witcher 3 and it's not even close.

  25. this guy has just made a list of every video game at this point lmao most of these have been in countless other vids

  26. This list could be so long…. FF7 the original…. RDR2…BOTW….

  27. Morrowind is better than Skyrim. Fight me. Especially for getting lost in. There were no map markers saying "go here" in Morrowind. Skyrim gives you map markers so it's kinda hard to "get lost" in it.

  28. What’s the fascination with medieval worlds?

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