10 Most Powerful Dragons From House Of The Dragons & Game Of Thrones

Both shows feature a total of around 20 dragons, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 strongest by looking at both House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones. Try looking into them.


  1. I think the cannibal should have been 2nd i can understand not putting him 1st because we don't know much about any of his deeds but he would have been equal to if not larger in size then balerion due to him likely being older then balerion and during the dance was the largest and most powerful living Dragon

  2. U forget about the Cannibal… which was same size of the Vermithor and was more dangerous than Vhagar… And also was the onlye dragon ho likes to eat dragons…

  3. I think seasmoke has been my favorite color of dragon so far, but I would want silverwing, Meleys, or syrax as a mount. In that order.
    Silverwing would be great to have in battle, she should be massive compared to dreamfyre since she’s never spent a significant amount of time in the dragon pit, so her growth has never been limited. But still has enough in the air to flee if needed.
    Not only that but biggest advantage silverwing brings to the table is she can increase the number of mounts you have for dragon warfare. The idea would be her hatchlings would be for your children, but even Dany’s 2 riderless dragons joined her in battle without riders… maybe you could encourage riderless dragons to fly with your dragon.

    Meleys is my second choice bc her speed is a real advantage. Her size and power are great, but since she never laid any eggs I would rather have silverwing knowing that I could potentially hatch more dragons for my house.

    Syrax my third choice bc although she’s lazy and not the ideal mount to fly into battle, she lays a shit ton of eggs and is the main source of the blacks dragons. She could basically give you your own small army of dragons given enough time. That’s a pretty big advantage to have.

  4. I have my doubts about Caraxes, Daemon is a great horseman (maybe the best), but aside from his sacrifice to stop Vhagar, Caraxes doesn't do much else (and he dies in that battle), while others on the list, like Sunfyre, they resisted much more things in their best moments

  5. They should have made a show about the story of aegon the conq.. from the beginning to him becoming the king of the seven kingdoms.

  6. Rhaegal did not almost lose to Undead Viserion lmao. Rhaegal had his jaws around Viserion’s neck before Drogon intervened.

  7. Vhagar is absolutely more powerful than vermithor this is confirmed by George himself

  8. They ruined the show for me already, without Valerion presence show will remain incomplete.

  9. Caraxes literally ripped a dragons throat that was a fraction of the size.

  10. In the books Rhaegal is stated to have proved himself to be more aggressive and fearless than his brother Viserion so I woulda placed him higher than Viserion

  11. Are we talking tamed dragons or dragons in general? Because if so, the Cannibal should be in the top five.

  12. I tought number 1 was for Dreamfyre. Balerion hasn't been part of the show neither GOT or HOD. A skull doesn't count as a whole dragon

  13. I don’t get why seasmoke is so low when he also killed vermithor after a battle with tesserion

  14. I’ve heard it in multiple videos but I think the idea of measuring the badassness of drogon by saying you could feel the heat from his flame 30ft away is enormously silly. You can feel the heat 30ft away from a good size bonfire 😂😂😂

  15. I dont think vermithor is above vhagar i mean come on its bloody vhagar

  16. Meleys and caraxes is way more deadly than vhagar

  17. what a dumb and baseless ranking

  18. This top is a little bit strange
    You put sunfyre and Seasmoke bur not
    – Dreamfyre
    -The Cannibal
    which are much bigger and probably more powerful (especially for Meraxes and the Cannibal)

  19. When season 2 comes out update the list to include the cann3

  20. If i be in the HOTD.I will make connection with cannibal 🔥

  21. All these dragons, just wasted by their idiot riders….

  22. Seeing the skull of Balerion I initially doubted if he could actually swallow a mammoth. Then I saw a video of how a Komodo dragon swallows its prey. The back of the jaw widens, similar to a snake, and the whole throat can expand. They can swallow things you wouldn't expect them to, easily. Interestingly, the word "dragon" comes from the Greek "drakon", meaning "serpent" or "snake".

  23. The Cannibal is said to be the biggest and most Powerful of all Dragons.

  24. No way Seasmoke is weaker than Daenerys dragons. Seasmoke fought many armies and dragons while being a teenager dragon.

  25. All of them so beautiful and powerful, yet all of them would get clapped in a fight against ancalagon

  26. Caraxes is literally just outwardly superior to Vhaegar. I don’t know why people just assume that the larger the dragon is, the more powerful the dragon is. It’s just not true. Vhaegar is described and blatantly shown to be old, and slow. I mean Vhaegar also canonically LOSES TO CARAXES. Caraxes kills Vhaegar above the God’s Eye and Caraxes climbs out of the water after the fight still alive and ultimately dies a bit later meaning he outlasted Vhaegar. Caraxes is younger, in his prime, super experienced as well, faster, more versatile/nimble, and outwardly won in a 1v1 fight against Vhaegar.

  27. you miss The cannibal who killed and eat alot of dragons and lives free even the targaryen where a afraid of that dragon

  28. I just saw Sunfyre design for me. Syrax, Meleys and Caraxes designs are my fav.

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