10 Most Powerful Dragons From House Of The Dragons & Game Of Thrones

Both shows feature a total of around 20 dragons, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 strongest by looking at both House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones. Try looking into them.


  1. Styrax should be on here she was very agile

  2. I think drogon would win against Sunfyre 😂

  3. Meraxes was bigger than Vhagar when it was killed in Dorne

  4. This whole countdown is way off. You put Drogon at number 7. Also you put seasmoke on the count down but not silverwing or the cannibal. Also you need to do more research or watch the show alittle more before making videos. So that you can make sure you have your facts straight

  5. I personally think that seasmoke should have been higher. vermithor was three times his size and he was also up against tessarion and Silverwing.

  6. I would have put Dannys 2 smaller dragons in a tie for the same spot. I'm also including the undead dragon in the tie as well. And then I would give the open spot to the cannibal. And put him somewhere in the top 4.

  7. You forgot the most formidable 1. The Pink Dread!

  8. Vaghar would win against vermithor I believe

  9. I think that Vhagar would defeat Vermithor

  10. Meleys could've easily outmanoeuver Vhagar in a 1V1, Arrax nearly did it

  11. Vhagar would best vermithor now that caraxes vs vhagar is being put on film they’ve made it more distinct why caraxes would win he’s a harder target to hit due to his slender body and he could easily out manoeuvre her for a killing blow while vhagar and vermithor as more or lose the same shape just ones slightly smaller so in there fight I think it comes down to who’s the stronger dragon strength wise

  12. Why so lot of people forget about Silverwing? She was a bit smaller than Vermithor, but larger than Dreamfyre while being younger, and she still was one of the largest Targaryen dragons

  13. Vermithor top 4 besides Caraxes, and I’d change rhaegal to DreamFyre

  14. Balerion is gigantic lol. Hope we’ll get to see him one day

  15. I'm still trying to figure out how's danys dragons especially drogon got so big that fast, like drogon is only 8 but is in the same size category as dragons like caraxes and meleys who are in there 50s/60s and 70s, so what's up there they are way bigger then they should be for their age,

    my theory is that the Lord of light knew that the white walker invasion wasn't far away and was basically like "WE NEED DRAGONS AND WE NEED EM BIG NOW"

  16. Where is cannibal ? I think he is most powerful and strongest dragon in this universe as prove that dragons up then human and people who own yourself dragons – Targarian.

  17. How can you put Vhagar above Caraxes? That's factually incorrect

  18. Dude where the fuck is silver wing and meraxes

  19. This is my top 10 excluding the wild dragons
    Silver wing

  20. U should warn people about spoilers

  21. Where is Merexes? N how is Caraxes not no2 wen he literally killed Vhagar.

  22. Heres my size ranking (strongest is debatable and depends upon the experience of the rider)
    1- Balerion
    2- Vhagar
    3- Cannibal (I believe it was born of the original valariyan dragons in the period 42BC – 30 AC as there are no recorded dragons of this era, and id wager the original three did have more offsprings before Dreamfyre),
    4- Vermithor
    5- Silverwing
    6- Sheepstealer/Dreamfyre
    7- Meleys (age not known, but was capable of soloing Vhagar and live, Caraxes wasnt),
    8- Meraxes (was bigger than a 42 years old Vhagar but her age is not known, and as is mostly the case age->size, if she's around a 100 id put her above silverwing),
    9- Caraxes (half the size of 180 yo Vhagar, this i believe not to be the case length wise but overall massiveness as Caraxes was a serpentine dragon)
    10- Syrax (said to be almost as big as Caraxes, again not length but overall massiveness),
    11- Quicksilver (quarter the size of 150 yo Balerion)
    12- Seasmoke/ greyghost/ Tessarion, 13- Sunfyre

  23. The cannibal
    Ship stealer
    Silver wing…

  24. When I read Fire and Blood I really liked Vermithor and during House of the Dragon I always wanted to see him. I'm glad they showed him in the last episode. If I was born a Targaryen in House of the Dragon I would choose the Bronze Fury.

  25. Really ? Drogons flame is black and you can feel it 30 feet away lol

  26. Did anyone else notice how destructive Drogons fire is? Literally instantly obliterates everything…I wonder if that just an inconsistency in GoT but I haven’t really seen fire power as strong as his yet

  27. Only Vhagars fire was hot enough to burn soldiers inside their armor cause the other dragons fire isnt hot enough to do that, this list was so phony and commercial

  28. Only Balerion could melt sand into glass!!! Lmao

  29. I had hoped that you were putting Cannibal in no. 1 spot for a second there since Balerion is not in HOTD.. (i mean.. who counts the skull?)

  30. This seems so wrong, Silverwing and Dreamfyre were forgotten but they put the Dragons flops (Viserion, Sunfyre, Rhaegal, Seasmoke, Drogon)

  31. Caraxes is my favourite dragon by far. His Design is amazing and menacing , his character awesome and his feats incredible

  32. Isn't the cannibal larger then balerion?

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