10 TERRIBLE Dragon Ball Games That Insulted The Fans

Less Majin Buu and more Major Boos.

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  1. “You can just mash in db evolution for psp”

    Bro, you mustn’t played it or had the ai on pleb cos it is no joke

  2. As a little child I used to love Final bout, nostalgia took me back to the game some years ago… oh man it so bad and slow

  3. So glad I side stepped all of these games.🤣🤣

  4. I actually liked sagas I played it as a kid with my best friend and we had a ton of fun

  5. Gotta say i liked legacy of Goku…

  6. Legacy of goku was admittedly rough but it made legacy 2 and buu's fury look godlike

  7. Dragon Ball Z : The Legacy of Goku was my first game ever

  8. Lol what’s crazy is I played ultimate battle 22 ALL THE TIME ! back in 2002 i unlocked gogeta and super saiyan 3 goku 😂😭

  9. Personally speaking, I think DBE and the number one spot should switch places. At least with Ultimate Battle 22 my friends and I have pleasant memories with. It actually was more fun to play than described. Was it great? Maybe not, but it was a lot better than evolution

  10. Honestly out of all these games the ones which truly deserve to be on this list are DB:Evolution and DBZ for Kinect just talking about DBE makes me sick but DBZ:Sagas is aight same with Dragon ball z:battle of Z in my opinion.

  11. Why did they have to put registered trademarks on the fighters names in Ultimate Battle 22

  12. Lmfaooooo ultimate tenkaichi definitely should be on here

  13. I actually really like Dragon Ball Z Saga play it on co-op with my sister and had a good time

  14. Once again I disagree Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z I think was a great game and I feel like if not for that we wouldn't have Xenoverse

  15. As someone who owns all of these games I have to say that Ultimate battle 22 is better than most of the games in this list. Personally I'd put taiketsu and final bout as 1 and 2 while taking Legacy of Goku off the list for it's great music alone.

  16. The worst thing about DBZ: Kinect, it was Ultimate Tenkaichi but shorter, without the content it had and with HORRIBLE Kinect controls. We did get that Bardock episode though….

  17. No ultimate tenkaichi? Sure it had good graphics and CaC but my god the combat being rps was such bullshit.

  18. And I thought Xenoverse was a shitty franchise. Which it is

  19. DBZ últimate battle 22, DBGT final bout, DBZ taiketsu,DBZ sagas it's one's pieces of garbage,true scums AND one ofense for the franchise fans🤮🤮🤮

  20. How did ultimate tenkaichi not make this list

  21. dbz is primarily and anime, they make the games as a cash grab.

  22. My dad is a dragon Ball z game collector he has all these games locked the locked up in a safe and you will not let me touch them now I know why

  23. The opening to Final Bout was godlike though. Really nothing else was good

  24. The worst thing of the Video are these two statements:
    Feels like Filler
    Me: Good after all i much rather interact with npcs than fight freeza for 5 Hours!
    And this they ignore there status!
    Me: Also good that means i can play as my favourite Character!

  25. Suggestion of Top Ten Naruto Franchise Games That Insulted The Fans.

    Lmao I thought of all these, of the few I've actually played, I agree but Dragon Ball Z: Sagas to me, wasn't so bad. I'd played it years ago on GameCube rather than Xbox, back then it didn't seem so bad. I still think the first Xenoverse was rustier upon release. 😂

  26. my god they tried a video game based off dragonball evolution ??? are they stupid ?!

  27. DBZ Sagas is the greatest Dragon Ball game ever made.

  28. ok its a madness you put legacy of goku in this list

  29. Truth be told DBE on PSP was pretty decent.
    Battle of Z I enjoyed as well and yes I know these games are objectively bad but I just can't hate em.

  30. Or when your 5 years in a relationship and your girlfriend drops the bombshell that she doesn't love you anymore and met someone new.

    Life is pain

  31. I love battle of z, it's a great game for what it is.

  32. Battle of Z is probably the better one out of these tho, like xenoverse takes the character select from battle of z xD lol yet so many don't complain about it. Which is funny.

  33. Xenoverse 2 should be on here its a literal copy and paste of 1 lol xD

  34. This is not a well put together list. Shenron no nazo was actually really good for its time and the graphics are some of the best of that year (it came out in 1986). Legacy of Goku is also a really good game with good pixel art for the time it came out. Also, as much as I hated the evolution movie, the game is actually not that bad. Its just Shin Budokai with character skins from the movie but the same gameplay. And I don't see why you would mention DBZ Kinect and not mention Ultimate Tenkaichi since the Kinect version is based on that game. I wish WhatCulture would actually go and play some of these games and redo this list.

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