10 TERRIBLE Dragon Ball Games That Insulted The Fans

Less Majin Buu and more Major Boos.

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  1. I remember Dragon Power. Terrible. Worse when I discovered it was a DB game. What a waste

  2. Talk about a video making you relive your childhood haha. I'm sad to say I've played overhalf of these games 😂

  3. I enjoyed legacy of goku a lot. The sequel was awesome too. Wish I could have played Buus Fury before hitting my teenage years and losing interest.

  4. Legacy of goku was the reason you had dents in your gba the dinosaurs alone would body you in 3 hits

  5. I thought Sagas was fun.😕

  6. Not gonna lie dragon ball sagas is my guilty pleasure

  7. Hey, I wonder if that first game would work great with updated graphics and new technology like vr. I’d love to see it tbh

  8. I like DBZ sagas on the GCN I've played it a bunch back in the day I ended up beating it back in 2011 ive played it for the first time recently for the first time in years and I was on my way to beating it before I got to the building levels I think the game is pretty decent I was playing DBZ budaki 2 the other day played the world tournament and kept on getting to the final round and getting eliminated in the final round by ring out and I was getting so angry and I was like why can't I do this I used to be able to beat this game a long time ago and I forgot how to ring them out because it was a while since I had last payed the game it was insane

  9. I actually liked DBGT: Final Bout. Decent game.

  10. I had DBZ Sagas. My brothers and I played it. Agreed it was terrible though. 😂

  11. Had Ultimate Battle 22. On the fence with this one.

  12. Remove Battle of Z and replace it with the Trunks Card Game

  13. ultimate battle 22 was so bad it was so fun to play LMAO

  14. for a moment I feared Legendary Superwarrirs (Densetsu no Chô Senshi Tachi) with being a card game in first place, the abhismal translation, the unbalanced-ness of enemy being flat out srongher than you could even become, the lack of balance between the base charathers themselves, the unclear and rare special cards (16's rocket punch I'm looking at you), the transformation being a single charather instead of separated, which messed up with who could use what attack when in his history

    but at least that's a solid game and it keeps with the DBZ concepts; the games here either missed one, th other, or both

  15. Wow Even dbz kakarot is better than these games, though patches and a free to start card game help

  16. Never owned 1 and now after watching this I never will

  17. Final Bout had an awesome soundtrack though…

  18. Hmmmm, I am watching this mostly to figure out how there are bad dragon ball games…
    Nah gonna leave my thoughts as I see em.
    1. Dragon Ball Z Kinect
    Wha? When and how, who bought a Kinect and thought, yeah It need dragon ball.
    2. Sagas. Man this is literally why we shouldnt stunlock enemies so easily.
    3. DBZ RPG.
    Zelda and Dragon Ball is certainly not something I want anymore.
    4. Evolution.
    5. Battle of Z.
    The heck is this accumulated mess?
    6. Dragon power.
    What even
    7. Goku whatever.
    Visual novel and chess.. Yeah because Goku is a chess-e master.
    8. Taiketsu.
    Wow. Just wow. Am I watching a clay fighters mod? Why, now this makes my heart hurt.
    9. Ultimate battle 22.
    Ugly? Yes. Shabby animations? Yes. Trivago? No. Double no.

  19. I loved dbz sagas as a kid but I was also like 7 lmao

  20. why tf would they make a dragon ball evolution game when the movie flopped

  21. I almost got Sagas as a kid lmao I dodged a bullet for sure. My dad bought Taiketsu thinking it was supersonic Warriors and I was sooo upset

  22. I had Ultimate Battle 22 and there was a code you could put in for 5 more characters and the game title changes to Ultimate Battle 27. I think you got SSJ3 Goku that way, I forget exactly… been years since I even thought of that title lol

  23. Not watched any whatculture in ages. What happened to retro j with a zero? He's became so positive not that I'm complaining, its actually quite refreshing to see on youtube when you have moronic yt stars spewing lies and vile comments constantly. Good for you Jules.

  24. I don’t think anything is worse than that DBZ card game video game.

  25. Why does dbz goku hishouden look like clay fighters lol

  26. Before watching this im going to list off my favorites
    Dbz budokai tenkaichi 3- for content and story
    Gba Buus fury- rpg story
    Kakarot- Story and Visuals were nice but the gameplay and rpg were not good in my opinion

  27. Ima have to hurt you for the Garlic jr disrespect

  28. Dude I had Dragon Power on the NES as a kid. I barely played it cause it was just weird even for a NES game. Like I never saw half the bosses in the clip.

  29. i had a dragon ball game on my nes. but it was called dragonball and not dragon power. and i'm from europe.

  30. legacy of goku 2 was so good thought

  31. While I really really fw db fighterz.. I think it needs a handful of stages added, more outfits for characters instead of 1000 diff colors for the same outfit, tournament mode needs to be touched up n lastly the T.O.P. mode could of been much much better.. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ juss my thoughts, other than that tho it’s raw as hell 👌🏽

  32. I actually had fun with that DragonBall 22 game.

  33. Come on final bout is a classic. I admit it has not aged well but back then it was all we had and it was awesome

  34. I love dragonball fighter Z STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ultimate Battle 22 – kamehameha – shoot's a ball

  36. Majority of these games from my childhood and I'm 28 so I need to say bad things about Majority these games except for the GT but I honestly think you should have included that switch game that came out last year that wasn't even in fucking English

  37. You're smoking. Ultimate Battle 22 was a fun ass game. And it didn't even have a lot

  38. Sagas is terrible now. But it was fun back in the day. It actually inspired the Budokai Tenkaichi series due to its free roam elements.

  39. When you see the thumbnail of your favorite game and then you look at the video title

  40. Just another button mashing brawler? That's what all of the games are. The counter system in even Raging Blast barely works half the time. No one is going into a Dragon Ball game with a strategy for their opponents.

  41. How on God's green Earth does this video not have Ultimate Tenkaichi on the list?

  42. What's even worse that sagas didn't cover all the dbz sagas. I think it ended at the stage where they show what happened in Trunks' era against the androids. Meaning it didn't even complete the android saga…

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