10 TERRIBLE Dragon Ball Games That Insulted The Fans

Less Majin Buu and more Major Boos.

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  1. why fighterz isn't on this list at all I will never understand.

  2. Am I the only person that enjoys Sagas?

  3. I refuse to accept that dragon ball evolution actually happened

  4. Did he just said "Dragon ball EVILution?" 😂

  5. im surprised almost everything dbz i played showed up here bro. hahahaha good o'l days.

  6. How bout Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World? Game was just a poor ripoff of the budokai series

  7. I always thought dragon ball sagas was fun as hell😂😂😂 only thing wrong with it is there’s no Buu saga

  8. To be fair tho, these games are old, way before the new graphics and gameplay we are used to

  9. Really, Dokkan is basically the mobile gacha version of Goku Hishouden

  10. You do know that there's an entire subset of turn-based Dragon Ball RPGs right?.. Why would you just randomly single out one of them and call it the worst?..

  11. Dude, battle of Z was fun. Me and my friend played it constantly.

  12. I’m so glad I only knew of 3 of these games, which means my taste in dragon ball games is pretty good.

  13. I actually liked Dragon Ball Z Taiketsu

  14. Battle of z was not a bad game at all I cant even cap but this is just my opinion probably because I played it on my brothers ps vita bc that's all I could get a hold of hell I played most video games on that thing after I broke my dsi until a year later when I got a 3ds it had one good dbz game other than that I played smash bros on it

  15. As entertaining as these videos are I especially enjoy watching Jules and how he ends his videos off it gives you a good feeling afterwards I hope the best for you all as well

  16. I would've hunted down and "taken out" everyone at WhatCulture if Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2 was one this list.

  17. When Final Bout dropped, it was the best DB game we had at the time. It was only called GT in America. In the EU and JP it was just Dragon Ball Final Bout. It wasn’t until I played Budokai 3 and went back to Final Bout did I realise just how bad it was. Still though, it’s got a special place. But yeah, ‘Little’ Goku spin kick spam is how you beat everything.

    I didn’t even know they made an Evolution game, and it’s just a copy-paste of Shin Budokai.

    Battle of Z was the poor mans attempt at Zenkai Battle in the Arcade.

  18. Did he really just list Legacy of Goku….?

    Edit: Battle of Z wasn't as bad as he's overexaggerting it to be.

  19. I'd like to think all of these are atleast good games for their time periods and the Dragon Ball Evolution game does not exist 😌

  20. Can we add Xenoverse 2 the pc version for this list for scamming 20 countries pf player bases with false advertising of online services with full money charges?

  21. I've always said that if you love DBZ and say you've never tried to do a Kamehameha, then you are a liar.

  22. Ultimate Battle 22 was painful to play, but I think people are a bit too harsh on it. It was the 32nd PS1 game to ever be made and came out in 1995 in Japan before Europe or US ever got the console, and the fact that it had 22 (27 with secret code) characters, a decent selection of music (for the time), and actually had cutscenes with the japanese voices that would play when certain characters fought each other, it wasn't too bad for it's time. If they had spent a little more time on it they probably could have made the characters look a bit better and be more responsive, but the ps1 could only do so much, that many characters wound up hurting it. Why they decided to port the game to the US in 2003 without any cutscenes is beyond me.

  23. Me: see the title
    Me: don’t you dare insult dragonball games
    see dbz for Kinect
    Me:understandable have a great day

  24. Surprised Ultimate Tenkaichi didn't make the cut, but to be fair DBZ Kinect did so…Fair enough

  25. The Dragon Ball Evolution movie ALREADY sucked beyond ALL possible degree, but then I find out that there's a Dragon Ball Evolution video game. The movie was ALREADY bad enough. They should've stopped with Dragon Ball Evolution after the movie.

  26. Battle of Z wasn’t that bad tbh💀💀 I kinda enjoyed the game

  27. Battle of z was terrible to me it was that the camera was so damn far away…and repetitive button mashing

  28. I remember ultimate battle 22 being 230 dollars at funcoland due to how rare it was …I always wanted …thank god I just got a pre order on a ps2 instead

  29. Legacy of Goku 🤦🏻‍♂️ I convinced myself it was good because I spent so much allowance money on it

  30. I'm surprised Ultimate Tenkaichi didn't get a nod in this list. Combat basically boiled down to repetitive rock, paper, scissor matches.

  31. Final bout at least has that amazing opening!…. At least!

  32. Fighterz if that’s there it doesn’t disrespect fans

  33. DRAGON BALL Z KINECR WAS AWESOME but it was just ultimate tenkaichi

  34. Dragon ball sagas is dragon ball kakarot before it developed better graphics.

  35. People loved ultimate battle 22….. as far as I know

  36. Dragon ball battle of z was the first fighting game and the first dbz game I ever played and I liked it. It was pretty good I dont think it deserves the hate it gets and the graphics was impressive for its time

  37. I guess I just like bad dragon ball games because I love ultimate 22 and legacy of goku

  38. I liked Final Bout…you totally could zip around the ring if you played long enough

  39. I never played online battle of z but u did not just put it on this list cuz that was the game that got me into Dragon ball

  40. I actually loved Battle of Z when I was like 11, I still find the game pretty fun

  41. Let's be real if Fighters, Budokai, or Tenkaichi wasent in the title the game sucked.

    – nevermind I forgot about Ultimate Tenkaichi. I spent $50 just to play rock-paper-scissors essentially.

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