107 Dragon Ball Z Facts You Should Know | Channel Frederator

107 Dragon Ball Z Facts You Should Know | Channel Frederator

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Kamehameha, fellow Z Fighters! Welcome to another exciting episode of our 107 facts series. Today, we are diving into the world of Saiyans, Namekians, Androids, and (of course) everybody’s favourite: humans, as we delve into the universe of Dragon Ball Z. From its roots in an ancient story, to the overwhelming influence it has had on pop culture, we’re revealing secrets and hidden gems (perhaps Dragon Balls) you may not have known about this action-packed series. Grab a capsule, get your power levels up, and let’s get this journey started!

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  1. Hold on wth these guys are “The Amagi” as well

  2. Nothing special here, just standard wiki facts.

  3. 17:02 the game is dragon ball raging blast 2 and it did make it to the us

  4. Hey ChannelFrederator. Here are some additional facts about Dragon Ball Z you should have mentioned.

    Extra facts:
    1. In the Latin American Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Z, Goku is voiced by Mario Castañeda.
    2. Bulma was voiced by the late Japanesw voice actress, Hiromi Tsuru. She voiced the character from the original Dragon Ball up until Dragon Ball Super. Sadly, Hiromi passed away on November 16th, 2017, at the age of 57 due to arotic dissection.

    3. The first true Dragon Ball Z video game released in North America was Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout. It was released in October 1997. However, there won't be another Dragon Ball game for consoles until 5 years later with the release of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai.

  5. One thing to note is that the Make-A-Wish participant is still living, doing well, and the card is a little damaged, but still safe.

  6. ChannelFrederator, can you please cover 107 facts about The Flintstones in a future video?

  7. Goku killed a bunch of people at red ribbon army

  8. I'm with Goku on that one, I don't like Hospital food either 😂 Very informative, keep up the great work!!

  9. A few of these aren't true, but it was still an interesting video.

  10. IS 17 AND 18 REALLY NAMED THAT? i thought that was just a tfs joke.

  11. "Goku only killed two people. Majin Buu and Yakan."


  12. Goku actually killed King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory and Cell (technically speaking)

  13. 15:53 in order to be a king you need to be ordained. so he isn't a king but a prince

  14. Supes bodied goku twice on deathbattle

  15. I have the English dub of plan to eradicate the Saiyans so it was definitely dubbed at some point.

  16. Stop saying "Kamehameha" like that. FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUU

  17. Never new the Amagi had this channel as well

  18. The eradicate the saiyans movie did make it to america via raging blast 2 it was reanimated and re-scripted to release on the game. Pretty good movie in my opinion

  19. It's really just 106 facts. #7 is an extension of #6 and not actually a Dragon Ball Z fact. Goku should be considered responsible for Piccolo and Raditz as well as many, many RR Army members. Consider this list uninformed 😂😂😅

  20. Number 39 was a rumor on the internet thats been debunked a number of times

  21. There was female Saiyans Caulifla and Kale. even fitting with the vegetable theme.

  22. Fun fact King Kai didn't appear in super. because his voice actor died… as for respect they chose not to include his character.

  23. Yo am I the only one who realized that Cabba somehow made his way into the z fighters? 14:13

  24. About the goku vs frieza fight fact, unless I'm mistaken, I think luffy vs katakuri from one piece has actually surpassed it as the longest anime fight in history

  25. such as the one on royal fragrance lists for me no more than one

  26. Goku literally killed the entire Red Ribbon Army. That’s a couple thousand bodies

  27. Ajimu Najimi is over 3 trillion years old. Also Beerus and Champa are 200M+.

  28. Humans ain't nobody's favorite cz ion even like em irl

  29. Fact 72 is Cap, the game did make it to America it’s DBZ raging blast 2 and it had the movie on the game

  30. Basically it should be called "if you never seen dragon ball before lore" 😂❤

  31. 100 obvious facts and 7 interesting facts

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