15 Times The Sea Beast Copied How to Train Your Dragon

Similarities Between The Sea Beast And How to Train Your Dragon!

It seems like everyone’s watching Netflix’s animated movie, The Sea Beast. But, did this animated adventure story remind you of another fan-favorite flick that also had a lot to say about the relationship between monsters and their hunters? If so, you were probably thinking of the 2010 DreamWorks classic, How to Train Your Dragon. These movies had a lot in common with each other right off the bat, but some of the similarities are a bit deeper and more difficult to put your finger on. Some characters have a lot of similar qualities – like Red and Toothless, Hiccup and Maisie, Hiccup and Jacob, and Stoic and Captain Crow. The vikings and the sailors in these two universes are very alike, as are their off-duty hangout spots and even the magical worlds they live in. There are beasts that are kept as pets, hunters that change their misguided ways, and ancient texts that teach about the wild beasts of their respective worlds. You may have even noticed that the two movies have similar opening scenes as well as parallel fight sequences. And, of course, they have morals and plots that are very much aligned. It’s not easy for How to Train Your Dragon fans to watch The Sea Beast without thinking of the qualities it shares with the sweet monster hunting film that came before it. So, let’s talk about all the things that make The Sea Beast remind us of How to Train Your Dragon for a brand new generation.



00:00 Intro
00:29 Red and Toothless
01:22 Reformed Hunters
01:52 Beasts As Pets
02:21 Hiccup and Maisie
02:56 Hiccup and Jacob
03:40 Captive Creatures
04:04 Stoic and Crow
04:42 Hunting How-To Texts
05:12 Humans VS Beasts
05:36 Opening Parallels
05:55 Wide Variety of Beasts
06:25 Vikings and Sailors
06:45 Sea Monsters
07:14 Off-Duty Hunters
07:34 The Real World with a Twist
08:03 Outro

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Written by: Lauren Waters
Narrated by: Richard C
Edited by: Lucía Canabal

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  1. when i first watched this movie I literally thought it was made by dreamworks for a split second because how much the red bluster looks like toothless lol

  2. Dragons are reall just the bone some time they will come back

  3. Oh look they even copied the mosasour scene from Jurassic world

  4. I think we can all agree its nothing like httyd this movie may be over 1 hour but httyd felt like 5 this movie felt like a 30 minutes

    Httyd also wasnt as cute and cuddly as this i mean the first few scenes where 0f berk then it went to a monsterous nightmare purning hiccups door down and then the village burning down then the lines of murdering the dragons hiccup getting chased by the nightmare

    And not to mention hiccup lost his friggin leg the sea beasts is more than likely made for kids

    Ofc it does have its own adult bits but not as much as stoick (rip stoick i cried wheb you died) saying " till you mount your forst gronkle head on a spear " and "just wait till you spill a naders guts for the first time" truely gruesome ofc we never actually saw them kill a dragon (i think) like on the sea beasts but still thay both have similarities

    Ahem like red but still httyd is better and that's that sure it took some stuff from httyd but thats what inspiration is

    Sea beast is good dont get me wrong….but httyd is simply better cause its not a cartoony thing like the sea beasts

    But again taking inspiration from something amazing isnt bad having "copies" is just a testament to how good the thing you made is

    …even if its a cheap copy not saying any names but cough cough nine realms cough cough

  5. To be fair, Red was based on a lioness and Toothless was based on a pet cat, so yeah. XDD

  6. By the way, how to change your dragon is my favorite show is the best show in the whole whole world

  7. Nah dude i always thought this was toothless😭

  8. Bro, how to train your Dragon help Seabees it was part of it

  9. I was watching the Sea Beast and I thought of another similarity. Hiccup's mom got taken by a dragon and Masie's parents were killed by a sea beast

  10. No they didn’t copy when I was watching the trailer it says it’s from. Moana and how to train ur dragon sily

  11. The sea beast and how to train your dragons are the same owners

  12. I watched the sea beast before how to train your dragon

  13. the sea beast are in juan piece right?😂

  14. Yeah, they’re definitely similar, but I would go so far to say they copied, especially when watching it with a new perspective after watching the notes and background of development for it. Definitely similar, but it definitely didn’t just strait up steal from them.

  15. You know it really didn’t remind me of httyd it just felt like it’s own whole new movie. Although I really wish we had a movie like this where they didn’t friend the monsters

  16. The way they got captured were so horrifying

  17. Who gives a shit both good films different story

  18. Sea beasts and httyd are made by some of the same people I think

  19. No. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😂🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤😂🎉🎉❤😂😂😂🎉❤❤lol I love you too baby e😂😂🎉❤😢x 😮o

  20. Almost all the animated movies involving dragons or monsters will have similar kind of storyline 🥴

  21. Dude it is not a copy, they are the same artists, go to study 😂

  22. The people that made how to train your dragon also made sea beast

  23. 10 times an idiot confuses copying with reutilization of scenes or references.

  24. That's what i said reminds me of night fury😍😍😍

  25. People should stop thinking its a ripoff, HTTYD is old af and grown far past its first movie premise, just cause the main creatures have salamander heads doesnt mean it has nothing original it was a solid movie with fantastic cinematic shots and animation with giant monsters instead of just being dragons again

  26. It does sort of look like a red bell pepper with teeth.

  27. I actually love the show, cuz the monsters looks really cool especially the screaming yellow babies

  28. Put this emoji if You would want a pet dragon😆😂😝

  29. For me yes I would wanna pet dragon😆😂😝

  30. The Sea Beast is from the same people who made How to train a dragon

  31. Ok so Netflix said they they got in contact with the creator of haw to train your dragon and they said that there in the same universe and the sea beast and toothless are naw in the same world

  32. The people that made sea beast did not get there idea from httyd they got inspired by King Kong

  33. The Sea Beast or How to Train Your Dragon? 💙

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