3 BEST Upcoming Dragon Games of 2021!

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3 Upcoming Dragon Games You SHOULD Be EXCITED For!
Today we look at 3 incredible upcoming dragon games that you should be excited for! There has been a deep desire for new dragon games ever since the quick rise and fall of Day of Dragons through drama and mismanagement, these games are games that will fill that void, whether they are action-adventure games or straight-up fighting games, these games all follow the same key gameplay focus, dragons…



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  1. I love dragons and I would like to play a game where you be a dragon

  2. I can't wait for an emberfall trailer. I have been waiting for so long, way back when the game was barely showing anything.

  3. Day of dragons is not only an asset flip but a huge scam
    It's basically yandere simulator 2.0 lol

  4. If I played Emberfall I would be a Friendly dragon

  5. I JUST WANT A GOOD LOOKING DRAGON GAME. good graphics,medival timeline and a good story

  6. One day I want to make a dragon game. I have always loved dragons and I want to see dragons live on with the glory they had so long ago.

  7. I bought Day of Dragons so long ago…..I am so upset I spent money on that game. I am unsure if Day of Dragons is even still being worked on..

  8. Ngl, the creature designs in Draconia look really good. I especially love the gryphon's design because it's just the fact that they went the unique route and made it a corvid mixed with a panther instead of the traditional Eagle and Lion mix.

  9. day of dragons was a middle finger to all who brought the game and thank god i didn't buy it

  10. Day of dragons was not a scam.. Dondi and his co-hoards made the noise.. CHANGE MY MIND..

  11. I can't find anything regarding emberfall. No trailer, no more videos, no updates. Are they still developing or did it get canned?

  12. Is draconia is it availabe for android phones?

  13. Are any going to be mobile? (Reply to answer)

  14. Im loving it! Finally Dragons are getting some well deserved love and detailed development in videogames!!
    …dont get me wrong i like Dark souls. Dragon age. Skyrim and such games… but man these games dragons dissapoint so much.
    Well except
    Dark souls 3 and Dragons Dogma i guess…
    these 2 games dragons kinda fine.

  15. I think draconia and ember fall will be crazy good

  16. Draconia looks like trash and their devs already abandoned their other game project.
    Emberfall is waiting for ue5 which wont be out until late 2021 so emberfall wont be out until 2024

    Day of Dragons is being developed and the devs ARE KEEPING THEIR PROMISES. People need to give them time to make their game, they only had ONE YEAR to work on it. Isle has had 6 years and the game keeps getting worser every time they update it. People have a baseless hate for dod with no way to back up the hate other than what sidalpha said and sidalpha is a liar who makes drama videos for a living.

  17. When are these games supposed to come out we been waiting for a long Tim and I hate when they say the dait of these games and then nothing it really makes me pissed off like hurry up and release things for like PS4 and other cancels please

  18. I just want a good dragon sim like dod promised it would be (shame that game is nothing but lies).

  19. I Like how you dissed on Day of Dragons without even taking another look at it. ._. Litterly theh doing so much

  20. Emberfall – Status:

    Draconia – Status:

    WIP (Last Game Update 07.02.21 (Day,Month,Year))

    Skyfear – Status:

    Bonus Game:
    Century: Age of Ashes – Status:
    WIP (Last Game Update 05.02.21 (Day,Month,Year))

  21. Will Draconia or any of these three games be coming to ps4?

  22. Have u heard about Dragon's Prophet?
    Its a free dragon riding and taming mmorpg.

    I played that game 6 months, it was awesome.
    There are different kinds of dragons to be tamed there, flyers, water, runners, and tank dragons.

    I use flying dragons for travel and tank dragons while i fight mobs.
    I also use the runner type dragons when im inside a non spacey lair that a flying dragon wud be cumbersome, flyers are slow runners so they kinda useless inside lairs.
    And each type of dragon have different attributes and abilities that also buff u.
    U can fight mobs while riding ur dragon, or u can make the dragon fight beside u.
    Also, if the dragon is fighting beside u, u shud always put the aggro on u cos the dragon also gets attacked and itll die if the HP runs out and u have to wait 1 minute to respawn it again.

  23. Will emberfall come to consoles. Cause my pc cant even handle geometry dash

  24. I love the dragons that have 4 legs and wings instead of the wyverns which only have 2 legs and wings. Also it would be cool to have more games where you ride dragons and have to tame them and there could be a whole bunch of different ones to tame.

  25. 5:40 i think that might be kirin. Also known as Chinese unicorn

  26. Century: Age of Ashes is another dragon dogfighting game.

  27. Emberfall and draconia look so cool. I've been hoping for some open world dragon games.

  28. A question can humans ride the dragons and can the dragons pick up the humans with there mouth and claws?

  29. I hope one of them will be on mobile

  30. hope we can sack gold from villages and castles and hoard it in your nest or even go inside castles and build a nest inside it in draconia.

  31. Take an look to Century Age of Ashes, has 2 closed betas, not avaliable yet but whit the 2nd beta where i played, i can say its one of the best games of dragons whit aereal fights.

  32. i think they stopped working on emberfall..all of their socials were deleted as well as their main website. 🙁

  33. I Just started watching, pls tell me theres an mobile one

  34. Century Age of Ashes is the better Fearfall check it out! its free on steam 🙂

  35. skyfear is now Centery Age of Ashes and i play that game

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