4 Years Later.. Day of Dragons is catching on FIRE – New Dragon & Biggest Update Yet – 1.0

Day of Dragons just released it’s BIGGEST Update yet. The soft release has arrived and 1.0 is in YOUR hands. New dragons, New abilities, A new world, New inventory system, New skins and more are waiting for us to explore. Given it’s a soft release not ALL of the content is here just yet, A LOT more will be released over the coming weeks. Let’s jump in and see what’s here so far 🙂


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  1. Oh, finding out Anth buys bots to comment on his videos is a strange discovery lmao

  2. I need to fix my laptop setting thing so i can play games with unreal engine 5

  3. I haven't heard your voice for so long ….YOUR VOICE CHANGED SO MUCH I'm LEGIT GOING TO CRY

  4. sorry i could only play on the server for a bit my time zone are not 100% the same as ur's but i like the server i have nerver played pvp before it was fun ^^

  5. Me wanting the CC skin but not enough to EVER suffer through PvP as a US4 PvE / Ikioh DvE main.
    I'll be jealously sobbing in the corner as I congratulate those who actually get one from Anth, lol. Several of my friends own the skin and I'm so jealous of all of them, it's very pretty, lol.

  6. wow the elders on them are crazy 😱 can't wait to play the brood watcher

  7. I wanted to ask will there be another video on the red plague mod?

  8. Dod is a scam. I wish I could say different. Pvp is not what it used to be, kicking people for their ping every ten seconds is insane. The amount of bugs we were given in this update even with the amount of time they had AND jaos excuse for a purposeful delay. The delay to promised dragons within 1.0, the constant letdowns.. come the hell on. He refuses to hire a genuine developer team and instead gives us a comic no one cares about, some plushies and pays his trash admin team to do “full time” instead of focusing on what the game genuinely needs. It’s disappointing and there’s no wonder why the numbers and reviews are dropping so fast. 1.0 was set to come out two years ago and got delayed, the fanbase was willing to wait. Then 1.0 was set to come out early December 2023, delayed again. When they finally did release this in February we got nothing of what was promised. A “ping cap” was added to stop hackers and makes the game vertically unplayable even for people who have the best pcs.The blitz was set to come out on the 29th, along with promised bug fixes of skins and ping issues the game causes. BUT- guess what?! DELAY. EVEN MORE BUGS!!! Even the trailer is misleading, the game is no where near that state and never will be until 2027 based on jaos excuses and how much he’s trying to milk out of his own fanbase. No one is happy with the game except kids who are clueless to this loop. People are beginning to come back to the same conclusion the last fanbase had 3 years ago, it’s a SCAM. JAO KNOWS THIS. Don’t invest your money into this game,even on Reddit they have an ex staff member who states the obvious (that it was a scam all along) and begs us not to waste our money. It had potential, it very well still might but right now he’s using it as a money farm. I LOVE dragons, I could not be more hurt and disappointed with where the game has gone. Please address this in your videos, this game is not what it seems.

  9. Oh my god this is so fun… I wanna join^^

  10. For some reason the brood watcher flies more fluid and graceful than the IR

  11. All this time in development and this game still looks boring as hell to play and has an awful UI.

  12. I wonder what screen recorder he uses.

  13. Too be fair there is pve servers. Something like this is always bound to happen. Talking about the end

  14. 15:14 put eggs in pouch…. Does that mean you could be an egg thief with this dragon?

  15. They litteraly added the skrill from how to tame your dragon

  16. This game looks more than amazing, I wish it was xbox compatible😭

  17. this looks so sic. i see they have made a dragon that resembles toothless from how to train your dragon, im hoping the devs see this comment but i would love a dragon that resembles Draco from the dragonheart movie

  18. At the end of the video is why I stay on one specific server pve server. It's because scumbags like those people that attacked everybody are trying to ruin the game for everybody else. Many people want to enjoy a great game and have fun. If snowflakes who can't handle getting butt over a video game actually doing well and delivering on their promises then don't even look at the game. its as simple as that. But the real scammers are the people who are literally hating on the game and trying to get on and ruin for everybody else.

  19. From past actions, weird design choices and the review scene, still gonna have to be a pass for me.

  20. A definite improvement especially with things to come, but would like hatchlings to be able to cover ground faster and grow faster into the juvi stage so theyre not just sitting around defensless and can explore and survive and for larger dragons like the fs and ir to have a better turning radius in flight since they are moving slower while smaller faster dragons remain speedy but have less manuverability so they cant dominate battles against their supposed apex or counter by tail riding and have to rely more on group co operation and fly byes but even then theres just not alot either the ir or fs can do when facing an ss, long range bile attack combined with fast speed whether they can turn on a dime or not makes for an extreemely uphill battle

  21. I appreciate your videos and I like how you share stuff with us please keep up the great content I'm a small gamer and I look forward to playing subnautica game's in the future and day of dragons as well

  22. Did that incident happen on your server? Or was it on a test server.
    Idk why people feel like they have to constantly ruin things for people or just be so immature about stuff when we are trying to see whats new coming to the game.
    Always appreciate you covering new content Anth. Been with you since early The Isle days and beyond ^.^

  23. @Anthomnia I wouldn't have said half the things in Global if I knew you were recording XD I apologize if you needed to edit out the things out.

  24. Without wanting to offend fans, and as someone who loves dragons like everybody else: what's fun about this, especially on a pvp server? Like, in a pvp setting, it just seems increadibly annoying. And for pve players i dont get the appeal of progression or whatnot. And then all cool skills (right now) are basically creator-only, or go for 1k bucks. I didnt ever hear from this game before, and i already dislike the direction it's going lol. If some of the appeal is explained later in the video im sorry, i didnt make it through more than half.

  25. the game is shit. it hasnt changed after 4 years. hit box is ass. 4 hrs or growth to die in seconds by smaller tiers. everything is unbalanced. your starve too quickly. the map barely changed when they said they were making an entirely new map which in fact they didnt. bob servers decorate the premade maps better than this released garbage. they have more dlc then actual content. its been 5 years. they earned half a mil just from kickstarter, already a mil from steam and get 21k+ from patreon and they only have 5 dragons, one being a my little pony design that doesnt even fit in with the other designs with an ass map. nothing has changed. they have the money but they dont spend it. Hmm i wonder where its going?

  26. Those guys at the end were being such dicks, they should be banned for that

  27. I am Aradia in the chat in this video and I was the one his team make murdered at around 12min 10sec in 😅

  28. Not gonna lie the skinless Blitz striker in the thumbnail looks really cool

  29. Oh Ill have to check out your server Anth! Always love the struggle of PvP. I'm rubbish at it but there is something thrilling about trying to survive when everything is trying to eat you.

  30. Those flame stalkers that killed everyone are assholes

  31. hey Anth, do you know what the view goal is, because i have made a video and i am wondering how much it is

  32. I'll consider joining Day of Dragons when it's not primarily PvP and when there's direct control over one's own appearance, i.e. proper character customization. My sense of vanity is simply too strong and too picky to deal with the game's current skin mechanics.
    High hopes for Draconia in that regard since it's already going exactly that direction. c:

  33. What will the nurse dragon eat? Would it be grass or the flowers?

  34. This is amazing! Also I recognize so many names here from my time playing in beta! Might be time to return.

  35. 4 years later this game still seems as empty as ever which is a shame. Hope this is a step in the right direction but def not enough to buy it still.

  36. Whil the game come to other devices like xbox or Playstation

  37. I would have liked to seen some original ideas rather than just things taken straight from httyd.

  38. Sry, I still think this game is the biggest let down. Years later, we get 1 new dragon.. 1 kickstarter only from 2019. and a DLC dragon that will be released soon.. The map does look more polished. Its a game I wish I could get my money back from. I will add some praise. The flying is still unmatched and very smooth which makes it very ejoyable to log in just to fly around.

  39. They should add water dragon's in the game

  40. after 4 years, the game is still bad and unfinished with dlc which is ridiculous and it's priced too high for what it is

  41. I hope they add a MASSIVE dragon, like a Red Death or Bewilderbeast, as a boss or playable idk, it would be a huge target and thus i think should have an EMP that either grounds opponents or disables/weakens enemies fire/projectiles


  43. Ik that this may be an irrelivant question, but are there currently any plans to put the nyctatyrannus in ark survival ascended? Me and my friends have been dying for a nycta mod on our server.

  44. No it isn’t, please stop hyping up the game that scammed us

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