5 biggest size mobile games🥵



  1. Bro call of duty mobile 24gb 😅
    Genshi impact 30+

  2. Currently..pubg mobile uses nearly 15gb to dowload All resources most of witch are only to see other player skins that were aquired from past Themes. To save space when downloading Pubgm..be sure to choose which resources you really need to dowload. Tipically you only need to dowload certain graphics resources and Themed gameplay (if you choose to).. GG's🎉

  3. Nothing beats cod mobile when you have downloaded all the datas that goes up to 30Gigs 😂

  4. COD be like after watching this video
    I am only 1 bytes wow ! 😂😂😂😂

  5. Real racing 3 players laughing in corner

  6. Where is Fortnite it is 21 GB without technologies

  7. Bruh, bro's pulling these games and numbers from his ass. Codm and genshin impact is like 30gb+

  8. bro just forget cod mobile 30gb+

  9. In games its always indians not to be racist.

  10. This is what you called lazy researchs😂😂😂

  11. You all suck, dokkan battle with 40 plus more gb 😈

  12. Bro you need to update yourself genshin impact 27+gb

  13. Just in starting codwarzone took 10gb now its 38gb😂

  14. Call of duty mobile finna be chillin with 35GB + on my phone

  15. Meanwhile gta 5 android on an emulator with around 100gb (yes, i tested it and it worked for around 10/15 fps)

  16. bro think genshen and codm are only 16 and 2 gb😂

  17. Genshin impact now 28GB broo, and honkai star rail is 22GB🗿

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