5 Reasons Like a Dragon: Ishin! Is A Must Play

We were lucky enough to get an early hands-on with Like a Dragon: Ishin! Rosie loved her time with the game, and has 5 reasons why you simply must play it. From the fascinating historical setting, to the gripping story and incredibly fun combat, there is a lot to be excited about!

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00:00-00:40 Introduction
00:40-02:10 Filled with interesting history
02:10-03:26 Gripping story
03:26-04:32 Authentic world
04:32-06:07 Incredibly fun combat
06:07-09:17 Amazing minigames
09:17-09:45 Goodbye


  1. I was already pretty excited for this game, now after watching this video I can't wait to start playing it!!

  2. Can't wait to play this, one of my anticipated games of the year. I was saddened to find out there's no CE on the U.S., so I went ahead and purchased it straight from Japan & import over here. But definitely pre-ordered it too to get the steelbook and not have to wait 3 weeks for my shipment to arrive post launch.

  3. My one and only reason to play Yakuza (in generall): Majima Goro <3

  4. If there's no BaKa Mitai in the karaoke I'm asking for a refund.

  5. Its great they are doing this. Perhaps one day they will do a remake of the older Kenzan game which was set it the same period.

  6. rosie went to the brothel for a quick romance session

  7. The god of pro wrestleing has a cameo in it as a summon

  8. Anyone else disappointed when you heard those 2 voices.

  9. Good video, I am looking forward to playing the game.

  10. I can't wait to play this, I'm already dreading the amount of time I will be sinking into this one.

  11. For a crossover to be link for red dead redemption

  12. I'm a huge sucker for period Japanese games, regardless of realism. This looks like a ton of fun! ⚔️

  13. Oh man are those hundreds of gintama episodes finally going to give me a small heads up?! Do they have the neo-Armstrong-cyclone-jet-Armstrong-Canon?

  14. Reason six: Because it's yakuza

  15. Is there a release date for this game? Man, I still need to play the previous Yakuza game and Lost Judgment.

  16. Since I've played every RGG game from Yakuza Zero to Lost Judgment, of course imma get this game

  17. Since I am RGG fans,This make this already must-play to me.

  18. The pun game in this video is on point. Eye see you Access gang.

  19. bakamitai is in there? now i really can't wait

  20. So this is about as close as we'll get to a Gintama videogame

  21. It's a tough choice. Ishin or Octopath Traveller II. What a time to be a gamer. 🔥

  22. A big thank you from me to you Rosie! It’s because of you that I’m on the Yakuza journey! just finished 4 yesterday now it’s onto 5

  23. I was irrationally taken aback upon hearing Ash start off this video, like, how dare she take this from Rosie!

  24. So Rosie failed to build the hype for Ash to play as she is only looking forward to watching Rosie play it..

  25. I wish it had English dub. Thankfully the other games have gone back to having an english dub option. It's annoying trying to read subs and watch something cool happening at the same time. Bring on Like s dragon 8.

  26. Looks good, been looking for a samurai game set in the bakumatsu period 😬😬

  27. Holly was the reason I ever tried the Yakuza series. And I'm glad I did because this series has become my favorite hands down. Of any game series. If you've never played a game from them, or even if you have, Like a Dragon: Ishin is a MUST PLAY. I actually got a tear in my eye I was so genuinely happy when it got announced

  28. Is there a Mahjong trophy? I haven't LEARNT THIS FOR FUN!!!

  29. If fantic Majima is the thumbnail, I will watch. (Also: Rosie please introduce Majima to Ash. She will love him).

  30. Good thing like a dragon ishin can already be played.

  31. As someone who bought all the yakuza games in one setting during a steam sale im so excited

  32. I’m a massive fan of the franchise, so it’s a no-brainier that I’m gonna buy and play it as soon as it releases. Im one of those people who signed the petition addressed to Sega about bringing this to the West.

  33. Yakuza is one of my top 3 favourite franchises and I can wait for a new take on it all.

  34. brothel mini games….*flashbacks of first god of war game* GYAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!!!!

  35. Ah yes, the Like a Dragon series is well-known for its realistic authenticity… Should be fun all the same!

  36. Years ago I found a video of Majima/Okita singing samurai karaoke and it's the best thing ever! Can't wait to play this game!

  37. I brought half of the Yakuza saga just to sit in my backlog……. I pray I do not do the same for this

  38. Already pre order I'm huge fan yakuza series

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