9 Best Dragon Games on Steam for PC 2022

See now the 9 best dragon games for pc on steam in 2022. Coop (multiplayer), campaign, open world and more. Enjoy 😉


  1. I wouldn't call any of these proper Dragon games at all. I was looking for something like Lair on PS3 but for Steam and Spyro ain't it 🤣

  2. I should have known how this video would go when the first game was a dinosaur focused game x-x

  3. How is day of dragons not on hereee

  4. wait… no. 7 wasn't ddo… i played ddo… that is not ddo…

  5. first of all ark isnt even a dragon game its a game with dinos-

  6. Just having a dragon boss doesn’t make or a dragon game. It’s only a dragon game if that’s the main center of the game. Just be truthful next time you make a list like this half of them are just combat based games with a dragon boss.

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