A Cute game about killing a dragon but then… omg

Kill the dragon is a cute little game about your mission to kill the dragon and nothing weird happens at all

Play kill the dragon –

edited by @Goncy


  1. i've seen it before but your reactions to these types of games

  2. me : im outta fine with no cute stuff
    anime dragon : a-are you here to kill me? u-uwu
    me : …what.

  3. Bijuu Mike:*Says the A word*
    Me:Mii will Delete you

  4. I did not mean you are girl genies there's an app game called girl genius it's so weird the levels go over again and again and again

  5. no it's not a tail it is indeed poo poo look at Andy R's video if you wanna see😂

  6. Bijuu mike is this a cute game. Me it’s a cute and weird game

  7. In the beginning I love how his headphones are green screened out 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Whyyyyyyyyy thooooooooo

    Now I can’t watch this infront of my mom

  9. I’m going to spoil it lol do you have to marry or kill the dragon I recommend not killing the dragon

  10. 6:04 Mike: "Aw he looks cute tho"
    He's on fire and screaming while you're over here calling it cute. I CAN'T😂😂✋

  11. Mike: has it been 30 seconds?
    Me: looks at time on video
    Me: wait it’s been 36 seconds…

    rule 30 violated 🥸

  12. Mike: MY MAN

    Rick and Morty: B r u h

  13. Oooososoosoososisososozozozozozoosososoossosoososososososossosoosososos

  14. Fun fact : Biju Mike is Yandre dev go look in the channels

  15. Not me about to have a heart attack when Mike curses

  16. Oh I just hate the 'Dog' (Really just a drunk human with a tiger face)

  17. so your not going to tell us what the game is called

  18. Dragon butt ending he hero was used as …A …Special kind of toy . endin badly . and the dragon was hermaphodite?

  19. The first time he cusses if someones parents were watching and this is the one time he cussed then how unlucky is that person

  20. Lol they got marred in 1 day they do not no there name and know there jendr bruh.

  21. How is his first actual end the true end?? (At least I’m told it is)

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