A Daring Escape | Sword AF Episode 3

Will the group escape? Will Dolores use her thighs? Will Fernie learn what sex is?



Shayne Topp //
Damien Haas //
Amanda Lehan-Canto //
Chanse McCrary //
Angela Giarratana //

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  1. Shayne's calves aint been skipping leg day 🦵

  2. So glad another episode came out, ive been craving this

  3. I don't thumbs up or press the like button on every Smosh video, but I need to super like this series.

  4. This is by far my favorite campaign I’ve followed.

  5. Faster release and or longer Episodes please!!!

  6. I can’t wait to see how Fernie uses his newfound knowledge of sex
    *consumes woman whole*

  7. Just wanted to mention how much I'm enjoying Sword AF, especially the episode lengths, they're perfect for my trip to work and back home! Everyone is having so much fun and watching a more loose game of dnd is such a fun little reprieve from the more strict and hardcore shows!

  8. That Gunthar save of Bug had me tear up…

  9. The turtle-dragon scares the shit outta me lmaooo😭

  10. Dolores constantly backflipping for no reason is hilarious

  11. I love that this is giving Damian am excuse to be rude through an NPC. ALSO, love the accompanying artwork for all the characters and scenery!

  12. I gotta say, I was skeptical about this when I started the first episode. Not because they're not awesome and great at improv, but because I feel like you need to take it seriously and also be funny/relaxed to make this entertaining. Like if they'd be super serious and not have fun, I wouldn't enjoy watching this and if they'd just make fun of everything and kind of ignore the story that would also be disappointing. But this is so fun!❤ They've so clearly thought out their characters and they go so well together! And Damian is phenomenal as a dm!! His voices, his story, everything is so so interesting and captivating! Can't wait for the next episode already

  13. im SO excited for the next episode AAAHHH. i love this show😭

  14. Waiting for these so excited!! One more awesome episode, thank you guys!!

  15. ''I know, I'm the Hearer!'' ''And I'm the Thinker!'' Really all those things with title are the best freakin' joke ever 😂

  16. Really hope episode 4 is coming out today! <3

  17. I like that their new abilities they received when they leveled up are explained.

  18. I beg your unbelievable pardon?

  19. Damien… you've given me chills. I love you. Your enthusiasm in your storytelling brings me so much joy.

  20. I've never played DND, but this makes me want to play. I love the story that y'all have created and I'm so excieted when a new one comes out 🙂 Can't wait to see what's next!!!

  21. Do you think that Gren Del is a refence to the water monster Grendal from Beowulf?

  22. I've never seen a D&D playthrough but this is a lot of fun. Keep it up!

  23. I've never been happier than hearing "I hear hooves" 😂

  24. My name is Guinevere, so seeing a character named "Guineveve" makes me so happy. I know it's not exactly my name, but it's close enough and I never hear my name in anything <3

  25. I LOVE Angela/Dolores but sometimes it’s a bit tiring cause she keeps reacting and making scene of EVERYTHING (very slay but also a bit dulling to watch in long term😅)

  26. gar gar martin is my fav character, chanse 😏🤣

  27. Would love to have this as a podcast ❤

  28. The bug and gunthar interactions are so wholesome ❤

  29. the undertale vibe of these 3 d&d episodes is nice. isk what else to call it.

  30. Fernie is so blunt in every situation it cracks me up

  31. I love that half the campaign is just Damien playing therapist for his friends

  32. bro dolores annoying asf idk what yall talkin about

  33. This is like watching a 2000's parody of the Dungeons and Dragons movie. The humour is casual, easy to follow and incredibly funny.

  34. Koda saying “that’s a PORCUPINE and we’ve talked about this Fernie, YOU DONT TOUCH THEM” is just so incredibly funny 53:58

  35. Hi, can someone ywll me how often do they upload these

  36. that shirt makes me wana see a super gothy Angela on some "X meets their exs"

  37. Loving this series!! Would love to see more dice rolls though and revealing so more lore on the characters!

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