A Decade of Game of Thrones | Evolution of the Dragons (HBO)

Leaders of the Game of Thrones’ visual effects team look back at 8 seasons of dragons. #GameofThrones is now streaming on @HBOMax.


  1. The dragons were amazing in this show. But still, how this show has ended it ruined everything..

  2. I really hope we would finally meet Balerion 'the black' and other dragons in the House of Dragons 😍🙏🙏🙏

  3. For those who love dragons, do not look at the house of the dragon because they will cry worse than the death of Rhaegar and Viserion, in the dance of the dragons many dragons died, it will be brutal

  4. Looking forward to see more dragons 🐉 in the sky, not looking forward for dragon deaths 😪🐉

  5. We need a house of the dragon teaser feel like it’s been out of headlines forever

  6. Still think they should've had two front paws. They look a bit weird with just hind legs.

  7. lets just take a moment of silence for Viserion and Rhaegal, but who's hyped for House of the Dragon!?!?!

  8. The Dragon Squad deserved better than this..!

  9. I LOVE THESE DRAGONS!!! 😍🔥🔥🔥🐲

  10. You guys did the dragons and their Mother dirty. Terrible Season 7 and 8 on an otherwise EPIC show

  11. I wish they didn't die and we got to see more of then when they were younger.

  12. The best and most realistic dragons I've ever seen. Scenes with them (except the deaths ofc) are my faves 💖

  13. Can we get an F in the chat for our green homie Rhaegal, got killed by incompetent writing.

  14. I’m still hella pissed about Rhaegal. Viserion I can take, but Rhaegal’s death was so unnecessary.

  15. Now we get to see Caraxes, Vhagar, and the big boy himself…BALERION!!!!

  16. Let's take one minute to appreciate and accolade those editors and directors who immensely put thier efforts to make this show amazing and flawless

  17. And then you treated dragons like they were flies in the last 2 season. Shame on you.

  18. This show would simply not have been the same without those dragons. Plain and simple!

  19. I loved those dragons so much particularly Drogon of course and believed they were real, fantastic job this company did.

  20. They went from little death chickens to fucking godly sky monsters

  21. Drogon and in all these dragons they are THE best on screen dragons up to this day. Not a lot of dragons around movies these days but these are the best and most gorgeous beasts on screen.

  22. All this majesty and grandeur with so much rich history and backstory built up for 8 seasons just to be ruined by terrible writing at the end. Horrible. A travesty. Unbelievable 🤦‍♂️

  23. This series had the potential to become the greatest tv show of all time but season 8 ruined that. Now it'll never be.

  24. The dragons are the best part if this series hands down!

  25. After watching this i am more excited about house of the dragon

  26. the bigger the dragons got, the weaker the material that made fly

  27. In my lifetime, I’d never seen such a Hollywood creation that brought such wonder to me. It was as if we were really seeing dragons that once existed … even though we obviously weren’t. I found them incredibly realistic, & definitely got emotionally invested. The creators of these dragons are absolutely brilliant.
    From a grateful fan & retired biologist, who’s still missing all these characters and the world they lived in

  28. What you guys did here is absolutely mind blowing. It raises the hair on my neck. I hope house of the dragon can match and surpass this

  29. It’s amazing how they cast Christian Bale to play Drogon. Absolutely stellar casting.

  30. Needed the "Westworld" clip of the host Dragon developed for Medieval World…

  31. Never seen more realistic dragons in any other tv show or movie. It's absolutely incredible how lifelike they seemed. I've never been so in love with dragons since seeing these 3 in action. Even
    my license plate says DRACRYZ..(dracarys). Can't wait to see the dragons in HotD!

  32. They did an absolutely amazing job, the best part of the series!

  33. I'm gonna put some broccoli in your eye says:

    Man, I love the look on Arya and Tyrion's face, like they make me feel the intensity of seeing a dragon for the first time 🔥

  34. I think the dragons are the cutest thing!

  35. House of The Dragon dragons are kinda weak and compared to these , and it makes sense none of these people are working on the show🤦🏾‍♂️they should've kept the design for GOT and had Dan work on the show their dragons don't look that great.

  36. DRAGON & DROGON is what make the show goes on.🖤

  37. These dragon's were close to perfect for me. I grew up in the early 80s on Dungeons and Dragon's and the movie Dragonslayer. The loot train scene was when you realized how doomed the Lannister army and Kings Landing were. They had zero chance of surviving Drogon. If Danny had all three Dragon's it would have been ten times worse than it was. The only thing that could have been better on the loot train scenes were the direct dragon fire. It was a straight, pencil type line that looked fake because a dragon spitting fire would have had some delay at the end of the fire. Kind of a like leading in shooting sports.

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