Age of Wonders 4 MAJOR UPDATES – Dragon Dawn DLC, HUGE Game Patch & MORE!

Hot off the press! Age of Wonders 4 is getting some serious updates with the upcoming Wyvern patch update that will be launching for free alongside AOW4’s Dragon Dawn DLC in Q3 of this year. Triumph note that they’re releasing it sooner than we might expect, and faster than any DLC release in their history relative to a game’s launch. In this video I’m covering the post-release updates from Triumph Studios about how they and Paradox Interactive are updating AOW4 & what we can expect moving forwards!

0:00 – Age of Wonders 4’s Future Looks Bright!
0:30 – Reflecting on the rollercoaster launch
2:40 – Dragon Dawn DLC
5:00 – The Wyvern Game Patch Update
5:30 – Faction Creator Updates
6:19 – Development Tree Rework
9:00 – Necromancy and Souls Rebalance
10:37 – Moar Cavalry and Mounted Units!
11:38 – Quality Updates
12:45 – Key Fixes
13:19 – The Road Ahead of Age of Wonders 4

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  1. Great update, but you might need a refresher on the concept of quarters (3:40). We're not quite in quarter 3 yet. That's a month off still. So it might be as much as four months away, at the end of september.

  2. my poor spiders, no longer will i be able to bully my friends with them

  3. Q3 2023 is not now as of your video upload (1 June). It is 1 July to 30 September.

  4. Having certain aspects of soul income changed from 'per hero level' to 'per hero' sure feels like a heavy nerfing.

  5. Cavalry changes look like they will make OP Barbarian/Spider/Nature build even more OP with wildspeakers and gladewalkers on those spiders, giving the build a clear upgrade path from the fury unit and making a variation of the build possible with Dark or High cultures also.

  6. Fastest DLC?
    Let me guess, they want free money?
    They should have sold the game for 30€ and "Species" DLCs for 5€, we are still going to spend ton of money on this, at least we will not feel bad if they become reasonable with price

  7. do not praise developers for giving you dlc that shoul have been the base fucking game element

  8. Facebook for moms… that is rude…. but true 😀

    thx for this video

  9. Would be nice if the game could just stop crashing every 5s in combat

  10. I’m addicted to this game. The build crafting capabilities are amazing. However the game crashes quite often on console especially in large scale battles. I hope that gets addressed

  11. 11:50 good point but just to clarify. The reason they did that was because a good bunch of us (including me) were having motion sickness issues with the camera being all over the place and shaking and moving nonstop. Not just because of clipping. Hence the "accessibility".

  12. Q3 is July to September not June. Q1 = January to March, Q2 = April to June, Q4 = October to December.
    So they, moat likely, gonna push the update before the Summer break in the Netherlands.

    Summoning Greater Animal is always tear 3 or 4.
    Maybe don't rush your content so much and make sure about what you are saying.
    This is embarrassing.

  13. hope they fixed the CTD's. the desync's and fps drops IBT i can just about live with but losing a whole session is gutting.

  14. Im waiting for the anniversary edition to go on sale next year.

  15. AoW4 was a huge let down.

    Multiplayer is laggy and buggy.

    Gameplay is watered down. -> The armies and hero upgrades are very meh,no variety on neat new skills.

    Fighting is meh and laggy/glitchy. ->Battle maps keep getting smaller and smaller…

    Still only 6 size armies. -> "You can bring another army with you" This is not an argument.

    Race is IRRELEVANT, its just cosmetics -> Less depth again.

    No map size slider. -> Self explanatory

    Game has no soul in it, it just feels plah.

  16. You missed the stuff from the last stream – they added lost souls to the tome of necromancy and new racial trait focused on colecting magic items.

  17. i want to like this game but it gets sooooo boring and slow around mid game

  18. i hope that they make a crafting system to equip ruler and the heroes, and to give another reason to collect those exotic materials as it feels like it could be expanded upon and would fit thematically, you are supposed to be a wizard king after all and it would reduce the rng on the good gear

  19. Omg I'm so excited for the dlc coming out 🎉 I got suckered for the premium pre-order so now just anxious get it all now

  20. Q1 Jan Feb March. Q2 April may June. Q3 July Aug sept.

  21. So after a couple of weeks of gaming, I'm annoyed by the background scenery of the combats – it's way too lush and busy, I have a hard time separating units from background and trees are often in the way so I can't see what's going on without spinning the view around. I would like a feature to make the background way more simple.

  22. 30 gold upkeeep for 6 souls is a joke, it is too much early game, I think this more like a nerf than better economy tool, very bad, it should have mana upkeep not gold or both something like 10 mana 10 gold upkeep

  23. Biggest issues for me are the too busy combat backgrounds, the pointlessness of archetypes/races and the lack of worldbuilding/sense of history and meaning. Look to the necromancer campaign in AoW3 Eternal Lords to how it's done right.
    Archetypes are archetypes for a reason, they resonate with us. Take that away and it's just shallow chaos. I can't give two shits about Ashen-faced Toadlings or Poopfurred Miscreants or Soul-less Meansnothings.

  24. I just want to note that you say "Summon Greater Animal, a great summoning spell, has been significantly nerfed." when you're talking about the Wild Expansion change. but nowhere in the description you show does it say anything about the spell, it's the development perk that's been nerfed, the spell should function normally.

  25. My game was completely stable from launch, no crashes of any sort. Their game play loop was solid out the gate as well. Balance tweaks are all that's really needed. In terms of what I want to see is just… more of everything. Races, cultures, traits, tomes, tilesets… just all of it. The more options the better. One thing I noticed in the story scenarios is that the allied NPC factions were way too effective. I felt like they could have cleared the map objectives without me having to do anything. Was on normal difficulty, not sure if that changes on others.

  26. I really hope they make race matter more and.. well, at all, really.

  27. Im really excited for this, finally a fix for vassals!!! Also loving the soul to mana income switch for necromancy as souls were annoying to obtain in mass. The only sad thing to see is greater animal summon get a nerf but it is an early spell so i understand

  28. That summon greater animal nerf is going to completely ruin the druid playstyle's late-early and mid game.

  29. And i really hope prev/next town and heroes work with ARROW buttons too.

  30. Q3 is July, August, September.
    Not June, July, August.

  31. Im sorry, did you say free dlc? I paid $50 for the season pass which included dragons dawn, did they decide to make it free after i paid for it?

  32. i really want inside city view , for me it was really big part in flavour from this kind of game

  33. Wonder if the fucking game will actually be playable on Nvidia graphics cards soon.

  34. We aren't in the the third quarter, third quarter starts in July…

  35. Can we start a petition for them to add a mage snail unit with a snail mount?

  36. Personaly I'm really interested by the empire of ashes dlc, I'm really curious about the units that we will have with this new faction. I hope a musketeer with bayonet.

  37. i think wild expansion is the nature improvement where you get a random animal when annexing a tile. Not the summon wild animal spell. Which makes sense… I end up with a lot of tier IV spiders & wolves when I use this… it IS a little OP

  38. 7:50 summon greater animal spell isn't nerfed. It is the nature node in the empire tree that awards you free animals every time you expand. We were getting t3 animals left and right.

  39. multiplayer is still unplayable due to desyncs being constant, as in, after turn 7 to 10 every time you click anything ( or sometimes every tic) it desyncs. i dont see how this is ok.
    on top of this, this game is 50 euro, and on launch theres an expansion pass for another 50 euro. this isnt too bad, except for the staggering price point. but on the expansion pass page, it already had gameplay pictures of the first dlc, with prices already listed to total just 10 euro over the price of the dlc if they were to be purchased individually. the first dlc is also listed as going for 10 euro. all this together leads me to believe that they intentionally rushed the release, so that they could cut the dragon content up and put it in a dlc, so that the expansion pass could be padded.

    50 euro for a game that is for me unplayable since single player is uninteresting to me is not just absurd, its outright ridiculous

  40. Thanks for covering this games for all these weeks

  41. I’m really enjoying the game, it’s a cracker!

  42. I really hope they remove the AI's ability to cheat; it is so tedious to deal with and just lengthens the game vacuously.

  43. I've just started playing on PS5. My first Age of Wonders game as I was recommended it by a friend and I'm very impressed.
    Has anyone purchased the expansion pack for £39.99 and if so, what do you get/is it worth it?

  44. Argh, bugger. Devs should've hurry up with Steampunk culture.

  45. Somehow I only recently found the AoW community/ games and good lord, the game, the devs, and yall are fantastic!

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