All 11 Legendary Dragons (4K UHD 60fps) | Dragons: Rise of Berk

Dragons: Rise of Berk 4K UHD 60fps Gameplay on Android/iOS — All 11 Legendary Dragons on Berk — Green Death, Foreverwing, Bewilderbeast, Screaming Death, Drago’s Bewilderbeast, Purple Death, Shellfire, Crimson Goregutter, Submaripper, Elder Sentinel, and Fault Ripper.
With all Legendary Dragon cinematics, resource boosts, and search items.

0:16 – Green Death (w/ Cinematic animation)
3:25 – Foreverwing (w/ Cinematic animation)
5:28 – Bewilderbeast (w/ Cinematic animation)
8:00 – Screaming Death (w/ Cinematic animation)
10:03 – Drago’s Bewilderbeast
11:47 – Green Death
13:45 – Shellfire
15:41 – Crimson Goregutter
17:20 – Legendary Submaripper
19:45 – Elder Sentinel
21:45 – Fault Ripper

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  1. How does it feel to be the forever wing knowing your pretty much stuf there and only one leg is open

  2. Is there a way to get a lot of runes? Im like stuck in the collection of the green death and it’s way harder than I thought

  3. The legendary that makes the least sense being a legendary is the crimson gore cutter. It’s not even actually that big, it’s apparently only a little bigger than a whispering death. And it’s never mentioned in the series so not many know it’s name. I didn’t even see it in HTTYD3Edit: okay the submaripper makes way less sense but still.

  4. Why is the Fault Ripper's animations here seem more natural than the Nine Realms? Like howww

  5. I love coming back to this game after not watching anything to do with how to train your dragon or playing the game for like 3 years and there being 3 new legendary dragons.

  6. Waterfall Raventide (Lexi)🏳️‍🌈 says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if the Sky Torcher was next

  7. Anyone got any f2p tips for getting a triple stryke

  8. The screaming death is so cool I wish they could have given it a better idle

  9. The one thing i dont get that some these legendary dragons dont appear in the movies or episodes of httyd

  10. How much time do you need for all of this

  11. Fault Ripper is dope. At first, it seems easy, til you have to get hall 10 and get it from portal. But it looks dope

  12. 👍🤩🤍💚🧡♥️💕🖤💟💓💝💛💖💜❣️💗💞❤️

  13. Жаль, что последним легендарным так и не добавили анимацию

  14. every time I think they're done adding legendary dragons they add a new one

  15. I wish the newer legendary dragons had cutscenes

  16. Wow 11 GIANT legendary dragons?? That’s cool!! 😁
    If there’s 11 GIANT legendary dragons here,
    Then who you guys think is gonna be the 12th GIANT legendary dragon? 🤔

  17. Did they really have to give him the red deaths famous bellow.

  18. Elder sentinental aint even that big in the series

  19. Lol I love how the cutscenes just degrade every legendary

  20. If they add a cutscenes for submarriper and fault ripper ik it's gonna be crazy

  21. hello. Im new at this game, i want to ask, how manny time do you get to have all this legendarys and your village? Btw how can you have so manny runes to just waste it in a video? I just have 2.5k and i need to economize. Rn i just have the first legendary.
    thank you for the attencion

  22. It's an extremely good game but it gets way harder when you reach the part where you have to collect iron

  23. is no one going to talk about its over nine thousand 11:44

  24. The fault ripper, oh my god… Its the most metal legendary EVER, im in love, I wanna get it asap.


    The horns the wings, the teeth, the movements, the roar, the speed, everything…….

  25. Also who thinks fault ripper has the beast searching animations

  26. They should continue the series and franchise of httyd and include these legendary dragons in them

  27. im betting the violet death is next

    incase you dont know its from httyd titans uprising

  28. We are still waiting for the sky torcher

  29. Me thinking,how in the world he has all those runes to spend to speed them 😅😂

  30. The fault ripper is the only dragon that's in the nine realms that i like

  31. I just realised, Ludia removed the 2D cutscenes from Drago’s Bewilderbeast, The Purple Death and The Shellfire and now they are discontinuing cutscenes for newer Legendary dragons. Like come on, you actually made the dragon with a whole body and animation! And yet we don’t get a beautiful cutscene?

  32. I bet the Skytorcher will be the next Legendary Dragon.

  33. It’s really hard to get the legendary dragon

  34. the game was good but I have been playing it for about 5 years or so and every week there's a new dragon so I just decided to stop playing

  35. Esta bueno y falta el dragón Sky Torcher de Dragones los Nueve Reinos que aparece en la temporada 3 y en la temporada 5, vi el trailer

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