All House Of The Dragon Dragons Estimated Sizes (HOTD Size Comparison)

There are atleast 10 Dragons that were mentioned or seen in the first season of House Of The Dragon. Check out our estimated sizes., along with the 3 dragons seen in Game Of Thrones.

Check out all the dragon arts made by Siosin, a freelance illustrator:


  1. Vhaghar has been confirmed to be 150 m long in behind the scenes by the VfX artist

  2. Why put sizes only in feet? You’re making a video to the world and pretty much just America uses the long outdated imperial system to this day.

  3. Is anyone else constantly annoyed how dragons take decades to get big and Danny's grew in like 5 years to be the size of century old dragons? idk maybe its just me

  4. I thought the Cannibal was a scragly dragon that preyed on baby dragons, fish and fisherman. I guess I thought it was small, did not Aegon III's dragon Sunfire kill the Canibal while inured? I defer to you and enjoy the channel but am curious on the material here.

  5. The size in the show are extremely off. Raghar is very small in a lot of scenes

  6. Caraxes may not be the biggest of them all but he's definetly the sexiest.
    Just look at those heelwings, dam 😙

  7. See he stuttered when he was talking about including Cannibal? That's the ghost of Balerion coming to slap him for echoing dumb fan theories about Cannibal being bigger

  8. Pretty sure Caraxes is much longer than Meleys but Meleys is just thicker

  9. Anyone else thinking we might see Smaug or Ancalagon thrown in for size comparison?

  10. Drogon is not fully grown.he’ll continue to grow until he dies .in GOT serious he’s just a kid

  11. Where are you getting these numbers my friend

  12. Drogon was not fully grown, gosh your voice is so annoying!!!!

  13. People have to take in the fact that even if a dragon is older than other doesn’t mean it will be bigger because many of the dragons were held in the dragon pit which stunt their growth

  14. Somebody said that dragon, Daemon sing for is Cannibal. I think it's Vermithor, but I wanna see cannibal in next seasons)

  15. That's not Sunfyre! It's Syrax you ignorant! Sunfyre haves white and longer horns!

  16. Balerion was bigger than Vhagar back in the aegon days, but in the moment of hotd, Vhagar was said to be as big as balerion since dragons always keep growing and she lived longer

  17. Oh wow, the pink dread is the weirdest looking dragon Ive ever seen, lol

  18. Broh you have one mistake vegahr then big is vermithor because vegahr have 40-50 yerars ages and vegahr not attended no wars but vermithor have 90-117year ages and he attended the big wars so please slove that mistake

  19. İ am from Belgium we use Meter i dont understand feet, make a video for all bro

  20. You got Vermithor all wrong.
    Vermithor is known as the bronze fury… Your Vermithor looks exactly like Dreamfire.

  21. The cannibal I’m pretty sure isn’t bigger than Vhagar. Only Vermithor and certainly
    Not bigger than the black dread

  22. The Vermithor was known as bronze fury, not blue fury !!!

  23. Estas mal syrax es por lo menos 3 a 4 metros mas grande que seasmoke

  24. Drogon is not fully grown. He was still young in the series. Maybe he will reach the same size as his real mom

  25. Dreamfyre es un poco más grande que drogon si no es que son del mismo tamaño

  26. Maraxes – Queen Rhaenys’ dragon. Supposed to be in between Balerion and Vhagar

  27. MindQ i just wanted to say that vhagar was said to be 150 meters (492 ft) long in one of the BTS videos from the official GOT channel by one of the visual effects supervisors
    Play IT from 1:051:12

  28. Cannibal is not bigger than Vhagar
    This channel is full of shit

  29. Visarion is the smallest of danys dragons

  30. They’re more than one species of dragons

  31. Why Arrax and Vermax don't look like Syrax. 😂😭

  32. Sorry but you needed to put some sort oft comparison for us. Like a person or a building

  33. There is NO HE and SHE. (book facts)
    In the GOT universe are no male or female dragons …fakts: book volume 8 (the dark princess)
    Maester Aemon tells: dragons are impermanent or not definable like fire, they are both, no male no female.
    Actually the same mistake Jurassic Park/World Kids do… because what was told in the first movie???
    The frog DNA… 😉 Rex – Rexi – Rex again…and so on

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