All House Of The Dragon Dragons Estimated Sizes (HOTD Size Comparison)

There are atleast 10 Dragons that were mentioned or seen in the first season of House Of The Dragon. Check out our estimated sizes., along with the 3 dragons seen in Game Of Thrones.

Check out all the dragon arts made by Siosin, a freelance illustrator:


  1. This is the most accurate one i've seen. I've seen some disgustingly garbage videos trying to put Drogon at the bottom of the list and Meleys much lower which is just soo hilariously wrong. People act like Drogon being only like 5 years old means he's small and yet refuse to acknowledge that the reason why he is soo big is because he was completely wild, and literally born from MAGIC. He was petrified and completely stone dead for 200 years before Dany hatched him and his siblings via many different specific circumstances as GRRM said himself.

  2. What’s the point of bringing balerion skull back if they don’t wish to show us🥲

  3. How can you forget Meraxes;

    Balerion , vhagar and meraxes were the 3 ancient dragons.
    Her mouth was large enough to swallow a horse whole.

  4. could you also use the metric system on your next videos please?

  5. I’m just up here on my mountain sized dragon named Ancalagon watching all the peasants down below argue about which of their lizards is the biggest 😎

  6. Were there other dragons alive during Game of the Thrones?

  7. I have yet to see anything suggest Cannibal is the size of Balerion, they've gotta be closer to Melys's size otherwise it'd be way more relevant, and Belarion has been stated multiple times to be the largest dragon known to Westeros historians.

  8. Shouldn’t sunfyre be bigger? He is described as huge and heavy

  9. They should showed us black dried at first or somn I mean biggest badest one we don't get to see

  10. Can you make a version of this with modern measurements instead of the medieval ones? Thank you

  11. Next time, do your research properly Dreamfyre was dragon of Rhaena Targaryen older sister of King Jaehaerys. So Dreamfyre is likely the size of Vermithor.

  12. You should have shown a wider look of what you've drafted, as an overview and a final comparison.

  13. Está muy raro este video con la comparación de tamaño solo meleys es menor en tamaño q caraxes igual el el dragón fuego en sueño

  14. اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين إنك حميد مجيد ،

  15. ah yes, feet, the familiar measurement unit used by the entire pl.. oh wait

  16. did you ask Siosin for permission to use her arts?

  17. This was the best and most complete comparison I have seen for the shows so I thank you. 🙏🏾

  18. -10/10 for not showing all the sizes at the end… I have no idea how much bigger balerion is to pig dread

  19. The Producers revealed Vhagar's size to be 150 metres – 492 ft.

  20. Vermithor is supposed to be bronze. His nickname is The Bronze Fury 🙂

  21. You did us dirty by not showing the entire chart from a bird eye view in the end.

  22. Kinda sad that you don't take into consideration that also non-us people could watch your videos. And not all countries use the imperial system.
    Would be nice to include both…

  23. Vermithor, the Bronze Fury…. painted blue-grey :/

  24. Drogon is not even close to his full size his still growing were ever he is

  25. Met les tailles humaines pour se rendre compte !

  26. At the end you should have done a zoomed out shot so we can get a better scale of comparison between the dragons not shown on the screen at the same time.

  27. Dreamfyre must be bigger. She is second-generation dragon, while Caraxes is third. So puting her even under Dayenerys dragons is wrong.

  28. There’s no way the Cannibal is anywhere near as old and as big as Balerion

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