All House Of The Dragon Dragons Estimated Sizes (HOTD Size Comparison)

There are atleast 10 Dragons that were mentioned or seen in the first season of House Of The Dragon. Check out our estimated sizes., along with the 3 dragons seen in Game Of Thrones.

Check out all the dragon arts made by Siosin, a freelance illustrator:


  1. Why does your voice sound like Stewie Griffin. 😅

  2. Caraxys is only smaller that Vhegar , how can you say it's smaller than Meleyce . !

  3. I just wish to see Cannibal for once… Even a glimpse will do

  4. "Stop that evil practice….", that was hilarious 😂🤓.

  5. Cannibal was a wild dragon but was not the same size as the black dred

  6. Would appreciate using metric units instead of those dumb imperial units.

  7. Dreamfyre was around 100 years old the time of the dance, Syrax was a couple years older than Rheanerya, Syrax was only 30-40 years old the time of the dance. Big difference. And Dreamfyre wasn’t really kept in the dragon pit only a short time in the begging of her life and a short time before her death.

  8. I want to point out that you got your Vhagar facts wrong. She is not bonded because she does not belong to the brother you can see in the last episode that he clearly tells her not to kill the other dragon but she does it anyway. If they were totally bonded she would not have killed the dragon and the boy. Lol. As the Velaryon girl said in one of the episodes the dragon was supposed to be hers after her mother died as he stole her from her meaning that the connection between Ryder and Dragon is passed down from mother to offspring if no dragon eggs are hatched by that child. It would explain why Vhagar did not listen to him

  9. Meleys was not born with Rhaenys. Her 1st rider was viserys' mother.

  10. Dreamfyre is much older and larger she was from the same generation of dragons as Quicksilver, Vermithor, and Silverwing

  11. These will forever piss me off. The Cannibal isn't even bigger than Vermithor for fuck sakes!

  12. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. No Dragon is as Majestic and Charming Like Drogon😭(he is the best)

  14. Okay, so its – Vhaghar (Aemond) vs Vermithor (Daemon)!

  15. Many of these are wrong, size and colour wise

  16. I think Dragon is bigger than Meleys. Also, Dragon isn't dead yet 🙂

  17. You forgot Meraxes from queen Rhaenys, wife of Aegon too. Is one of the three dragons of the conquer

  18. correct me if i’m wrong but i thought the scene vermithor is in was literally daemon claiming him 😭

  19. Whenever they spoke of Balerion, they said he was more than a 100 miles long. That means he was more than 500,000 feet in length.

  20. Syrax is larger than seasmoke ( in the beginning ) but in the dace I don’t know

  21. Sheepstealer? Silverwing? Gray Ghost? Canibal the biggest? I don't think

  22. Now I think that Cannibal and Valerion are the parents of Drogon xD

  23. The fact that Daenerys's dragons were only 8 years old back then imagine them growing up to 100 years old

  24. These Dragons when full grown are the size of a 747…

  25. Where is Meraxes..? 3rd dragon after Belarion and Vhagar during Aegon's conquest..

  26. You should put them side by side for scale, there is no scale. I dont think Meleys is bigger than Caraxes. Caraxes seems like one of the biggest ones except for Vermithor or Vaghar. There is still a few missing like Moondancer, Grey Ghost, Quicksilver, Sheepstealer , Merexis. Also the Canibal was probably the size of sunfyre since they were confused with one another once.

  27. Those measurements are wrong! Drogon is bigger than Caraxes, Maelys and almost all other HOTD dragons, the only ones bigger than Drogon are Vermithor and Vhagar…

  28. Everyone forgets Vermithor is Slightly Smaller than Vhagar

  29. Omg wtf what about King Ghidorah I was waiting all the time to see him

  30. Dreamfire is older and bigger than Caraxes and Meleys

  31. Caraxes looked much bigger than what you show. Compared to Drogon and Meleys. His wingspan was almost as big as that of Vhaegar.

  32. "Fully grown" is a rubbish classification as the dragons in the world of Ice and Fire don't stop growing until they either die or become too confined to keep growing. Which is also why the Dragon Pit – though built to protect the farmers and smallfolk from the ravenous creatures – is a huge fallacy as it stunted growth.

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