All House Of The Dragon Dragons Estimated Sizes (HOTD Size Comparison)

There are atleast 10 Dragons that were mentioned or seen in the first season of House Of The Dragon. Check out our estimated sizes., along with the 3 dragons seen in Game Of Thrones.

Check out all the dragon arts made by Siosin, a freelance illustrator:


  1. GoshWhat about MeraxesRhaenys Targaryen's dragon ?????????

  2. Dreamfyre is the second oldest dragon after Vhagar and should definitely be comparable in size with Vermithor

  3. Bloodworm kinda beautiful to me.

  4. Drogon being as big as he was at the age of like 8 is crazy, he truly is the Black Dread reborn

  5. No way, rhaegal was bigger than viserion.

  6. Poor creatures 😢 They went extinct because of the war.

  7. Cara tô mó visiado em game of trones (esqueci como se escreve tronos em inglês

  8. Right off the bat your scale is wrong. To say that first dragon is 10-12 and the second dragon is 35-40 feet means it is triple the length. Your scale shows it as not even twice as large

  9. The cannibal is never stated to be that large

  10. oh shit ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I am waiting for cannibal

  11. Who is the dragon Prince Daemon met in the cave in House of Dragon S01 E10?

  12. If we see Cannibal in S2, I know the internet will go nuts!

  13. Viserion was the smallest of Dany's dragons, so he should be switched with Rhaegal. Also I'd switch Syrax with Seasmoke. when you compare the size of the human's body sitting on the dragons (Laenor on Seasmoke in ep 3 of HOTD and Rhaenyra on Syrax in ep 10), Seasmoke seems quite a bit bigger both in terms of length and mass. And that's Seasmoke before the time skip compared to Syrax after the time skip, so Seasmoke is probably even bigger now than when we last saw him.

  14. wight cannibal vs mecha drogon in season finale HOTD

  15. What abt the 3rd dragon in aegon conquest….vhagar, balerion nd the 3rd one?

  16. Why didnt you show all of them next to eachother at once? Lame

  17. Drogon is bigger and longer than Meley's, even though they look similar size

  18. oh Wow Daenerys really was lucky , her dragons won the jackpot in the look department . Drogon is still the best looking Dragon in that universe .

  19. You are just making these numbers up, it's pretty well documented where each dragon is in the size hierarchy with regard to one another and everything you have here is literally just made up bullshit. Well done not being smart enough to repeat what other people had already done correctly. You truly are the reason people think youtube is a steaming shit pile of stolen intellectual property.

  20. Cannibal preyed on small opponents, there's absolutely nothing to indicate he's bigger than Balerion or even the same size.
    George R. R. Martin literally stated that Balerion is bigger than ALL the dragons (not sure why that's up to debate when the author himself), Cannibal was only the biggest of the WILD dragons which none of them were anywhere near the size of the top 2.

  21. a quick question there is a dragon called disaster

  22. WTH is Cannibal doing up there ahead of Balerion? The Cannibal isn't even as big as Vermithor, let alone near Balerion who has been the only confirmed biggest dragon in the books (both when it comes to wild and/or raised in captivity).

  23. lol u gotta be petty and add the pink dread. thats messed up. thanks for adding that humor 😆

  24. A lot of incorrect info here. Vermithor is bronze, thus his name "the bronze fury". Vhagar was encroaching Balerion in size and age so Balerion could only have been a bit bigger. Lastly, the Cannibal was described as being smaller than the likes of Vermithor and Vhagar, though possibly older.

  25. Dude Dreamfyre is literally The size of Vermithor wtf is she do low

  26. Syrax wasn't born to the Princess actually. So do your research doggo.

  27. I thought that Drogon and Balerion were +/- the same size

  28. 0:20
    Ohhh the pink dread legends say what if it wasnt slain the dance of dragons could never haplen 😉

  29. I’d love to see a flashback scene with Balerion and Aegon the Conqueror

  30. Bruhhh rheagal it the one who turned to an ice dragon not viserion!!!!

  31. You forgot Meraxes, the Dragon of Queen Rhaenys. She was bigger than Vhagar, but smaller than Balerion.

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