ALL OF THE SPARKING GINYU FORCE UNITS ARE ABSOLUTELY CRACKED!!! Dragon Ball Legends Gameplay! We managed to get Tag Reccome & Guldo, Tag Jeice & Burter, and Revival Ginyu in Dragon Ball Legends, so let’s try them out in some online PvP battles! Enjoy!

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Intro Song made by Jordyn Edmonds


  1. Look at that! Actually good Ginyu Force units!!

  2. Damn the SP Ginyu Force are definitely busted! I've only got Burter/Jeice so far 😎

  3. The win poses are absolutely HILARIOUS 😂😂

  4. 10:02 You know…..its moments like this that I still appreciate LF Future Gohan. Dude can still hit like a tank even though he's such an old unit.

    The day this man gets a Zenkai, he will become the King of Yellow for Future and Hybrids.

  5. Toshi, ain't no way you letting the Ginyu Force cook ☠️

  6. If they ever make a ultra legends limited it’s got to be perfected ultra instinct

  7. I love the units its kinda sad that people say that the reveal was not worth it and ez skip but let it be at least new units

  8. The animations of these units are just disrespectful

  9. The ginyu force read the official cook book 🗣

  10. The ginyu force goes crazy! They did pretty good damage against uvb which was a bit surprising

  11. Ginyu on a revival team or the two new tags on a tag team just saying.

  12. They running out of characters frr 😭😭

  13. If i knew I would of just saved cc instead for ultra vegito despite having rainbow n jaco L broly

  14. Nah yellow future gohan one shot ting giyu is crazy but expected as he is the best unit in the game(jk)

  15. And literally most of the the DBL community say this banner is heavily skipable.

  16. Just found out i have cancer im only 13 so i hope im able to live to atleast 30 but since ive learned that ive had it I have been watching your videos for days hopefully i get cured (Love the videos and God bless)

  17. Fun fact I can tell if you can get the revived on gingyu by listen the found of the transformation sound

  18. I onoy had jeice and burter and beat someone in pvp

  19. Future gohan type neutral ultimate
    Still hit hard asf

  20. I only with Recoome had armor damage when he gets hit with an energy wave…

  21. Mabye for there next campaign they could do an dragon ball one an LL kid goku and an LL king piccolo or ultra kid goku and other units and buffs for characters from og dbz series!

  22. Saying it now: There are better units, but there are no better units.

  23. I spent like 7 thousand gems and only got one ginyu and recoome and guldo 🙄

  24. These units are so fun! Been a while since I can just use a team that is just fun to watch and play with

  25. I just found this channel out and the first thing I’ve already notice is that he doesn’t say like nor subscribe, and you just get right in the game play.❤ earned a sub and I’ll definitely will install this game back.

  26. Gt nappa????????? Ayo they go make that at some point?

  27. Whats crazy about the ginyu force is Legends for the first time added all elements in one battle!

  28. That was the whole point of their release, so everyone can have FUN and troll. But nooooo "i want LF" or "where's the Ultra" or "reveals was disappointing " RESPECT THE GINYU FORCE 😤 THEY'RE ONE OF THE MOST GOATED GROUPS IN ANIME HISTORY. As ndukauba said, you can tell the Dev had fun animating them please be grateful and appreciate the work they put in😤

  29. Mega Rising Banner units are actually quite good imo

  30. Bro I was in pvp and was up against an 8 star SSB gogeta and used the tag rocoome and landed 2 blast arts and the damage was brutal. It killed him 😮😮😮 (my tag were only at 3 stars)

  31. They are easily top 10. That’s relatively high for 1% sparkings.

  32. Personally i would try to get jeice and burter to red 3 cause they are crazy good if you do hope you take my advice and a great video as always.

  33. continue to feel sorry for the hundred thousands of people who wasted money on this game n continue to do so until they wake up 😂 🛌

  34. Z warriors, team Bardock, brojack Gang and omega dragons from GT should be next

  35. u only have chances to revive with ginyu?

  36. Whos that DBL youtuber who had fire intro 😂 ?

  37. Honestly I love seeing new non lf or ultra units go hard

  38. The second battle
    That future gohan killing captain ginyu had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂

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