Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019

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Ever dream of living as a Knight in medival fantasy world fighting against Dragons and Wolves? Ever dream of living as a fighter and fight for the glory of your kingdom? You dream is becomming a reality, you can now pose as a swrod fighter and archer to fight for your kingdom. This game will give you the realistic feeling of being a gladiator or a royal knight playing for the glory of the Kingdom. Battle of Mighty Dragons: Archery Games 2019 is launched and ready to give you immense action packed game and challenges that will test your archery and sword fighting skills.


A gladiator sword fighter, while on the watch saw a movement in snow storm and a huge dragon flying over an army of the undead. He was scared and ran towards the fighters of the watch. The knight ordered him to go to the Lord Cammander and inform him about the situation that enemies are marching towards the kingdom. After knowing about the situation, Sir Mitshi Byolon were chosed for the initial combat against the army of the snow and sent alone for the mission to get the information about the enemies and if possible, kill their wolves and dragon that is the huge advantage of undead army over army of the kingdom. Sir Mitshi – The great sword fighter of the kingdom is now on the mission to save his people and the reign of the queen.


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