Becoming an Ancient Dragon and battling!
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Century: Age of Ashes is a free-to-play multiplayer dragon shooter. Master a growing roster of classes and dragons, compete in intense arena battles and rule the skies in fast-paced aerial combats.


  1. Well I sure wish we could finish an ark series. But I guess I’ll take what I can get.

  2. I used to play this game then I got in after an update and my entire computer just said no

  3. I havent seen this guy in so long i watched his ark series when he got cancer im pretty sure its so nice to see you

  4. I really wish I wasn't so crap at this game xD although I haven't played it in ages, maybe it's changed a bit.

  5. Driving a spaghetti noodle for the first time lol 😂😂😂

  6. Holy, your commentary just brought me back to couch coop with my best pal at university…you sound like a genuine great dude. Fun content, will watch again 🙂 Cheers from quebec!

  7. I love and hate this game and I honestly wish they kept it so every 10 levels you get an egg instead of having to buy everything :/

  8. 0:39 Our dude sounds like one of the teenage skater characters from Robot Chicken that were tearing it up in a graveyard & later in the skit died "trying the sickest skatestunt in history" …on a moving combustion engine locomotive. I'mma be honest if I were to be as stoned & drunk nowadays back then I would die much the same way. And I'd sound as ridiculous as our host unironically.
    Instant subscribe, DUUUHHHDE.

  9. I didn’t get the chance to buy the strong scale so I’m begging it comes back and I can get it

  10. Is this game for pc users only? I’m on mobile so I’m just curious

  11. I guess I should try this game sometime. My problem is that I'm not a PvP person and I'm broke as hell, so even though the dragons are gorgeous and I'd LOVE to read their paragraphs, I dunno if I'd actually enjoy the game itself, you know?

  12. All I want is an Open World RPG Dragon Game. 🙏 Lemme customize my dragon and maybe evolve throughout the Story. Hunt around for food and water. Have other Dragon's as Boss Fights. I just want to play as a Dragon freely. Pure PvE.
    No PvP. We have enough of that shit.
    Wish another Studio would've Picked up ScaleBound 😕

  13. It’s taken like a million years for century to become known 💀

  14. i wish this would be an open world game with pvp, a big story and many monsters

  15. dude I miss when the game didnt lag for me, during beta it runed so clean, now one time I went to play only the lights loaded for the entire fight and the others lagged so much I barely could stay alive

  16. i used to play this all the time but all the people in ranked are sweaty af, plus the fact that everything costs so much you end up with the same dragons for months then get bored

  17. Days ago I play this game mobile version… It's hard to control on phone than the PC💀

  18. Man, I loved this game. I'm so sad the devs took it down the monetary road they did, instead of making it more playable for a wider fanbase 🙁
    (It's impossible for noobs/solos the last few times I've checked.)

  19. You kinda talk like trump, if he would be young and a gamer. It’s kinda creepy xD

  20. 10 seconds in and the video already got me laughing😂

  21. HAHAHAH i am literally waiting for when u put ur tongue out

  22. One of the best free to plays out there.

  23. I’ve never seen this game, but Riot makes any game look stupidly fun to the point that I want to play it. I love your content!

  24. That chinese dragon rider's brain would be mush after like days of flying that thing the way it whips him side to side XD….

  25. Is there a specific reason you keep sticking your tongue out?

  26. Glad im getting your videos recommended to me again after like 5 years lol

  27. I just started playing this game like a week ago, this game has so much potential, but needs alot more content tho.. anyways, this game is the reason i stumbled onto your page, and just wanted to let you know that your funny as hell bro 🤣 u got a new subscriber 👌🏼

  28. Riot i havent seen you in years what!

  29. Technically that should be a rice noodle if we're talking Asian dragons

  30. I remember watching you when I was around 11 or 12, i’m 18 now and wanna thank you for the memories man. ❤️🙏

  31. Beta player here. I kinda quit the game around when they made big changes to everything and Rimeblood class was introduced. Also my missions were constatly bugged and I had enough of it. How is the game now? Is the game still alive? I checked player count and its like 100-250. Its sad to see that cause the game still looks good.
    Edit: The music makes me nostalgic. Brings back such fun memories…

  32. i tryed to play this game and i loved it but the controles suck ass man and you cant change them or at least when i played idk if it changed :/ on console btw!

  33. Yes, calling it a "Spaghetti Noodle" is very disrespectful, but I will not argue that it is fairly accurate.

  34. This clown is the type of videogame stream that South Park was mocking. Couldn't be any more obnoxious!

  35. This game is fun until you get into a lobby against some absolutely cracked a-holes lol Then all the fun just gets sucked right out of it
    It needs to match player rank up better, to be able to stay with others closer to your own skillset to avoid just complete annihilation. I stopped playing until they fix the match-ups.. Plus, you know, the whole insane cost of dragons and it being pretty pay-to-win
    But MAN does this game look good

  36. If they would fix the match making and make cross platform a choice and not a requirement (along with fixing the awful micro transactions) I would re-install 1000%

  37. Driving a spaggetti nudel xDDDDD HAHAHAHA

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