Best Sigil and level 6 skill Laticis Pura Dragon-Dragon mania Legends | Armored Grid Event | DML

Today i complete Laticis Pura Dragon. choose water element level 6 Mastery to Restorative Recourse, Tyrant : Unbreakable and for Earth my suggestion is Earth: Tombstone.
Sigil – Acceptance and Wonder
Laticis Pura Dragon is limited time Tyrant event dragon which can be obtain after complete 500 piece
Laticis Pura Dragon Elements are Tyrant, Water and Earth
In Armored Phasm grid event complete level 200 and 203, got rewards. Now i have 1746/500 Armored Phasm Dragon Piece.

Week 4: August 21-28
Dragon of the week: Sunrise Dragon. Its parents are the Fungus and Razor Dragons.
Dragon Grid with the Armored Phasm Dragon. Use your wits to survive the Dragon Grid and collect Tyrant Tickets!
Bottomless Dungeon with the Autumn Wood Dragon.
Dungeon Shop: Heavy Metal Dragon
Movie marathon! Sit back and tune in to claim epic prizes and useful rewards—just by watching in-game ads!
August 21-25: Clan Siege
August 21 – September 20: New Sigil Campaign with the Spotty Dragon

Tyrant Chests Rewards :
By collecting Tyrant Tickets, you’ll be able to open Tyrant Chests, where you’ll be guaranteed a number of Talismans to spend in the Altar. On top of this, you’ll also earn special rewards, including pieces of the following dragons:

Chapter 2: King, Yellow Crown and Gazelle Dragons
Chapter 3: Treestone, Warg and Runic Dragons
Chapter 4: Fairy Dust, Amphibian and Spinefin Dragons

Collection Event :
If you manage to hatch and place the Laticis Pura, Cataegis Migra, Altum Tenebrus and Fluvius Nox Dragons in your habitats before September 11, you’ll unlock the hero-leader of the Water Tyrants—Gladiatus Aqua Dragon

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Best Sigil and level 6 skill Laticis Pura Dragon-Dragon mania Legends | Armored Grid Event | DML

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  1. Hi ma games my cataegis migra pieces is 450 now its possible for me to get him and 168 pieces left of laticis pura before this week ends

  2. Thanks for your nice sigil recommendation

  3. once this dragon unlock it's earth element i can finally use it in the dungeon

  4. I guess every Tyrant Water dragon sigil is same,its Acceptence and Wonder

  5. You have a good level and a beautiful island 😳

  6. Bro can u please help I want my mobile dml id in my pc but I can't login in pc plz help

  7. why hasn't the friend bug been fixed yet? 😢

  8. I just send my laptop this morning and it will be fixed soon and nice vid

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