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HEY GUYS, In This Video, I am Gonna Show You The 3 Biggest Games on Android 2022
Games Shown in The Video:-
Alien: Isolation
Genshin Impact
In today’s video, I have shown The Biggest Games on android. In reality, I Have Shown 3 Android Games of Size Above 8gb, for complete information check out the full video. This is my new interesting series of PRO-SHOT in which I provide exciting information with the help of youtube shorts, so I hope you like this video.
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  1. What the hell is that language? balabibahalabada?

  2. Call of duty mobile size 30gb+ …😊

  3. Genshin impact 12gb pagal ho kya 30gb lagta hai

  4. Genshin then: "Jenshin impact, 12 GB"

    Genshin now: "Room heater lite: 30+GB"

  5. Genshin impact, honkai star rail, honkai impact 🗿🗿

  6. Are bhi mere phone me 3 gb ramm h 😂😂😂😂


  8. 128 gb m OnePlus liya th or maximum storage codm ne le rakhi h


  10. Muze pata hi nahi tha itna GB ka game bhi hota hai 😵😵‍💫💀☠️

  11. Bai mere phone par armed hesits games nahi chal Raha kya karo meri help Karo

  12. Pubg me 35 gb resource pack download karna parta hai 😅

  13. Bruh genshin impact take 39 or 40 gb😂

  14. Genshin impact 42gb leke betha hai mere device mai 😑

  15. Genshin used to take 40gb after the latest update they dropped it to 20gb by I think changing file format
    Overall very optimized, amazing graphics for a game that works even on mid range phone

  16. Boring genshin impact mene 5 bar delete kar ke fir se download kiyA he start kar ke dekha har bar😅😅😅

  17. Life after is litteraly an underrated game

  18. I am playing CarX Street for around 4 months and it already took 21 GB storage out of 128 GB. Now days games are getting bigger and bigger 😂😂😂

  19. Bhai sahi se bool le ajib tarike se q bool ra

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