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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon update video. In this video, I will be discussing all of the breaking news in regards to HBO’s new Game of Thrones Prequel Series, House of the Dragon. There are rumors making the rounds on the internet stating, actress Elizabeth Olsen, and actor Henry Cavill, are in talks with HBO about joining House of the Dragon’s cast for the second season. As of right now, HBO hasn’t confirmed this news. In fact, it’s hard to say if any of this is true. I, myself, would love to see Henry Cavill in House of the Dragon! Also, in recent news, Game of Thrones actress, Nathalie Emmanuel gave House of the Dragon’s cast some heartfelt advice. Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Here is a idea what if they planing some flashbacks to the Aegons conquest in the second season and they bringing Henry to play Aegon the Conqueror in those flashbacks 🙂

  2. Both Matt and Henry are superb actors. I am hoping for another season of the Witcher and look forward to Matt’s continued success in HOD

  3. I could see Elizabeth cast as Haelena. Henry- I dunno, maybe ‘hour of the wolf’ Stark waaaaaay down the story line

  4. I’d rather see someone like Jennifer Lawrence in this new show than Elizabeth Olsen tbh 😅

  5. I hope Elizabeth Olsen is playing Nettles!

  6. Its important that fresh faces be considered for those characters. Its not realistic if u'll see someone u already know from portraying other character

  7. I completely agree with you on the Henry Cavill take. Sometimes people just want to escape from ALL reality, and looking at pretty people helps.

  8. He so damn fineeeeeeeee lord make him a Targaryen

  9. Ot only is Matt Smith killing it but Cavill white hair is clearly the witcher and it would create alot of confusion and loss of identity for both characters the actor plays. This is why Ian Mckellen did not take the role for Dumbledore in HP. Careful for what you wish for

  10. Henry could be a Stark or a Baratheon. His work on the Tudors shows he could pull off both of those houses

  11. I understand what you mean about Henry vs Matt over just looks themselves, but Matt Smith has completely blasted this role in a way Cavil never could. being a fan of him since Who days, I was even skeptical but man oh man does he deserve all the praise.

  12. If they did flashbacks from Argons invasion, he could be Argon the conqueror👍

  13. Maybe Henry could play one of the dragon seeds, Hugh the hammer maybe , or ulf the white 🤔

  14. I would LOVVVVVVEE to see Henry Cavill on the show & think he would have been perfect as Daemon 🙁 he was amazing in The Tudors & as Superman. Haven't caught up with The Witcher. CAN WE START A PETITION???

  15. Nope. Not making any since to bring in big actors. They will overshadow the actors already on the show.

  16. Matt is spectacular as Daemon! The energy he gives off through the screen without even saying anything, just standing there is 💥.
    I remember when I saw him sitting on the Throne. Shivers went down my spine. 😏

  17. I think it mainly depends on how good their accents are, GOT/HOTD is Very much a British cast

  18. I don’t think they did PEDs in the Middle Ages 🤦🏻‍♂️

  19. I was already thinking that I would of preferred better looking actors for the Targaryen’s. They’re supposed to be beautiful, magical looking. In this show none of them really are. And I pictured Daemon to be tall, muscular, and hot. Matt isn’t any of those things. He’s playing the part well don’t get me wrong. But Henry would of been awesome for the role. I would of loved to see that. Someone commented that Hollywood uses actors that are attractive to much and that it’s not realistic. But Targaryen’s are not really supposed to look realistic because they’re magical. I want them to look like the artwork we see of them. This show didn’t do that. But the actors are all playing the roles really good and everything else about the show so far has been so good that this issue doesn’t upset me. I’m very happy with the show thus far.

  20. Henry Cavill would be great on the show ! I'm not sure who he could play though

  21. Yes & Yes. I would love to see Lizzie and Henry on HOTD.

  22. just use henry for Aegon in flashbacks of Aegons conquest

  23. As much as I love Henry Cavill and his acting, Matt Smith could not have been a better casting choice. He kills it every scene he’s in and even in a whole episode where he had no words at all.

  24. Id like to see Henry in a prequel portraying Aegon The Conqueror

  25. Cavill is definitely gonna be playing Aegon in a flashback, the Hammer, or head of the Stark house during House of Dragons. Don’t see him playing anything else other than one of those three roles personally.

  26. if Henry comes to HoD, he will be Cragin Stark. end of story. the man has pure Stark energy not Targaryen. have you seen the man with his dog.

  27. Henry Cavill, OMG, yes! Something for the ladies to look at!

  28. I know Cavrill mainly from the Tudors. He doesn't have to necessarily be a Targaryen. He could be from any house. But I do agree he would've been a better fit for Daemon. Matt Smith, I like him and all, and he is doing a great job, but there's still something about him that just doesn't completely sell it for me. Maybe it's just the writing, not sure.

  29. They should save Henry Cavill for an Aegon the Conqueror prequel show!

  30. I would pass on Elizabeth Olsen. I haven't been a fan of her since she bad mouthed her roles in Marvel.

  31. Henry should play Daemon Blackfyre

  32. So……. Cavill as Aegon the Conqueror and Olsen as Rhaenys. If they can show the Conquest, I would like them to put the movie stars in the huge roles. Not sure who will be best for Visenya, but I'm hoping for someone tall.

  33. He would probably be Alicent’s youngest son 🤔

  34. Lol those saying Henry cavill will be argon the conqueror Where and how? House of dragons is set 3 generations after aegon I They surely won’t go back in time since they have to screenplay 200 years up until Game of thrones starts. That’s why it’s called a prequel

  35. Bit late to the video watching, but is it only me who thinks he'd make an awesome Cregan Stark?

  36. He should be Aegon the conquerer. Ride ballerian the dread.

  37. Henry Cavill for sure. But honestly when I picture him as a Targaryen I see him as Rhaegar which would be a different series. If he were to join HOD – then please make him a STARK. Lol The rumors say he will play an older Aegon… please no. Just no

  38. I love the job matt smith is doing, but, i think henry cavill as aegon the conqueror would be amazíng

  39. Henry Cavill and Elizabeth Olsen should sign onto new show. Show of Aegons Conquest. They should be Aegon and Rhaenys

  40. Now we know Henry is leaving 'The Witcher' after season 3 (to be replaced by Luke Hemsworth) so that he can film more DC/Superman movies.

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