BREAKING NEWS: House of the Dragon Season 2 Major Announcement & Leaked Scenes | HBO Max 2024

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon update video. In this video, I will be talking about all of the new updates regarding House of the Dragon Season 2. According to one source, House of the Dragon has finished on location filming for the second season. They will continue filming House of the Dragon at Warner Bros studios Leavesden. There are also leaked set photos of the Dragon Seeds, from George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood. These will be the characters who mount some of the dragons left over on Dragonstone. There’s also some more leaked photos of a character who is believed to be Addam Velaryon, also known as Addam of Hull. As of right now, House of the Dragon’s second season is still set to release on HBO and HBO Max during the summer of 2024. Stay tuned and subscribe for more details! Thanks for watching

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  1. Is that that young actor who jumped off the window ?

  2. Thanks, can’t wait to see more Dragons. Never read the books, but was an avid GOT fan, but didn’t read those books either🐉🐉

  3. Are we talking game of thrones of video games

  4. Its pretty wild us asoiaf fans have had a mole in the hbo set leaking out pics and plots since like season 4 of got

  5. What was the purpose of the thumbnail? It got me excited that they actually might have included Daeron or something

  6. I saw your video with the actor who played Laenor not talking but it saying hell be back in season 2
    Im not looking forward to the traitors taking Vermathor an Silverwing over to the Greens especially after Daemon sang to him

  7. Im so psyched for season 2 i wonder when next year we'll get it April or August

  8. 2 minues of an 8 minute video, ads LOL. Talkng thrones.

  9. Христос дал человеку эту земную жизнь лишь для того чтобы мы сделали выбор где мы хотим провести вечность и сохранить этот выбор до конца земной жизни и только для этого..

  10. Question-if there is an actors strike, how will that affect filming on Season2?

  11. How can Seasmoke bond with another if Leanor Velaryn never actually died though? Wouldn't Seasmoke still sense that Leanor is alive? I thought they only bond with 1 rider while rider lives? I was wondering how they'd get around that when they choose to show Leanor rowing away to a ship with his lover🤔

  12. You should watch the Witcher and other fantasy movies and tv shows like dune. Must be redundant constantly covering the same series right? Would like your perspective on other masterpieces

  13. Hopefully we get a teaser around October, this season is gonna be epic and I can't wait!!

  14. gotta be Ulf White in the shot somewhere as well!

  15. If he mounts Seasmoke it means laenor is dead and I’m gonna sob.

  16. The Cannibal is the second largest dragon to Vhagar. Though he will continue to be a wild dragon I would like to see him

  17. I just can’t wait to see aemond start more chaos 💯

  18. This better be WAYYYYY better than the first season. i hated it. PASIONATLY

  19. litterly half the video is intro/outro and adds… such a shame.

  20. Yea this is how u tell a story so good 💯 times better then rings of pawer

  21. Your videos are always lugging the topic just get straight to the point

  22. Oooo always enjoy your updates can't wait for the season to start

  23. Also if Laenor returns will that invalidate Rhenarys and Daemons marriage? I hope not!

  24. Wassup with the thumbnail tho? Isn’t that a scene from the Netflix movie “The King”

  25. I like the character Addam but bruh the actor is darker than the seasnake 😂😂

  26. Looks like we’re going super woke. Why change the books. You have these characters for so long and they change them. At least give him silver hair and purple eyes. I wonder how George feels watching the Witcher with the sick colored eyes? Doesn’t seem like he has to much power.

  27. 1:52 to 4:18. I hate how large of a percentage of your content is ads. That's almost 2 and a half minutes of an almost 9 minute video. Get a job, then you can stop putting this bullsh!t in your videos.

  28. I hope they step it up this season. I'm very sick of being disappointed(many times totally disgusted like w/Rings of Power or SW)with shows and movies of my most cherished IPs. So far the show has been pretty good imo. Most of the changes don't bother me too much.

  29. there wont be a house of dragon next year…. everyones going on strike

  30. What happened to your recent video? I hadn't seen it and now it's deleted 😢

  31. I unironically wish D&D would have worked on this series instead. They are great when they have source material but absolute dogsh*t when they don't.

  32. With the labor strikes this show probably isn't back until 2025.

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