Building the Biggest Dragon Diorama 21 Days of Polymer Clay Sculpting

In this video, watch as I bring to life a stunning Beak Island Battle diorama using polymer clay. Inspired by the popular How to Train Your Dragon franchise, this sculpture took me 20 days to build and is my biggest one yet! I went all out in capturing the intricate details of Hiccup, Toothless and the dragon battle as they face off in an epic showdown. If you’re a fan of sculpture, dragons and art in general, you won’t want to miss the making of this impressive diorama. I’ll walk you through every step of the process, from the initial sketch to the finished product, and share some of my techniques for creating lifelike textures and colors. This diorama is the perfect addition to any How to Train Your Dragon collection, or simply a standalone piece that showcases the beauty and power of dragon lore. So sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by this 20-day building dragon diorama that captures the essence of the Beak Island Battle like never before.
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  1. That alpha dragon is off the charts awesome!!!

  2. Wow awsome work, that is a damn huge diorama what you got build there, even some parts of it a big enough for their own diorama.

  3. The diorama is really good! But you guys really need to invest in a new microphone, the audio quality would not let me understand anything

  4. hey you should put the music louder i can hear it at all when your talking

  5. This is Amazing!! The hard work you put in it is just amazing

  6. Wow that's so cool! Alot of things I never would have believed that could work. Great job!

  7. c un truc de malade !!!!!!!!!!!!! jte tire mon chapeau good job 👍

  8. Absolutely insane! Keep up the amazing work!👌👍

  9. อดิศักด์ สามารถ says:


  10. damn, what a masterpiece. Love it so much from Vietnam

  11. hey to all the httyd fans out there does anyone else kinda feel bad for draco's bewilderbeast

  12. I am in awe! Not only is this work stunningly beautiful, but it's so incredibly accurate to the series. The Thunderdrums underwater, Gothi's house over the clouds, and the hangar. This whole work is a beautiful love letter to the series and I am absolutely in love with it!

  13. Wow! This was incredible! Keep going!

  14. esta increible pero no te quedo a escala el dragon alfa es casi igual de grande a la isla

  15. I stumbled upon this video quite by accident (well, almost, I was looking for tutorials on clay) and damn it, I did not expect that the creation process would amaze me so much.

  16. Theoretical question here, how much do you wnt for it?


  18. Definitely the best build to date, can't wait to see what both of you make in the future!

  19. I havent watched how to train your dragon in years. The lil sheeps are the best part😊

  20. This kind of work is GOD-tier. I can't even imagine the effort,dedication and passion you guys put to every work you make.

  21. Спс ты сделал мой любимый мультик😅😊😊😊😊

  22. They’ve done a great job. Regrettably I did not understand a word person they got to do the occasional narrative – not helped by the loud music. I am a native English speaker in the UK and know it isn’t the English we speak here although I caught the occasional word. Anyone know what was said? Maybe subtitles would have been better?

  23. I’ve tried making a bewilderbeast out of of claw and it ended up looking like crap, but this, this stuff you’re making looks amazing

  24. AMAZING!!! whoever is lucky enough to own that better have a sturdy table 🤣🤣

  25. Try build Luffy versus kaido with epic scene 🤩 I'm sure your view is going to explode because in 2023, everyone loves One Piece

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