Cannibal Dragon – Oldest And Most Dangerous Wild Targaryen Dragon Who Feast On His Own Kind!

The Cannibal Dragon – The oldest and Most Dangerous Wild Targaryen Dragon We Will See Next Season!

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  1. No guarantee we'll see it next season. There's no hint or evidence of that. Vermithor, sure, but how's The Cannibal indicated to be in the show?

  2. No reason to discount the fisherman around Dragonstone about The Cannibal's age. Magic comes and goes into the world of ASOIAF along with the dragons. They are truly a magical creature or a conduit of sorts. The cannibal eats said dragons- possibly absorbing some source of vitality from them. Like The Highlander series, but with a shot clock.

  3. Something that no one seems to consider is that Balerion, our only example of a dragon not dying in combat, was severely injured during his nine month disappearance. He grew notably more lethargic afterward, and I cannot help but thing that the nine foot long, unhealing scars he sustained were somehow magical in nature. For all we know, the average dragon lifespan could be closer to 500 years.

  4. I have a theory that the dragons got smaller because of the dragon pits, reptiles need d3 to process calcium and grow healthy they can get mbd or metabolic bone disease without basking under sunlight.
    Being kept in the dark without sunlight means the dragons dont get enough d3 to grow strong and health which would cause unhealthy off spring especially with the inbreeding they do.

  5. He's a wild dragon, therefore not a Targaryen dragon.

  6. House of the inbred dragon is really lame. Just to appease the douche bags on Twitter they had to change genetics and reality to accommodate Black people..

  7. I hope they make him look every bit as badass as the stories tell. A savage feral giant beast that makes Vhagar and Vermithor look like kittens.

  8. Cannibal isn't going to be in the next seson

  9. So just curious on your opening line how is it a Targaryen dragon if it's wild and never had a rider??

  10. Of course it would be effing Fatalis.

  11. incest, cannibalism, sound on par for a Targaryen

  12. What was the dragon that Prince Daemon was looking at the at the second last episode or last episode? Was that the Canibal? That dragon looked bigger then vhagar

  13. The Valyrians subdued the dragons not Velaryons, though the are Valyrians😅

  14. This guy's theory is the least bit convincing and has not been thought through.

    The Cannibal is said to have lived on Dragonstone since before the Targaryens arrived. The way this guy tries to discredit and write off Eyewitness reports and stories from the small folk shows that he thinks any up piece of information that was not written by maesters is invalid.

    We know that the maesters tend to write whatever they please as is evident from this very show that we are watching.

    You can't just give half-assed theories and assumptions in order to further your own theory at the very least you should make it convincing.

  15. I want to watch this vid so bad cause I want to learn about all the dragons but I can’t cause I don’t want to spoil the show 😫 I have to wait another year and 3 more years affter the next season but I could binge watch everything about it all day

  16. Bahahahaha how is a unclaimed dragon a targaryan dragon it is free lol it is a free dragon

  17. “Nature does not seem to agree” who said it doesn’t agree that cannibalism is bad? Most animals avoid it and only a few practice it as much as that few is still a large enough number it includes basically every single species, a lot of these cannibals also do it out of desperation and/or mercy (such as rodents eating their own children because they can’t take care of all of them so that the few offspring can have a better chance to survive) so actually, cannibalism as a malicious practice is less common in nature than stated, not to say it’s not common enough you couldn’t notice it because if it wasn’t noticeable we wouldn’t talk about it, that being said, most animals don’t do cannibalism unless it’s a last resort or they are taking advantage of an already dead animal. This means actually it’s not that common in actuality.
    Animals more often than not purposely avoid cannibalism because of diseases and plagues by the way.
    Of course, fish and invertebrates doesn’t care that much of course.

  18. I wonder if it flew where driving was headed an they end up having babies

  19. A worm and a wyrm are two VERY different things, any comparison between them is spurious af.

  20. Dragons did not originate in Ashai, they originated in the volcanos of ancient pre-imperial Valyeia, this is supported in the text.

  21. I feel like the green eyes of the Cannibal are a nod to it holding no allegiance to either faction in the dance, because it is black (like the Blacks) but also green (like the Greens)

  22. Is the age the only thing mattering a dragon´s size? One might think that a very hungry dragon eating a lot all the time would be bigger than one that doesn´t have meat orgies all the time.

  23. The Dahmer series on Netflix WAS good. To say that people who enjoyed a TV show "unironically" must like cannibalism is sooooo moronic and cringy. Stop being a child; grow up.

  24. Interesting stuff, indeed. I'm kinda thinking he's going to be coming back in winds of winter. I don't think he died off, just went east and has been living off of the dragons over that way. I've always thought the dragons were alive and well over there, and not hindered by captivity/riders. I think the fact that ol' Balerion disappeared for most of a year and returned tore up from the floor up(along with his lady rider) with a massive wound that didn't want to heal points towards there being something bigger and badder than the biggest and baddest dragon in the known world. Maybe over in Valyria the dragons live a lot longer and get a lot bigger. Maybe that's what's going on with Cannibal. I think it would be really cool to see him come back in the last book… and then have them rewrite the last couple seasons of game of thrones… Just give them a mulligan🙂

  25. But like… how many loose dragons were there for this dragon to eat? In the books it only eats 1 of the other dragons during the Dance era. Or am I wrong? It's not like there were just lots of of dragons flying about for it to snack on every now and again? All the Targaryan dragons were quite protected while being raised due to their high value. So where did all the other dragons come from that the Cannibal ate?

  26. some people say balerion didnt die of old age, but of what hes experienced in the ruins of valyria instead, and it makes sense. think about it, he was perfectly fine before he went there with aerea, but afterwards he became sluggish, and mostly kept to the dragon pit. could be due to some mental trauma, or some parasite he picked up there, but either way it was the ruins of valyria that killed him- maybe. so the cannibal could very well still have been there before the targaryens came if youre going by that point alone

  27. If hes wild then how can he be a targaryen dragon

  28. Ok….if the cannibal is still alive he would be 300 years old. He would be so massive and his fires so hot he could heat Westeros for a winter and be a city himself. Also, dragon fire can’t hurt a dragons body but if a dragon is shot in the eyes it can blind him. I think Caraxas was blinded by vhagar during their fight but still managed to get his jaws around her neck

  29. Cannibal is waiting for his exact rider whom he can't burn with fire. Night King. In the show he had a bad end. But the only one in the world who can ride this dragon is him sure. He get humans alive like Crasters boys. He made them others. He wants a dragon alive.

  30. I wonder if it is possible that balerion was drogon's sire….?????

  31. There’s a good chance the cannibal belonged to Corleys, Corleys house is from Valeria & they might have bred with one of 40-50 other dragon houses. Cannibal doesn’t seem to be from the Targarians so it would make sense that Cannibal accepted him

  32. Imagine Drogon finds Cannibal and they make babies together! I'd love to see Cannibal.

  33. So they got cannibal from the movie reign of fire with Christian bale…very creative.

  34. Cannibalism in nature is more common than you think, often its opportunity

  35. I want Damon to swim out of the lake the cannibal comes in and is eating parts of Carxes and vaghar then Damon claims the cannibal finds Niddles and lives happily ever after while creating his own Dragon riding kingdom far way from westeros . The Aria finds said kingdom who has become large enough to try and takeover westeros with their dragons then must return and get John make John go find Drogon and make amends and have another war between dragon riders in the John snow spin off . John finally becomes king of westeros and season 8 finally nullified .the end … Please something like this happen …

  36. Almost sounds like the cannibal represents the greens and the fact that they are "dragons" just as old as the targaryens when they entered westeros. He represents something that feasts on the young dragons aka the true targaryens. It seems it was George R.R. martins form of foreshadowing some of the young deaths the Targaryen family will face at the hands of the high towers.

  37. Waht if Cannibal ate the other 2 and now he is the only 1 left to be tamed…that would be dopE

  38. A black dragon with green eyes, and more wild than his brethren?

    Sounds like Shaggydog.

  39. I feel like it's implied that Dragons can technically live much longer than Balerion did but he withered and died because of the Dragon Pit (or Maester Conspiracy take your pick), if the Cannibal has always been wild and never confined he could easily be as old as Balerion or almost as old. Maybe he's a Valyrian dragon that fled the doom and not a Targaryen dragon, which would explain why no one was ever able to get close to claiming him, they'd need the blood of a different, extinct Valyrian family.

  40. You keep saying "it is said" who said? Respectfully, I can't find the reference.

  41. Fingers crossed Cannibal is on Skagos God that would be so cool GRRM finish the damn book!

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