Century: Age of Ashes Review

Century: Age of Ashes reviewed by Travis Northup on PC.

Century: Age of Ashes is a really enjoyable PvP aerial combat game with some excellent game modes, unique character classes, and lots of beautiful, fierce dragons to collect and ride into battle. It could benefit from hoarding more content since its handful of maps can become stale after a dozen hours or so, and it desperately needs some balancing tweaks and more options for its ranked playlist to prevent one class from dominating, but it already has the makings of a very strong dogfighting game with enough dragons to make the Dovahkiin proud.

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  1. Are the different dragons cosmetic only or do they have different attributes?

  2. Sad to say this as an Xbox fan.. But this game has nearly the same amount of content as Halo Infinite! LoL

  3. Wish How to train your dragon would make a pvp game like this tbh. That'd be epic this game is fun tho

  4. Great Game, needs more content, scratched an itch you probably didnt know you had. sums this up

  5. Was having fun on the 3 vs 3 after level 5 it's pretty hard wish would keep a perm 3 on 3 mode

  6. Doesn't look like fun to me. Not how I'd make or enjoy a dragon fighting game. So many missed opportunities here.
    Dragons have tracking fire for why???

  7. Can someone explain to me what the bestiary is and does in this game

  8. This shows theres no such thing as dragon or wyvern, its all about case by case bases.

  9. this is basically quidditch for dragon born

  10. This reminds me "How to train your dragon" 🤣

  11. Imagine the Dev collab with YugiOh's writer to bring Blue-Eyes and Red-Eyes into this game one day.

  12. It would’ve been nice if you can dive underwater and break into the clouds to hide and comeback stealth behind are above the enemy

  13. ꧁ꪊ​ꪀ𝘬​ꪀ​ꪮ​᭙​ꪀ꧂ says:

    Can't wait till this game drops on ps4

  14. Reminds me of Game of Thrones specially with the dragons

  15. wow what a cool and interesting game concept it would be a shame if it died almost immediately and had an unsatisfying gameplay loop and lack of content contributing to its 200 average player count

  16. This wouldve been awesome game if it was open world :c

  17. This feels like a spiritual miltiplayer sequel to Lair (ps3) but without the "Jump of your dragon and clothesline the enemy rider with your chainspear" mechanic 🤣

  18. installing it rn im sooo excited to play it

  19. Century: Age of Ashes is FREE in the Playstation Store starting Today (Sept 26, 2022).

  20. It was fun but once you complete all the 3v3 matches your tossed into the 6v6 mode and trust me. Its completely broken and way to many ppl to enjoy. You just get chased by 5 ppl the entire match praying a team mate helps lol the gold rush game mode os the only one me or my friends enjoy tbh

  21. Reminds me of lair, if this had more customisation, a bigger budget and some triple a effort this could be epic. If felt very basic to me, like it's a demo, even some off dragon stuff like using the rider to attack another would be cool. And not unrealistic when you consider lair was a ps3 game

  22. Games prolly gonna become more popular now it’s f2p

  23. It’s a triple s game to me perfect anyone say otherwise I’m going to find you kidnap you and throw you into a lions den or pen lol 😁

  24. so its basicly a pvp with dragons,no pve, no thanks

  25. THIS reminds ME of the PLAYSTATION 2 Game "SAVAGE SKIES" loved it so glad this one is made

  26. "there's almost no maps. and incredibly game breaking mechanics. but its fun. "

  27. The fact that you can play this for free via Geforce now on your phone or tablet is amazing..

  28. wow that motion blur looks horrible. i'm sure that doesn't help with spotting a phantom either

  29. It would be awesome if there are modes where you have to destroy an army on the ground and everyone’s competing for the highest destruction score. Hell even give them air vehicles Warcraft style to make it more interesting

  30. Everybody plays as phantoms it's kind of annoying actually

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