Changed Special Edition SECRET DRAGON TRANSFUR

Changed Special Edition SECRET DRAGON TRANSFUR | Changed Special Edition Transfur Furry Transfurs Transformation Goo Puro Colin Dragonsnow garoshadowscale

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  1. Well the blue dragon transfur is very cute for me

  2. "Don't wear the only pants"
    Proceeds to the rest of the video with pink pants

  3. “Like the imposter he is.” AMONG US???

  4. "Like the imposter he is" caught me so off guard i snorted and scared my dog

  5. 🍪🍪🍪 for Garo.
    There is a quite a lot of fusion transfurs here.
    Wait, I think you forgot to mention the female pink dragon from the pink shorts and the needle?

    Edit: I think it was mentioned but it was barely noticeable?
    "Each transfur has a pink shorts variation"

    My favourite one here probably is either the one from the pink shorts and fox, or the one from the needle and pink shorts, they're both cute.

    What one is your favourite?

    You see a female floof shork.
    (Spinning around)
    (She falls over)
    Actions: [ Anything ]

  6. I like the way Puro went inside the vent, it's really adorable
    Have a cookie Guro🍪

  7. Wait it's a dragon? I thought it was a fish

  8. Hey so where can I install changed special edition?(it ain’t on steam)

  9. That blue dragon transfur is so cute and majestic just like our Draggy, it even has similar colors ❤️

  10. “As he vents like the imposter he is!”😭

  11. Pink dragon and lavender cat are caught in 4k

  12. Is transfur game over or do you just change your look

  13. 🗣Goo gun technique, scope DRAGGY💯🔥🔥💯💯

  14. Garo! There's such thing as a Puro plushie. Tell me if you find it or not in real life😅

  15. How many transfers are there (sorry bout autocorrect)

  16. I just unpassed out when you said "slide it it in". That was surely a surprise of all time.

  17. Ahh im back you know the drill im gonna let you guess what IM gonna say

  18. Cool thank you for helping me with want

  19. "after puro vents like the imposter he is" 🤣

  20. "to the hole for you to slide it in" sorry , somebody had to higlight that phrase

  21. if im not wrong this dragon was also in the normal edition of the game

  22. GYYYAAAAATTTT PURO (I know he doesn’t have a big one, but still😏)


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