Charles Martinet OUT as Mario at Nintendo ☹️ #mario #nintendo #charlesmartinet #gaming #games #peebs


  1. Is Mario going to be chris pratt in the games now

  2. If they replace him with Chris Pratt in the games I will do unspeakable things

  3. Charles is an amazing person, he's a treasure. We should wish the best for him in life.

  4. He’s scheduled to voice all the dragons in Elder Scrolls VI full-time 🤣 Jokes aside, I met him at my first Comicon convention around 2015, and he signed my massive window-display Mario w/ fireball Amiibo poster. He asked where I got it and I told him the truth; on the top of a GameStop dumpster 😂 he signed it out personally with my name and voiced the classic Mario fraises and sounds while signing it, including a mustached Mario smiley face. That’s one of my most prized collectibles because of the memory of the interaction we had. Charles is precious and I only wish him the best 💜

  5. And now he's Mario Ambassador!

    …whatever that means

  6. I had the biggest moment when i met him at comiccon a few years ago, before covid started. I still have the video and extra photo.He signed my Super Mario Odyssey switch case as well. Hearing him call me "Princess K" made my heart melt. He was like a grandpa to me,he just felt like family.

  7. I’m offended by what you did to luigi in the end…

  8. Fun fact, the first time charles voiced mario was for the super mario brothers pinbal machine.

  9. This might be the saddest thing I've ever seen today.

    He unalived Luigi <:[

  10. Sad sad news. Captain Lou was my Mario growing up with Super Show reruns, but Charles was just so dang good you couldn’t help but love his portrayal. He added so much life and happiness into Mario in such little sound snippets. It’s crazy to even imagine a Mario game without him anymore. 😢

  11. I’ve also met him he’s a real nice guy

  12. I think I like the “move you big-a monkey!!”

  13. And don’t forget “So Long GAY BOWSER”

  14. He's hilarious as Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi. What's going to happen to the ensemble? Will he be the voice director?

  15. The real question is why does the Mario gift card be 20$ but the wario one is 70$?!?!

  16. Really gonna miss this man as mario.
    He deserves his retirement though

  17. Who is the new voice actor for Mario,Luigi, Wario and Waluigi?

  18. Why is Charles not voiceing Mario stay tuned to watch me kill his other voice

  19. Damn it he threatened to kill Luigi at the beginning of the video and none of us did a thing about it now hes gone rip but anyways Charles is now the Mario ambassador at Nintendo so hes still with them just not gonna be the VA for Mario now

  20. Plot twist: the new voice is Charles' son.

  21. Poor luigi… What did he do to you?
    So long Charles Martinet, and Thank you so much for to voicing Mario.

  22. He wanted to voice Mario until he died

  23. He does realise that Charles voice luige rite rite

  24. Jiffy jam jiver is making dank shorts since when 😭 my hero


  26. If your sad don't forget hes going to be the Mario ambassador.

  27. Forget official news articles! THIS is how people should learn about Charles' retirement…with the sacrifice of green 'stache.

  28. I cried when i heard about Charles not voicing mario, that also means luigi, wario, waluigi's voices ar changing i just hop he doesn't stop voice acting as a whole. And what happen to luigi being freaking sexy.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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