cool dino games (weird games) – Complete Series

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  1. Showed up in my feed just in time for dino month

  2. i was watching this and then i got a Fortnite ad where they rode dinosaurs and a fucking transformer was there💀 what the fuck i can’t make this shit up istg that ad felt like a fever dream.

  3. I want to see one of these visual novel games where a guy who knows broken English writes the dialogue for 99% of the characters, then someone who actually speaks English writes one character and any narration. He just has to work with this weird script that's hard to understand and guide his character through it the best he can.

  4. Dinosaur Savers was unironically freakin awesome

  5. I found out yesterday that there's a whole subculture of adults who obsess over Dinosaurs. They aren't studying to become paleontologists or anything
    They just never grew out of dinosaurs when they turned six

  6. I want them to play Goodbye Volcano High and Snoot Game.

  7. I remember an Arthur episode about Yo Yo Ma

  8. God I'd love to see the boys play Jurassic Park: Trespasser

  9. I cant believe Jurrasic World Dominion stole Dimetrosaur’s plot and somehow made it bad.

  10. lyle’s hysterical giggle when sky dragon appears is my favourite lylism. he also laughs like that at sims spoony

  11. Why have I never seen this series until now?

  12. Zachs Matpat impression around 48:00 had me out of air laughin

  13. The MS Paint Dragon game was legendary

  14. You just gotta appreciate the fact I watched them play the no internet game for nearly 20 minutes and enjoyed every minute

  15. 7:20 you guys have GOT to play Trespasser on the channel. This game is basically a Indy remake or spiritual successor to it. And yes, Zack, the dinosaurs have ragdoll in it too

  16. zach's holy fuck after motion tracking the mouse is the most genuine noise I've heard a human say

  17. I wish that oney would get an ark server for them to play on. So much opportunity for funny shit to happen in that game.

  18. chris o neill: "god i wish there were more shitty games like this so i could not play them and talk about how shitty they were"

  19. this felt like some weird comic i would've made about happy tree friends when i was like 10

  20. My problem is I can’t decided if I should stay in Oneyworld and I’ve had not to any best friend to ask them on

  21. Omg I'm dying with Zach just putting everything into the tyrano dragon pleasing with cyborg dragon 😭 and lyles always bringing the evil villain vo perfectly

  22. Tbh i thought the voice acting on dimetrosaur was actually in the game at first and i thought the game was genius

  23. PLEASE PLAY DINO CRISIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. imagine being the 15 year old that made that dinosaur/Metal Gear game and getting a 10/10 from Oney plays

  25. I love that majestic pterozachtyl in the thumbnail. Truly one of the most beautiful creatures in existence.

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