Could THIS be the Dragon Survival Game of 2022? – Draconia – Growing Our First Dragon – New MMORPG

Draconia is an open-world dragon MORPG. Play as one of several dragon species and take over the sky or the land. Unravel the story behind Draconia through quests, secret locations and various characters in single player and multiplayer mode.

Existing Features
• Character Customization: Give your character a custom name, change its pattern, colors and body parts, such as horns or tail tips or choose from pre-made textures.
• Basic Needs: Hunt to feed yourself and find water sources to drink from to survive.
• Scent: Use the scent system to find nearby water and food sources.
• Carrying: Carry items or low level players across the map.
• Gathering & Inventory System: Gather different resources to fill your hoard or to turn them into useful items.
• Character Leveling: Complete tasks and quests to grow your character and make it stronger.
• Crafting: Build a hoard to hide all your treasures in, create objects which improve your dragons stats or add temporary buffs.
• Questing: Find and complete one-time and daily quests to gain experience.
• Interactive Environment: Interact with objects in your environment to gain useful buffs or to uncover more parts of the story.

Planned Features
• Optional PvP: Play on servers without being afraid of being attacked by other players. Simply disable PvP in your character profile and enable it if you want to have a battle with someone else.
• Nesting: Build a nest and raise your own dragon hatchling.
• Dragon Dens: Earn yourself a place you can call home. Unlock and upgrade your own den to live a more comfortable dragon life.
• Talent Points: Spend talent points to increase your dragon’s traits.
• Group and Clan System: Go on your journey and bring your friends with you by inviting them to your group or creating your own clan, which allows you to announce events and keep track of your members progress.
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  1. I want to be a hoarding princess kidnapping dragon

  2. Anyone know any good dragon games like this that is free to download?

  3. what is this game for playstation or xbox or nintendo?

  4. If this guy was a dragon, he would probably eat everyone! lol

  5. What if draconia and day of dragon created something together

  6. Its already better than Scam Of Dragons, ops, Day Of Dragons

  7. When I first saw your dragon I thought: “He made a icewing without even seeing wings of fire- just trade black for blue, green, or purple.”

  8. I just hate the flying system, it doesn’t even feel like I’m flying

  9. A shame that the developer no longer cares for the community, and even promotes cyber-bullying :/A Steam review from a former mod goes into more detail about it, if anyone was curious

  10. Is it downloadable on mobile or not if no then :c if yes then c:

  11. Do u remember what server were u in?

  12. Randomly thinking of spyro and typed in dragon simulator into search bar not much of an MMO guy but I gotta say there ought to be more games where you play as a dragon.

  13. This needs to come out on next gen consoles

  14. I would play but the quests kind of ruin it😢

  15. it sure is better than DoD which like like half a million dollars

  16. Ego banning small youtubers up and coming huh

  17. Jesus Christ loves you so much so love him

  18. what Draconia did is bully me the staff so i made my own community so staff dose not attack others

  19. Draconia sure turned out to be much more than the 2020 version of me expected. From what i found playing the game to near the end of this video when i got to show pictures of current in-development dragons. I think the future is bright for Draconia. The Behemoth i got to show you looks insanely cool too!! I can't wait to hear it's sounds 🙂

    As a note, I'm unsure if Development has been going on for two years or one year after they got funding of around 39k CAD

  20. ah yes thank you youtube. this is 100% ark survival evolve

  21. Oh this game looks amazing i hope the game keeps up it's development


  23. This is so cool! Thank you for finding them for us

  24. Finally!I was wondering when you’d get to Draconia, I’ve been following the game for a few months now, glad to see you’ve noticed it

  25. If you play creatures of sonaria in roblox you know how the roar sounds very similar

  26. I'm really hoping this game just keeps getting better and better. There has been too many games that flop and fail in early access.

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