Daenerys Targaryen’s Dragons (Games of Thrones Season 1-6)

All Scenes of Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion (Daenerys dragons) in S1-6


  1. In minutes 1:30 till 3 minutes roughly can someone tell me what season and episode those scenes are from
    I just binged the Series in a month but I must have missed 1 disc on the blu-ray because I don't remember the scenes when her dragons begin learning to breathe fire usefully. Thanks!!!

  2. I would like to see baby Ezra Bridger tames those Dragons while Qi'ra that in Bad Batch was twelve years Old Watch him 🙂

  3. Rhaegal,Viserion,and Drogon have and still are my favorite dragons and I'm glad with H.O.T.D we're getting to see more varieties of the dragons, my personal favorite dragons from H.O.T.D are Syrax,Caraxes,and Maelys and although Vhagar is a older much more war/battle experienced dragon his whole look/design wasnt my favorite i can't wait till we get to see more of Verimithor although I think he'll have a similar look like Vhagar's🤷🏻‍♂️but we'll see. What's anyone elses favorite dragon's from G.O.T/H.O.T.D??
    I'd love to know 😊😊💯💯🐉🐲🔥🔥

  4. Why did she lock the dragons and did she only came back when they were older

  5. I’m confused as how they got so big within days..

  6. The size comparison to Drogon and his brothers is sad when you know why they’re so small.

  7. I feel like when Drogon was gone he was looking for more of his kind. And when he realized there were none he went back to his mom

  8. Those dragons are best❤ I love them. And too wrong two of them died, and its also wrong dany died,so sad😢

  9. Ameee cada escena las mejores de la serie gracias por la recopilación.
    Mi reina por siempre, Dany

  10. Как называется фильм?

  11. Curiosities on the other side of the world are no threat to us

  12. Her Dragons never betrayed her.

    Drogon left her, but he never betrayed her for someone else.

    She locked them up in chains in the basement of a massive pyramid, but when freed they rejoined her immediately. They did not betray her.

    I’m glad she loved them more than anyone, it was rightfully so.

  13. Did you know that a dragon with wings on its arms and only its two legs is called a wyvern

  14. The last scene is exactly where GoT ended for me!!!!!!! 😛

  15. I love how Viserion and Rhaegal aimed the fire away from her when she went back to see them. They didn’t want to hurt her but they were still angry with her

  16. I don't think they could do that with pterodactyls. And she sucks at raising them. She should have been riding them since young & not locking them up in dungeons.

  17. Why Dany locked Viserios and Rhaegal?

  18. That was drogon flying that tyrion and Jorah saw

  19. Dany's political weakness: patience

  20. “He’ll be able to feed himself from now on.”

    Yeah. Screw the other two apparently.

  21. the first scene is our season our episode

  22. I never realized the weight on Dany’s shoulders until I watched HotD

  23. They're Wyverns though, four limbs not six.

  24. 8:30 you can you can't tell me that one scream literally being "mama" was a coincidence.

  25. Baby Drogon ❤ damn makes me want baby dragons lol

  26. I LOVE Dragons, & Also, I Love These Dragons As Well.
    Luv Tara

  27. Sabiene Graf withe haired was before death 🇩🇪 wo sie Urlaub tat global zum fressen 🗺️global. 👶🐉s Drachen sind jetzt in China.

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