Day of Dragons in 2023 is Looking MUCH Better – A Huge Dragon Survival Game Preview!

Day of Dragons is looking much better, We joined a private test of the new Bio Dragon and fought the SandSlayer Worm along with a host of other things joined by the Developers!
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00:00 This is Day of Dragons 2023 (Intro)
01:02 Hatching a new Dragon + Gameplay
02:09 Bio Dragon Special Glow Ability
02:52 First flight with the Bio Dragon (Really good imo!)
03:37 SandSlayer Worm First Contact
07:13 The Elder Dragons Have Arrived!
11:13 Even BIGGER Elder Dragons Arrive
14:57 The Final Battle, Dragons VS The Slayer!


  1. Wasn't this game an obvious scam?
    edit: so it wasn't a scam, they were just incredibly nonprofessional.

  2. Dang two videos this fast?! Keep up the amazing work! Love the content

  3. Maybe this is a thing and it just doesn't exist in this dev pack, but something I always love in my dragon games is the ability to make your dragons more unique even if that just means changing the colors of the dragons not necessary every other attribute, I wonder if that will be an option?

  4. If the graphics will look like the ones in the exclusive clips then godamn it’s gonna be good, I’m really hyped

  5. Imo dragons should have buffs and debuffs because otherwise the Boss fights are just gonna be long, boring and repetitive. The gameplay would feel better if raids have different kind of dragons that like, cute poison, heal, clear debuffs caused by the Boss, etc. otherwise the gameplay will just be “pick strongest dragon, spam attack and be patient because the Bosses will be difficult just because they have high HP and nothing else”

  6. I’m not getting this game until wyverns are added. I want to play as Smaug dammit

  7. I plan on getting this game as soon as this update comes out

  8. Omg this is amazing I’m so excited for the new game release

  9. As one of the first backers Im glad anth is doing updates on this game and glad people are believing more in this

  10. Been watching you for years man, love to see it

  11. I think the biggest issue this game still faces is the community going on right now in game.Edit: Mostly from recent talks of other players of toxic community and clans that has been going up and about.

  12. I couldn't stop thinking about the sand moving with wind in some of the shots.

    What are thoses details.

    Plus I really like the appeal of a large empty desert in a simulation game because you can really bring stuff like looking at the sun and the stars as actual features to tell where you are.

  13. I am still kinda underwelmed for the time and money that was spent on this game

  14. I just finished watching your entire Playlist of DoD and just before an Hour you dropped after 8 months another video wow!

  15. You must remember one thing about the graphics. Right now it is on unreal engine 5.0, they plan on releasing the update on unreal engine 5.1, therefore the graphics will be even better than they were in the test server. Also I can't wait untill the new update has come out as it will be so much fun to play. Plus the map is absolutely huge. And, did you know that the desert you were in was the original map that we played on before the map we are playing on right now came out.

  16. Butterfly dragons 😍😍😍😍😍 PRETTY!

  17. Is flying in this game supposed to look this nauseating?

  18. Sorry but this game still looks terrible and the "place holder map"

  19. 16:01 why are u playing dumb? The wurm has yet to actually Move. Stay outside of melee range and just blow fire until its dead. When it dives is the only time youd need to move. It has reappeared at the Exact same spot every single time. Its annoying that ur pretending we dont see that

  20. I didn't connect the dots for awhile but now I'm saying it; this game is pretty much if Wings of Fire was a survival MMO.

  21. its january 1st its probably going to keep getting better

  22. for me its going to take a lot to convince me that this game really has potential but im keeping in touch with the game in hopes maybe one day it will be what we hoped

  23. Amazing, is the bio dragon going to get a bite please I know it's not a hunter but can it fight off attackers? The creatures in the cave looked great and I never saw those before. I think having caves and creatures in the caves sounds great/possible scary. Looking forward to this and for me I think it was patch 1.2 with the fish and the nurse dragon getting added.

  24. Bros talking like he's a scholar from the dark ages

  25. Then i will see you in the ne- I love how at the end of the vid it just cuts out what he's saying and just ends

  26. Much better and scarier if the worm was 10x bigger suggestion

  27. I just hope, for the sake of people with motion sickness, that the camera will not move like that during flight in the final game. The flying triggers my motion sickness.

  28. They have half a million dollars but the game still looks crap sorry but it's just a SCAM.

  29. I actually really appreciate videos like these. They give positive feedback to the creators and reinforce their work ethic so they continue to create the game as best as they can.

  30. I’m more of a wyvern guy myself /j

  31. Its already 1,2,2023
    Sheeet its 5:59 am and this was 5h ago
    It was uploaded when it was 1 am in my time :')

  32. The private sandslayer animations are so smooth! Can’t wait to pick up the fully released game and fight it with some dragon friends!

  33. i hope i can play the new update because my computer is not really the best computer for this

  34. I'm proud of these devs they're putting ing hard work.

  35. Idk these models just kinda look like shit

  36. i would say when you went in the cave you glow bye chose if that was night i would be a disadvandige in some chases. because you might die in pvp .that what i thought anyway .ps love dod anyw ay got the game

  37. im glad they found there feet and now got past the controversies of the early days its beginning to look interesting.

  38. The new dragons are absolutely gorgeous, and I love that they're a more peace-based dragon. Their speed, looks, and peacefulness makes them the perfect dragon for me!

  39. been away from the game for a long while looking forward to going back in for a better experience (if only the game could have simplified the flying controls, i have trouble with that one) anyway love the content Anth, keep it up

  40. Games ruined because how the main dev acted and the lies 💀

  41. Anthomnia can i play this game on my iPad apple

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