Day of Dragons in 2023 is Looking MUCH Better – A Huge Dragon Survival Game Preview!

Day of Dragons is looking much better, We joined a private test of the new Bio Dragon and fought the SandSlayer Worm along with a host of other things joined by the Developers!
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00:00 This is Day of Dragons 2023 (Intro)
01:02 Hatching a new Dragon + Gameplay
02:09 Bio Dragon Special Glow Ability
02:52 First flight with the Bio Dragon (Really good imo!)
03:37 SandSlayer Worm First Contact
07:13 The Elder Dragons Have Arrived!
11:13 Even BIGGER Elder Dragons Arrive
14:57 The Final Battle, Dragons VS The Slayer!


  1. Later this year Day of Dragons will be releasing it's biggest update ever; All new custom dragons and it's new Mega map on UE5. We were invited with a group of creators to have a first look at a very old UE5 Build with a new dragon, This was just a preview that did not have all the functionality of their current development build and it was just to give us barely a taste of what's coming. Overall i had a great time, The devs were polite to us and trying some of the new features turned out much better than i anticipated. I would have liked to see a little more effort put into the build we did get but it would be pointless to spend a lot of time on something that we used for a couple hours and didn't represent a final product at all. Over all i am excited to see what happens with DoD when they finally publish the new content they have worked on!

  2. Wait… You're still playing this game after they threatened you?

  3. Hi anthomnia! Good to see your doing videos more often! I hope you try out out Ark; The Survival Of The Fittest

  4. I have just learned of a new cursed word that have burned my eyes and brain since yesterday. Scalies.

    The Scalies are gonna flock to this game when there's a sudden rise of popularity, and probably are already in it getting inspiration.

  5. I must say this game has really redeemed itself over the past couple of years.

  6. The more Anth gives us updates on the game the more hope I have than I initially did.

  7. Dam, I’m already hyped for this year but this made it that much better

  8. omg i'm so early also Happy New Years everyone!β™₯

  9. have u tried beasts of bermuda? u should try it and make video of it😍

  10. I think the Bio Dragon would look better as a wyvern but I'm glad to see progress from this game

  11. This game is not redeemed. What they did was wrong. They should just delete their code and disband the team. The scum bag behaviour is irredeemable

  12. nice figured if they have time they might of created something amazing looks like it heading that way

  13. in a new video anth you should test out the nesting of the bio dragon . also sad that 1.0 can take from jan-june

  14. its been a while since you played this game atleast your making a video of this

  15. I've been waiting for more updates on this game for so long. I love keeping tabs on it<3

  16. Its nice to see that this game is still getting better even with all the drama that happened years ago

  17. I think its awsome and if I cant play Day of Dragons I sure will enjoy watching it on yt
    I still remember when we were saying this game will be bad and it won't suceed but this looks sick

  18. I'm glad they are heading this path! Forget everything from the past. I'm excited for this update!

  19. the map was always such a big thing for me, i hated it so much but having a look at this place holder map/or whatever, really makes me happy and makes me think theres a good future for this game. Waiting for the isle's updates is one thing, but this just brings me a lot more hope this year. Can't wait to see all my fave games progress!

  20. This year is going to be so amazing. Always great having you visit the game Anth and hope to keep soaring the same skies

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