DBL Confirmed Ultra Vegito Blue Is Coming!?! | Dragon Ball Legends Hint Breakdown and News

Dragon Ball Legends released a major hint for the 5th anniversary part 3 units and it directly hints towards Ultra Vegito Blue or even maybe Ultra Fusion Zamasu!! I breakdown this hint and cover when the reveals and stuff may air and when this unit will finally arrive for us all to summon on!! I hope you enjoy and have a super amazing day! Don’t forget to like and subscribe if you enjoy the content!

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DBL Confirmed Ultra Vegito Blue Is Coming!?! | Dragon Ball Legends Hint Breakdown and News

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  1. Please toshi give us a tag zamasu and Goku black Lf please 🙏🏽

  2. Am I the only one who thinks an ULTRA Fused Zamasu would be more clean then VB? I feel like his art and animations would excel anything they could do. Esp if they took from Dokkan and gave him blades of judgement 🔥

  3. I know this is pretty dumb but has anyone ever thought of a tag fusion? not like 2 fusion warriors let me explain.

    If they were to make something new I'd like something like Goku and Vegeta both ssgss then they'd have a unique guage like the gammas or ssj3 and ssj2 Goku and Vegeta and when they're guage is full and you switch one more time they go to base and fuse into the ultimate menace Vegito Blue and don't DE-transform as well as getting 2 ultimates a final kamehameha and a full on combo now I know the 2 ultimate one sounds dumb so scratch that but the first part seems cool.

  4. it’s going to be second anniversary all over going with ultra vb

  5. Bro I just realized the reason the backround is red its mabey the element factor for the ultra unit or a sparking unit and everybody wants ultra vb to be red but this probably hints to a sparking fused zamasu that's red or ultra but either way fusion warrior wins and a vegito unit still has not showed up yet in this anniversary so its either a sparking vegito and ultra fused zamasu or a sparking fused zamasu and ultra vb that is red

  6. I don't think they can give us UVB
    It can bring merged zamasu or something look likes S.O.H TRUNKS

    Or it has an 4th part to give another ultra or tag Ultra what do you think

    And if he give us new mechanic it would like Tag ultra zamasu and goku black when they switch 3 to 4 times then Guage is full and then he tap on switch they fuse into merged ZAMASU and merged ZAMASU has an own unique Guage when unique Guage is full then merged ZAMASU throw a lightning strike attack to opponent give some damage and block enemy switches for 5 to 7 seconds and reduce vanish guage of enemy

    Or it will be only merged ZAMASU with this unique Guage concept

  7. If he drop a ultra with side character it's side character something LF I think

  8. honestly wouldnt mind getting fused zamasu over UVB. theres only 3 non saiyan ultras out of 11 Ultras man.

  9. Double banner , ultra vegito and ultra zamasu , belive me

  10. nah uh AMPM got caught saying "butt" many times..

  11. Alright I have a dumm thought that came to me but what if we are getting an LF along side an ultra💀

  12. Its 5 years of the game the should showed us something diferent new iconic, for slackers i would do 2 ultra banners fused zamasu and vegito blue or ftp fused zamasu and tag god goku vegeta tags to fuse to vegito blue you know we got that purple icon of transformation now they could mix it and make something new to end with hype this part 3 but lets see tho

  13. My opinion on the hint: It resembles Goku Black's Color scheme being stabbed by the one and only spirit sword. Relating to the Clash with Vegito.
    This could resemble into a Goku Black Side Banner Unit.

  14. tbh i think the infinity symbol isnt a symbol i think its goku and vegeta because if you zoom in closely its not symmetrical so it could imply its goku and vegeta ready to merge and the light is the beam that appeared when they did fuse

  15. Honestly i think zamazu might be like magenta when he dies infinite zamazu spawns

  16. Toshi please give us a tag zamasu and Goku black Lf please and give them red please 🙏🏽

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