Did you know that in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT…

Did you know that in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT…
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  1. A Namekian "All You Can Eat Buffet" would literally just be different waters from around the world

  2. “Damn what is this Filtered water? This shit good”



  4. Bro tells why in the DBSSH movie I only saw piccolo drinking water 😭 💀

  5. मामाशकुनि 4th genWarfareExpert says:

    Namekian drink water ..
    1 cr views 😵

  6. Becausenamakians only need water to survive you know

  7. Remember to breathe Vegeta

  8. Dendē said that "Namekians don't eat food.. We only drink water." (Namek Saga)

  9. Andriod 18 will sit there too and wont eat either

  10. We just gonna ignore how Bro took one bite and ate the whole thing💀

  11. Vegeta: enjoy all the food
    Piccolo: wow i love my drink

  12. They actually can eat food, they just don’t need to

  13. He is British …cause he said wadda(water)

  14. The fact I was playing the game and got to a scene with piccolo in it when I saw this

  15. You pick this from dragon ball z Kai Frieza saga 😂😂😂😂

  16. piccolo can eat pickle cuz he looks like pickle thats why they call him piccolo

  17. Vegeta; eating food
    Piccolo: * this water bussing ong*

  18. Piccolo ate fish as a child. They don't discuss it much, but I believe his fasting is a personal choice.

  19. What will happen if namekian eat food? Would he die?

  20. I'm pretty sure that Namekians can eat food, but it won't give them any energy unlike the way water does.

    But that's just me thinking I don't know if it's true or not

  21. Android 18 will also, not eating anything she’ll just sit there with a glass of water

  22. Vegeta: Goin ham on food
    Piccolo: "This water got some good energy"

  23. How to do that it wont let me when I play that mission

  24. Fender eat food ang piccolo eat barbeque

  25. I was expecting another voice for the “did you know.”

  26. King Piccolo be like: What, don’t like brain pudding?

  27. Speedrunners:picks piccolo for a full course meal and nothing else * skip *(you can actually do this I tried it)

  28. Yeah that dragon ball season 5 when picalo had his mouth open with the white ball in it I threw up🐤

  29. Waiter:Welcome to Piccolo's Waterfall how may i help you

    Namekian: yeah can i have water

    Waiter: which one

    Namekian: the Special

    Waiter: ok so the sparkling water?

    Namekian: yes

  30. Goku: "hey Piccolo you said your dad laid you as an egg right?"
    Piccolo: "yeah what about it?"
    Goku: "Are you a Yoshi?"
    Piccolo: "…………………Yes Goku I'm a green f***ing Dinosaur."
    Goku: "Can I ride you?"
    Piccolo: "……………….."

  31. I don't think anyone can call themselves a true ðragon ball fan and not this fact

  32. piccolo did eat in some ep chichi and bulma was cook meel for everyone eat

  33. But smh that was forgot in DBS

  34. Vegeta: devouring
    Piccolo: holy sh this spring water fuckin bussin

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