Does dragon size matter? Vhagar & Caraxes #HouseOfTheDragon #Shorts


  1. The fact that a much smaller dragon was able to “kill “ a much more bigger dragon is very impressive that’s like a lightweight going up against a heavyweight and getting the w !

  2. Medium sized is good and depends on how good the rider is

  3. Very much so as we've learned from Drogon, Dragon Size also means INCREASED intelligence alongside ability…..

  4. You have to consider also that Vhagar is pretty old, and her massive body make her slower than other dragons like Caraxes and Meleys (in the books, they says that the red queen was the fastest dragon at that time). So also big dragons have their problems.

  5. The stronger the bond between a dragon n its rider the stronger their chances to win a battle
    cause after all they all got jaws and nails and speed little bit more or less but the most important is will power the daring a strong heart without any fear and confusion

  6. Size is one thing but I suspect what really makes both dragons such powerhouses is their extensive war experience.

  7. Is it ever explicitly mentioned that the Dragon Pit holds ALL the dragons? Because I feel like it would only hold the younger and smaller ones.

    The Dragon Pit would already have to be MASSIVE just to hold Vhagar herself, let alone the 6 or so other dragons they had in Kingslanding … 💀.

  8. Spoilers from the books:
    Balerion vs Quiksilver
    balerion wins becaus of its sise, quiqsilver was 1/4 balerion sise
    Vhagar vs arrax
    vhagar wins becaus of its sise, arrax was 10 times smaller
    Sunfyre vs Moondancer
    Sunfyre wins because was bigger
    Vhagar and sunfyre vs Meleys
    Sise and numbers
    Vermithor and Tessarion vs Seasmoke
    Same thing
    Get your oun conclusions

  9. Dragon size doesnt matter. Its about the motion in the ocean.

  10. Ofc dragon size matter, Vhagar got killed is likely due to her age. she is bigger but she is very old, her physical condition is deteriorating.

  11. Caraxes anatomy is different. His neck would be an easy target.

  12. Sera un duelo de Titanes caraxes vs vhagar

  13. Vhagar is going to face it’s end against Caraxes 👊🏽👊🏽

  14. (Spoilers)
    The size of the Dragon matters for sure, its why Daemon's original plan was for him and Nettles to jump Aemond.

    When Nettles had to leave, Daemon stuck around to face Aemond, but from that point on, he knew it wasn't a battle he and Caraxes would survive afterwards for.

  15. Arrax could have defeated vahgar if only his rider would have targeted her rider, biting at Aemond instead of trying to take down the giantess herself.

  16. Ummm not really Caraxas really torn Vhagar apart

  17. Caraxes in my view would win every single time. Faster with so much more experience in combat and a better rider.

  18. Prime Caraxes stands no chance against Prime Vhagar, so size does matter.

  19. Caraxes will end up using his deformities and Vhagars size to his advantage when they do face off. I can’t wait.

  20. Charger gives I’m old and tired vibes not intimidating because that slow takeoff says everything.

  21. daemon and caraxes kill aemond and vhaegar… so.. no

  22. How yo train your dragons fane : Nooo!!!
    I mean the blavk fury fight with large dragon

  23. Vhager just to big lol… king of dragons

  24. I love how vhagar is large and hardened by over a century of war and caraxes whole thing is he just ain’t no hoe lol

  25. Caraxes is the fastest dragon alive and Vhagar is the biggest alive which made them a perfect match because they both died in the end. Both battle hardened and uniquely equal.

  26. It matters some, of course. Like, Arrax wasn't going to do anything to Vhagar. He probably could have outflew her though if he obeyed Luke.

    But as Caraxes, Seasmoke, and Tessarion prove, a smaller (adult) dragon can kill a bigger dragon.

  27. Size aint the only factor but indeed the biggest factor

  28. Spoiler!!!!!!!

    They do fight and both die

  29. Vegahr killed a dragon 🐉 n just one bite …
    Aemond Fans

  30. Vhagar just stops flying and drops onto a city because she's tired 😂

  31. Well both Daemon, Aegon and Aemon die. Aegon get vhagar after Aemons death, Daemon and Aegon fight eachother and both them and there dragons die so no size doesn't matter as much.

  32. Bigger dragon bigger mouth bigger flame easier to burn cities and lay waste to armies but bigger dragon slower dragon, easier to hit, More of a target and not as quick or agile

  33. Props to the creators. They really took the time to make Caraxes & Vhagar make sense physically. Also nice first ride with Aemond, he’s gonna strap in well forever!

  34. From the books (ie Fire and Blood) it seemed to me that at best a smaller dragon could fight the larger one to a draw.

    It said that bc their scales are fire resistant dragons fight with tooth and claw. So they have to be in close quarters where size and weight will invariably tell. So there were a couple of fights iirc where the smaller dragon struck first out of greater mobility but they were invariably dealt a mortal wound (usually having a wing torn off like a chicken leg) and/or plummeted to the ground in a death spiral with the larger dragon in a best case scenario where their first strike was a death blow.

    In theory a smaller dragon could strike first, deal a mortal wound and get out of dodge but it never happened iirc and it would seem the chances are very slim

    Of course we are talking about very large discrepancies. Iirc Vhagar was twice the size of even Caraxes and some of the other matchups were even more lopsided. If it’s just like 30% larger or something then it’s probably different

  35. Vhagar is a semi truck while caraxes is a lambo

  36. Aren't these wyverns
    Dragons have 4 legs

  37. Caraxes had a wierd body shape thats what allowed it b to kill vhagaar

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