DOLL FIXING AND RESTORATION! – Fixing Up An Ever After High Dragon Games Darling Charming Doll

This video also comes with a tutorial on how to fix broken Barbie/Monster High/Ever After High doll necks!

Here are the timestamps of the video in case you want to skip around:

0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Cleaning the body & head
1:23 – Working on the neck plug
1:34 – Boiling the head to soften it, so that it will be easier to pull out the neck plug
2:09 – Explanation of how the neck plug fits in
2:21 – Gluing the neck plug into the body
3:04 – Hair cleanup
3:53 – Reattaching the head
4:43 – The finished product!

Stay cool!


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I do not own this music, nor the clips from Ever After High used in this video. YouTube’s Fair Use policy allows clips for use of research and commentary, therefore I am allowed to use these clips. Thanks for watching! ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Brought a new apple white body from ebay. I boiled head her isn't coming off I asked my mom to remove it carefully the neck plug broke off. Anyways when I put Apple white head on a new body. Her head is very loose I don't know what do about it. She's the Legecy Day Apple.

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