Double Dragon 2 – Nes – Full Playthrough – Supreme Master ♛ – No Death

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Player:Heroes Of Xanadu – My Favorite Side-Scrolling Beat ’em up on any Home System ever Released.


Double Dragon II: The Revenge ( Daburu Doragon II: Za Ribenji? ) is a side-scrolling beat ’em up produced by Technōs Japan originally released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1988. English localization was published by Acclaim Entertainment, which was released on January 1990 in North America and later in the PAL region. It was later re-released on the Virtual Console in North America on June 21, 2012 for the Wii and on June 12, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS.The NES version of Double Dragon II has many little differences from the original arcade game. Unlike the first NES game, the game now features a co-op mode. There are two different co-op modes: in mode A, the player’s attacks will not hurt each other; in mode B, they will. There are also three difficulty settings, which also determines the length of the


game.The final mission is only available on the hardest difficulty setting.The story is the same as the arcade version with the only difference being the true ending in which Marian is resurrected, the game now has story sequences between each stage which serves to advance the plot. The level designs are also completely different, with the NES version featuring nine missions instead of just four. Most of the enemy characters from the arcade version are featured in the NES version as well, while a few were replaced by new ones. Notably, the ninth and final mission is a battle against the “Mysterious Warrior”, character introduced in the NES version.The NES version is not a port of the arcade game, but rather serves as a loose adaptation, much like the first NES game. While the basic premise of Billy and Jimmy


stages in the NES version. Before each stage, a cut-scene is shown (similar to the ones in the NES version of Ninja Gaiden) consisting of still imagery and text which provides the setting of the stage. The enemy characters are roughly based on the ones featured in the arcade version, but some of them carry different weapons or have new fighting techniques, such as Rowper’s ability to throw boomerangs at the player. Besides the final boss, the other enemy characters that are introduced in this version are the “right-hand men” that serve as recurring sub-bosses from Mission 2 and onward, and the ninjas that appear at the end of Mission 2 and later on in Mission 8.The game retains the directional-based combat system from the arcade version. Unlike the first NES game, the player has full access to Billy or Jimmy’s



  1. Pay 100$ to see the ending. Good 👍 job.

  2. I accidentally discovered you could knee the first boss off of the ledge. I also used to get all of the enemies by the helicopter door so they could get sucked out 😂

  3. Congratulations, I already saved this game on this difficulty and I know it's very difficult.

  4. Final boss was incredibly boring to watch. You have no courage, all to achieve no death.

  5. Nice tactic against the acrobatic duo. If you ever played Streets of Rage 3, there's a female duo boss fight that are identical to how these enemies look, attack and run/flip around.

    Man, I truly don't feel you can face them here and win without causing some glitchy behavior in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

  6. Man I remember playing the shit out of this game. Great times!

  7. Helicopter Goons: Yeah! Now we got him! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa

  8. Eu amava jogar esse jogo que nostalgia, as vezes jogava com minha mãe rsrs ❤️ 🇧🇷

  9. Surprised that Jean Claude Van Dam never did a movie on this

  10. As a kid this game has eerie aura especially with the environment & music.

  11. อัครเดช นาคพิทักษ์ไไ​ันามน says:

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  12. What a superb game this was childhood memories

  13. Oh the legend of zelda 2 music in the first stage 🤣

  14. I can't believe I sat through this whole thing just to watch you jump kick the final boss 78 times.

  15. The first one reminds me of the old movie Streets of Fire.

  16. Arcade game of this was fucked up. It begins where 2 guys are holding the girl back while a third shoots her dead. They take her away. Then a garage door opens and out you come to fight the enemies.

  17. Somethings will always stay with us
    This one never gets old!
    The pacing and music especially are just awesome. Like playing a living comic book!
    DD 2 FOREVER!!

  18. The chopper level was always a favorite of mine. Making the enemies fall to their Doom….

  19. I am 43 years old. No further explanation of my feelings needed. OMG

  20. Nothing in your adult life can give you the same satisfaction as delivering a knee kick to the bad guys in this game. Any marriage, promotion or the birth of your kids. Fuck them.

  21. I thought to get the final level you had to play 2P.

  22. I am 36 years old and remember playing this along with many of the nes games in my collection as a kid in 90s either by myself or with my older brother who is 42 now. Would play with my cousin Jeff and some friends and stay up late.

  23. did anyone else call the female enemies "lesbians"? LMAO

  24. อัครเดช นาคพิทักษ์ไไ​ันามน says:

    :-!:-(:OB-):-P:-(:'(^_^:O:O😂😁😁🤣😄😥😐😑🙄🙄😑😥😴😋😄😅😐😐🤐😏🤐😯😯🙄😩🎚️📯📢🔈🔇🔈🔊📣📯🔋📠🖱️💿💿💽🐅🐩🐺🐺🐄🐖🐽🐏🐽🐄🐑tsOP TO LYEĚ

  25. อัครเดช นาคพิทักษ์ไไ​ันามน says:

    ZËL.E 🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇷🇻🇬🇺🇸

  26. I will never forget beating the entire game of double dragon 2…it was a proud moment

  27. Double Dragon II – The Revenge = Super Knee Kick everyone.

  28. Now try it without the flying knee thing, I promise it's a lot more fun punching and throwing around the enemies

  29. I finished this game 18 times ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Bruh I've been looking for dis 15 years now

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