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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1991 beat ’em up game for the NES, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.

This Technos developed brawler followup to the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a good game, but it doesn’t compare as favorably to its predecessor as it would probably like. The graphics are packed with detail, but are somewhat lacking in character compared to part 2. Despite the diversity of the background graphics, the whole thing manages to look pretty generic. And very brown. The music is excellent though, and the controls are quite a bit easier to handle than they were in the first two games. I also really liked how the choice of multiple characters provided a bit of variety to the gameplay.

The main problem with the game is that its challenge is a bit on the obnoxious side. It’s nowhere near as hard as most people make it out to be (though to be fair, it’s absolutely brutal until you figure out that 95% of the enemy attacks can be easily sidestepped by moving up and down), but it quickly becomes repetitive. But, the story line, however pointless and senseless, is pretty entertaining and helps to break the monotony.

It does bear mentioning that this wasn’t a straight port of the arcade version (Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone) – there are a fair few differences. Of course, this was typical for NES Double Dragon games, though the Japanese version of DD3 kept the story line much closer to the arcade’s one than the US version did.

The Sacred Stones certainly isn’t a bad game. It plays smoothly, moves well, and puts up a reasonable challenge, and it is quite a bit of fun until it wears out its welcome on the 700th wave of the same pair of enemies. DD3 sits firmly in third place behind DD1 and 2, but then again, so do the great majority of NES beat ’em ups.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Pretty cool you get to beat up a bunch of Ultimate Warriors in Italy. I also thought the hurt animation looked like he was crapping his pants.

  2. Bimmy and Jimmy. My favorite characters

  3. Hardest game I ever completed, but still not as hard Ghost's n Goblins which I am now working on with save states.

  4. I remember wall bounce attack is possible in this room 24:00. Easiest to do with the ninja guy

  5. My Best video game in my childhood ❤️

  6. This was the first game I played all the way through.

  7. This used to be my favourite childhood game ❤ Getting goosebumps while watching this video ❤😊 Thanks a lot for uploading this 😊

  8. I never liked Hiroku, always showed up after the fight, never helped!😅

  9. Mikor régen játszottam vele egyszer véletlenül megnyomtam egyszerre a karon az A, B, C és STAR gombot. És ezzel váltód a pályákat.

  10. 48 here owned this game I remember cheesing this game somehow to beat it could do no hit or no death runs at one point

  11. That is my favorite double dragon game double dragon The sacred Stones of power my favorite maneuver is the mid-air summer assault

  12. I was 9 years old staying in chaina when my dad first bought me the sega chinese console and i remember being hooked to this game, God knows how many times i played it and finished it, but the writings was in chinese..first time seeing the english subtitles. After so many years i finally know the plot 😂

  13. This was the hardest DD by far. Having 1 life sucked! Lol. It was YEARS before I was even able to pass Jim (the first boss). His damn jump move always got me. I wish Chin moved a bit faster. His moves are powerful but sooooo slow. Marion is killer in this one. Now SHES tough.

  14. I remember getting this game for my birthday when I was 6. It took a game genie for us to beat it.

  15. It was my cousin and I who beat this and Pt II….

  16. "Now that we have 2 stones i conveniently have the 3,now outa all the places to train we go to Italy"

  17. Brat był zły bo mu kradłem tą grę 😢

  18. No way beatin' this game. I gave UP 30 years Ago

  19. Nice to see Bimmy and Jimmy had a good ending

  20. You know the first boss on this one waw the brother of the end Boss of the first double dragon the guy with the gun

  21. Thus was a very nice surprise for a 8-bit game.

  22. I spent hours and it was a true accomplishment as a 12 yr old to complete this game .. I even recorded it on vhs bc i felt it was such an accomplishment .. this game holds a special place

  23. This was the bestest of all the games for some reason

  24. Wow, the Technōs devs replaced both Roney Urquidez and Masao Oyama from the arcade version with some generic ninja named Yagyu Ranzou?

  25. I am a 42 year old man now and watching this brought back some anger I felt as a kid. I’ve been asked before, why are always in a bad mood – my answer: Double Dragon III.

  26. Back in childhood days I've cleared this game several times and all the time i enjoyed playing this game. This is just masterpiece ❤ and beautiful memory of childhood.

  27. Anybody remember using game genie to get 40 nunchucks?

  28. if u press start button and Abutton and B button same time real quick u can skip levels, have fun

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