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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1991 beat ’em up game for the NES, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.

This Technos developed brawler followup to the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a good game, but it doesn’t compare as favorably to its predecessor as it would probably like. The graphics are packed with detail, but are somewhat lacking in character compared to part 2. Despite the diversity of the background graphics, the whole thing manages to look pretty generic. And very brown. The music is excellent though, and the controls are quite a bit easier to handle than they were in the first two games. I also really liked how the choice of multiple characters provided a bit of variety to the gameplay.

The main problem with the game is that its challenge is a bit on the obnoxious side. It’s nowhere near as hard as most people make it out to be (though to be fair, it’s absolutely brutal until you figure out that 95% of the enemy attacks can be easily sidestepped by moving up and down), but it quickly becomes repetitive. But, the story line, however pointless and senseless, is pretty entertaining and helps to break the monotony.

It does bear mentioning that this wasn’t a straight port of the arcade version (Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone) – there are a fair few differences. Of course, this was typical for NES Double Dragon games, though the Japanese version of DD3 kept the story line much closer to the arcade’s one than the US version did.

The Sacred Stones certainly isn’t a bad game. It plays smoothly, moves well, and puts up a reasonable challenge, and it is quite a bit of fun until it wears out its welcome on the 700th wave of the same pair of enemies. DD3 sits firmly in third place behind DD1 and 2, but then again, so do the great majority of NES beat ’em ups.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. This game was one of my favourites & the best Double dragon among all other versions too… How I miss those days…

  2. Bimmy and Jimmy never has problems with a generation of games ruined with microtransactions.

  3. It was my favorite game when I was 8 years old

  4. esto lo jugaba cuando tenía 9 o 10 años ahora q tengo 40 me trae muchos recuerdos hace años q no veía este juego

  5. How do you avoid being "grabbed" and thrown against the wall by Marion?

  6. They come at Billy NO MORE than two at a time rather than all 8 to10 of them just rushing him at once. Cause y'know, they're all about honor and being fair.

    After the release of the arcade game we couldn't wait for Double Dragon 3 NES, but we got THIS! And we were like … WTF? It was disappointing. There were players that enjoyed it for what it is so that's what matters. The Sega Genesis Version was much better, but I didn't know it existed until about 93 or 94

  7. The Best soundtrack in the history of videogames :')

  8. At some point, Tradewest was going to publish the NES version of Double Dragon III,
    before the rights were given to Acclaim instead. Tradewest's version of the game had a very different script from the final retail version released by Acclaim, being a rougher approximation of the later-released Japanese version, but otherwise the two English versions are identical in terms of content. This suggests that Acclaim simply took the build that was already made for Tradewest and made their own changes from there, while Technos independently refined their own version for their native Japanese market.

  9. The version that I had seems harder! I think Chin has only about 60% hp and Ranzou has 40% hp compared to Billy and Jimmy’s.

  10. I remember this one more than I remember DD2 for Nes. I preferred DD2 on the Arcade anyway which is why I probably never liked it much. I absolutely loved this game. My brother and I put in hundreds of hours in this game when we were young. It was a very hard game, but there are helping hands here. Use nunchuks on the 1st level boss and he's dead in 5 hits. On the 3rd stage with the ninjas, Chin can whip their asses easily and I only use his claw on Ranzou. Ranzou is the best on the final level in the temple and can even beat his own ninjas fairly easy. As for Cleo/Marion, just do your best. She's a bitch, literally, and I haven't found much strategy other than just beating her senseless with everything you have and avoid the fire teleports and wall slams.

  11. 15:00
    Bimmy: "Spend time in Italy practicing"?! What the f-HAVE YOU NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION?! I just trekked three countries, beating the piss out of a large gang to gather these stones, and I "need practice"?! By the way, are we ignoring the fact I beat the Shadow Warriors TWICE?! Did you NOT read my resume?!

  12. i'm 18 years old and i played this when i was 5 years old and i still loving it, i played this at a family clone, latinoamerica (south america) privileges XD

  13. I could never defeat princess till date😅

  14. Man, no wall jump attacks , seriously 🙄

  15. Man this game was so hyped and my brothers and I loved first 2. What a total letdown. I never finished this.

  16. This one was extremely difficult but I love how the longplayer manhandled and tricked the opponents

  17. The first double dragon was extremely tough but possible to beat it in one go

  18. My favorite martial art move in double dragon 3 when Billy Lee break out the nunchucks and work them like Bruce Lee and my favorite move is a cyclone spin kick and it do that mid-air summer assault rather suckers by the head and throw them two blocks down the street

  19. Jogo da minha infância… Nintendo forever!!!

  20. "Hey, I have always had the third stone with me. We have no time to waste! So, let's waste time fighting for no reason in Italy."

    Wouldn't it have been better if she had said "The third stone is in Italy" and that's it?

  21. Loved this game, didn't beat it until I was grown.

  22. Its not that hard. i finished this game in "Original" type when Billy just have 5-6 bar HP

  23. hi there, not sure if you're still active with this channel, but I have to ask, is there a different version of this game? i remember playing this without having any health bar refilling up again after a mission. My Billy will not refill his health bar after a stage and would continue with whatever health he had through out the whole game. The only thing you can do to mitigate this is to swap to other characters, and their lives too do not refill. Because of this, i remember this game being one of the few very difficult games I've played back then lol.

  24. This was my favorite double dragon game. It had something special. I'm 44 yrs old

  25. such a memorable version of double dragon!

  26. Chin: my Kung Fu is unmatched!

    >Proceeds to do nothing and get his ass kicked

  27. Juego de mierda…más difícil que la chucha.

  28. This was a great game but the story could have been a but better

  29. When I was a kid I thought Japan was full of Ninjas all over the place.

  30. Remember beating it in front of my older cousin for the first time in front of the two other younger ones, who then litterally hated me for weeks because of that. He was quite fond of himself and what he thought was unquestioned superiority over the rest of us. And I'll never forget his face when I not only reached Marion and then even beat her … FIRST, DAMN, TRY. Still recall my hands shaking. First and only time ever I beat any end boss on any 8/16 bit machine like that, as far as I can recall. Somehow managed to quickly understand you could avoid her fire snake sneak attack by simply moving vertically. The rest of her moves were relatively easier to deal with, and boom. Ending. Funny thing is that we didn't read any word of english back then and had to shout in panic for my dad to come from the living room that afternoon to translate live so that we can finally figure out what happens next for each hero lol. He recall him mentionning the horrible grammar mistakes, too 🤣🤣🤣 By far the most demanding of the trilogy, not so much in terms of crude difficulty but the fact that each character had a single life and the Egyptian sections towards the end were so long with next to zero tolerance for mistakes. DD1's last stage was also a hard nut to crack but at least you come up there stacked with lives.

  31. Okay…after all of these years, I noticed something. It says Billy on 1P mode, but BIMMY on 2P mode.

  32. Still remember about that flying spinning kick were trying utmost to do that 😆

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