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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1991 beat ’em up game for the NES, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.

This Technos developed brawler followup to the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a good game, but it doesn’t compare as favorably to its predecessor as it would probably like. The graphics are packed with detail, but are somewhat lacking in character compared to part 2. Despite the diversity of the background graphics, the whole thing manages to look pretty generic. And very brown. The music is excellent though, and the controls are quite a bit easier to handle than they were in the first two games. I also really liked how the choice of multiple characters provided a bit of variety to the gameplay.

The main problem with the game is that its challenge is a bit on the obnoxious side. It’s nowhere near as hard as most people make it out to be (though to be fair, it’s absolutely brutal until you figure out that 95% of the enemy attacks can be easily sidestepped by moving up and down), but it quickly becomes repetitive. But, the story line, however pointless and senseless, is pretty entertaining and helps to break the monotony.

It does bear mentioning that this wasn’t a straight port of the arcade version (Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone) – there are a fair few differences. Of course, this was typical for NES Double Dragon games, though the Japanese version of DD3 kept the story line much closer to the arcade’s one than the US version did.

The Sacred Stones certainly isn’t a bad game. It plays smoothly, moves well, and puts up a reasonable challenge, and it is quite a bit of fun until it wears out its welcome on the 700th wave of the same pair of enemies. DD3 sits firmly in third place behind DD1 and 2, but then again, so do the great majority of NES beat ’em ups.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Did they copied from marvel comics?. I meant the infinite stones. Time, reality and space.

  2. That Marion has such a bad luck.. kidnapped so many times.

  3. My dad rented this for me from the video store when I was little. I swear the game was over a month late cause we were trying so hard to beat it together!!!! Such good times it's something I'll never forget.

  4. I hated Japan those ninja's were so fricking annoying.

  5. Oh my god I forgot about the start of Egypt trying to make those stupid jumps. Having a flawless game only to not get past that part.

  6. I’m a grown ass man with two kids now and it’s the first time I’ve seen this ending. Hard ass game. Collected dust in my room for years due to rage quit

  7. Italy’s music hit me hard as a kid and stuck with me to this day.

  8. I swear those mummies at the end took 47 hits to go down

  9. This was the lamest of the 3 but had the best soundtrack in my opinion.

  10. Llo tenia un juego de nombre sup cundo tiraba patada presinaba el boton de pausa y pasaba a otros niveles

  11. Please help me how to download and play this game

  12. one of my most favourite games of all time .. thanks for the ending

  13. (26:50) Hiruko was merely greedy in the arcade version and the original japanese version. Here her villanous act went further.

    However in japanese and english version, the character was turned to ashes, while the arcade version died like any enemy.

  14. This game was hard as hell they need to redo this game add more turns like the rest of games did

  15. Not that easy because Billy had to apply for a visa each time he traveled to other countries.

  16. Todays generation may hardly understand the feeling of this what we used to felt unexplained either from any country

  17. My favourite music oh shit i listened this atleast 16 years agao when I was used to play

  18. It's very rare that the NES version of a video is superiorly brilliant compared to an arcade version, however in this case Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones is superior in graphics and gamepley compared to the piece of shit Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone which is the arcade version, it's an utter deplorable disgraceful repulsive abomination and the worst game of the Double Dragon series. Double Dragon 3: The Sacred Stones is akin to Double Dragon 2: The Revenge on NES, they're both excellently superlatively entertaining video games.

  19. to everyone who thinks the game is hard if you want to cheese it just jump and kick your way to end of the game /; but where is the fun on that?.

  20. looks a lot like Indiana Jones and the sacred stones

  21. I remember playing this as a kid and fighting Marion and she wouldn't die always thought there was a certain way to beat her.

  22. Hello sir I am happy from amritsar sir mujhe please Aap ye btao ki main duble dregon game in mobile mein konsi settings krun ki uska ab button proper work kre. Is time ab button proper work nahi Kar Raha kya krun btao please. Thanks. Jaldi btana plz.

  23. Why tf wouldn't you run and wall jump? That's the main sp of this game.

  24. For some reason I find this version more appealing than the Arcade one xD

  25. 6:27 Just WOOOOWWW. You're good. You're damn good.

  26. never liked this game…when i was kid i put this catridge on console and after die imediatly changed for another game.

  27. The Double Dragons brought me back to playing NES for hours, when Xbox brought out Splinter Cell I played it but there is nothing like the NES games.

  28. I am going to buy the Switch JUST to play this

  29. Legendry.. Games.. My. Childhood.. Memory's 👍
    Today i play . PS4..but. i
    Dont.. Get. That.. Enjoyable.
    Moments.. Which.. I.. Played.
    With.. My.. Brother. With. This
    Old.. 8 bit.. Games.. Realy.. This
    Games.. are. Legends.

  30. I love this game in double play me and my bro used a lot to play this game in 90s 😘😘✌️

  31. i have it this game when i was kid that was amaizng game 😀

  32. Literally that was my favourite game in my childhood time 😍

  33. I like use combination kick.. with my brothers

  34. I'm MAD !!
    I only visited this video for Bimmy

  35. I loved hiruko very much i know he is villan but i don't know why i love hiruko but game is badass it is a fully rage game i have completed double dragon 2 nes but i cannot complete double dragon 3 nes and especially double Dragon 3 nes is fully raged so play at your own risk

  36. 🤣🤣me and my brother always thought that the queen never die🤣

  37. The funniest thing is at last the marian i think she is not gonna atack me but she kick my ass and i died in seconds,😂😂😂

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