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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1991 beat ’em up game for the NES, Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones.

This Technos developed brawler followup to the classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge is a good game, but it doesn’t compare as favorably to its predecessor as it would probably like. The graphics are packed with detail, but are somewhat lacking in character compared to part 2. Despite the diversity of the background graphics, the whole thing manages to look pretty generic. And very brown. The music is excellent though, and the controls are quite a bit easier to handle than they were in the first two games. I also really liked how the choice of multiple characters provided a bit of variety to the gameplay.

The main problem with the game is that its challenge is a bit on the obnoxious side. It’s nowhere near as hard as most people make it out to be (though to be fair, it’s absolutely brutal until you figure out that 95% of the enemy attacks can be easily sidestepped by moving up and down), but it quickly becomes repetitive. But, the story line, however pointless and senseless, is pretty entertaining and helps to break the monotony.

It does bear mentioning that this wasn’t a straight port of the arcade version (Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone) – there are a fair few differences. Of course, this was typical for NES Double Dragon games, though the Japanese version of DD3 kept the story line much closer to the arcade’s one than the US version did.

The Sacred Stones certainly isn’t a bad game. It plays smoothly, moves well, and puts up a reasonable challenge, and it is quite a bit of fun until it wears out its welcome on the 700th wave of the same pair of enemies. DD3 sits firmly in third place behind DD1 and 2, but then again, so do the great majority of NES beat ’em ups.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. The Sacred Stones certainly wasn't a classic like Double Dragon 1 & 2 were, but it's hard to hate the game that birthed the legend of Bimmy and Jimmy.

  2. Bimmy and Jimmy can BLOW me. God, I hated this game. After all the hours I spent playing the first two on the NES, this one came along and just said NOPE. You ain't gonna beat this one, kid. Sorry. In retrospect, it's not quite as bad as I originally thought, but it's still just too hard for what it is.

  3. For its just a Game for just making some time with a Friends… specially if its called Bimmy.

  4. as much as I hated the game out of all the NES DD games…..I loved the soundtrack for this.

  5. Wasn't there a fire emblem with Sacred Stones in the title?

  6. I remember being so excited to get this game. Along with Ninja Gaiden, I was also hooked on Double Dragon. Unfortunately I was tremendously let down. The game grew on me after awhile, and it sports an excellent soundtrack. I just missed my knee move. That was the best move on Double Dragon 2. Also you can just run around the areas killing bad guys. Unfortunately you have one life which also sucked. I did beat it and enjoyed the whole "old woman being the bad guy" and facing Marian at the end. Honestly this is a decent game. The arcade version was horrible.

  7. I actually prefer this game over the Arcade and Genesis version (The Rosetta Stones) It's great to know I'm not the only person who actually knows how to play the game well (not relying entirely on Billy's spin kick for every opponent, knowing how to use the weapons, Chin, and Ranzou, ect.)

  8. Chin always made me laugh the way he ran lol

  9. Bimmy. What about Bimmy can we say that isn’t a dead meme? Well, Double Dragon Neon had an excellent reference to him in the form of a reject clone enemy with the same name and look, but just a bit mentally unwound, to say.

  10. The reason this game got alot of negativity could be the unfair difficulty at the beginning unless you learn to exploit the game mechanic.

    Also are you gonna check out Double Dragon 4?

  11. Strangely, back in the day I owned DD 2 and 3, but not the first one… even now, after having played the first game, I still like the 2nd installment the most by far. It had some of the most epic final bosses on NES, and I just liked how it played the most overall. 🙂

  12. Compared to the arcase I say the 8 bit game was better at least. Hard to play and clunky controlls made this game okay at best. Plus go Bimmy and Jimmy

  13. The arcade and Genesis versions were horrible, the NES version was good. Love how the first stage's first bit has the boss music from the last boss of the arcade version to start us off (in the dojo bit).

  14. This was my shit, favorite DD of all time. Great music, good mechanics and a nice challenge.

  15. Best DD game ever from gameplay to music to everything!

  16. “They fight like children compare to me”

  17. You made every movement in the game except one: The reverse launching. Just when you grab (pressing up and forward with A and B) in the middle of the air, press up and back with A and B. You will change direction launching your enemies to the opposite side without having to turn around.

  18. Sacred stones sound like something that belong on Thanos's gauntlet.


  20. Giuliano's(Juliano) theme and The twenty thousand year old monster arises!! Very imperial music!

  21. Play in friendly mode.
    Kill jimmy.
    Use stage skip cheat as jimmy is blinking on ground.

  22. Very good game.
    Best DD.
    Much better than the arcade or genesis version…

  23. It must suck to be Billy's girlfriend, you get kidnapped all the time. Almost like Mokuba from Yu-Gi-Oh!

  24. « We must go to Egypt to rescue Marion ! »
    Mission 4 : ITALY.

  25. I guess I played every 1990 game with my family. It's wonderful to watch entire video game videos again.

  26. I wish double dragon 3 the sacred stones was on the nes classic edition

  27. This game separated the men from the boys real fast lol. You got your ass kicked unless you went all out.

  28. I got this game in February of 1991, and I coild wait to go home and play it, and when I got home and played it for the first time I was so disappointed, double dragon 3 for nes was the worst double dragon game ever , in my opinion double dragon 2 the revenge was the best double dragon game for the nes , I also would put the first double dragon for nes above this game

  29. This game has a cheat"when you use round spinning kick in air rapidly press start key or Select key". Used both keys to skip level.

  30. Hj em dia em 40 minutos, só Deus sabe o tempo q eu passei pra zerar esse jogo. Pra passar do mestre ninja era mo cagaço, e por cima tinha a última mestre, mano q mulher miserável

  31. I only finish this game on emulator, the saddest part is the cheat won't work when you want to change the stage, the best bg music for me is the stage in Italy.

  32. You played the game so much better than others that made videos of this. One only did jump kicks and the other only did the cyclone kick, your video was far more entertaining.

  33. I like billy lee mid air summer attack he look like bruce lee the greatest kung fu master

  34. Not good like the second installament but it has a nice touch.

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